All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Whistle' (휘파람) MV

All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Whistle' (휘파람) MV

When a girl likes a boy, they want it to be known. BLACKPINK's 'Whistle' reveals girls simply want confidence. 

By Julianne Babaran

All Photo Credit : YG Entertainment   

Having a crush is tricky, especially when you don't know what to do. The girls express, they just want guys to be more confident and have their heart on their sleeve. With an addicting whistle sound, they want to be called out softly. Highly reminiscent of their usual themes, the girls are empowered in style in different scenes. 

Read more to see what they wore in this very throwback classic!


Look #1 If it isn't the thumbnail model herself! Rose wears an oversized block colored cardigan with a black top and white boots. 

Look #2 This color looks great with the red hair, she's wearing a dusty rose colored velvet jacket with sock boots. 

Look #3 Sometimes, we wish the girls can keep a straight figure, but anything goes for a MV! She wore a silk printed blazer jacket with black shorts high cut boots. 

Look #4 Once you go black, there's no going back. Rose's all black ensemble featured a cropped top with a layered jacket, studded shorts with a chunky belt and combat boots. 

Look #5 In an alternative scene, Rose only changed her jacket. Just kidding, though the change is subtle. She wears a black tube top with shorts and combat boots and a velvet pink jacket. 

Look #6 Caption this! Although the long face, at least she looks glam. She wore a silver sequined long sleeve top and turquoise latex skirt with with white boots. 


Look #1 Can we send this to Barbie as an inspiration for their new collection? In this scene Sooyaa wears a hot pink sequined bralette over a mesh cropped top, it's paired with a glitter finish pencil skirt and latex boots. 

Look #2 Cute face with a mature expression, hm.. For this she wore a collared leather top with gold accessories for accent. 

Look #3 Jisoo's all black ensemble focused on sleek and figure. She wears a fitted long sleeves top and velvet shorts with a chunky belt to cinch it all even more. 

Look #4 Floating in the air with an equally flowy outfit, turtle rabbit Kim wears a silk dress with ruffle design by the collar and waist. The dress features a floral printed top.  

Look #5 And at last, a casual outfit everyday people can wear. She sports a yellow graphic tee with a red skirt, chunky heels and leather jacket. 

Look #6 It's always a treat to see Jisoo styled elegantly, her soft expressions just make it so natural! In this scene she wears a white button down with a collared ruffle design and elaborate jewels as necklace and earrings. 

Look #7 In this scene, Jisoo wears a printed bright yellow top, velvet shorts, combat boots and a scarf accessory. 

Look #8 Fetus Jisoo! This style is heavily seen in her outfits nowadays, but here she wears a simple long sleeved dress with white doll collared detail. 


Look #1 Life's a b*tch but Jennie's is a movie. Looking like a rich spy, Jennie wears a graphic tee under an oversized formal coat with a white neck necklace and gambler hat. 

Look #2 It wouldn't be Jennie without a classic silhouette featuring a chic clean style look. She wears a tube dress paired with a ruffled cropped long sleeve and knee high boots. 

Look #3 We're so sorry we caught you like this, but we know you killed the rap! In this scene she wears an graphic tee over a dry fit turtle neck long sleeve, the look is finished with an oversized jacket. 

Look #4 This combo is truly timeless, she wears a gray hoodie underneath a leather biker jacket. 

Look #5 Jennie's main dance outfit features more gray than others and we highly appreciate it. She's wearing a graphic printed tee with black short and a chained belt accessory. The outfit is layered under a velvet gray cover up. 

Look #6 To Chanel or not to Chanel? We sometimes think Jennie has no option. She wore a textured co-ord set with the classic Chanel style. 

Look #7 In contrast to the other members, Jennie doesn't feature any velvet items. She wore a graphic tee under a black turtle neck long sleeve, black shorts and knee cut suede boots. 


Look #1 In this scene, Jisoo was seating down. If you're a shorty, you'd understand. Lisa looks effortlessly towering especially when she pairs a mini skirt and knee high boots. The look also features an oversized lavender tee with a velvet long sleeve underneath. 

Look #2 It's undeniable this combo is still going strong. She sports a gray cropped top, ripped denim shorts and a leather vest to tie it all in. 

Look #3 We swear this clip did Lisa dirty, nonetheless, she looks great! She's wearing a puff sleeved midi dress with a mixed color pattern and an orange belt to cinch in the waist. 

Look #4 About to spit real bars, she sports a black tube top layered with a mesh tee and denim vest. 


Look #6 This outfit seems to look too familiar. Practically everyone wore this at one point. In this scene she wore a black halter top with a pink silk bomber jacket with layered necklaces and black choker. 

Look #7 And lastly, Lisa also has her own Barbie version. She's wearing a pink turtle neck top with a soft pink robe and orange gloves. 

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