All Of BTS J-hope Outfits In 'Rush Hour' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of BTS J-hope Outfits In 'Rush Hour' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks


After two years of hiatus, fresh from his military service, the famous Korean R&B singer, Crush is back with his new song ‘Rush Hour’ featuring one of the biggest and best members of the Korean boy group BTS, J-hope. The song shot to No. 1 on Bugs’s real time chart in Korea, and it also rose to the top of iTunes charts in many countries around the world.

J-Hope, a special guest rapper, fits into this song nicely. His verse gives a track that strives to be lighthearted with a little more extra liveliness. The chorus of Rush Hour is more of a succession of exclamations than a powerful focal point, although that fits with its origins and adds to the song's relaxed pace. For my part, I'm just relieved that Crush is back with a song that isn't an OST ballad or a jazzy mid-tempo. Rush Hour, hopefully the beginning of a new, prosperous era for his up-tempo work, which has always gone unappreciated.

BTS Jhope's special appearance made everyone race their hearts after seeing j-hope performing again after his solo. Army is so happy to see him again doing what he really wants and what kind of song he wants to perform. As always, BTS member J-hope never fails us when it comes to his fashion sense. His swag hip-hop outfit style is so lit! Crush is also giving us a vibe of boyfriend material look and made us fall for him too! Let’s talk about their outfits on the ‘Rush Hour’ music video.

Photo credits to: Crush YouTube Channel


BTS J-Hope wore two different sets of clothing as well as a variety of accessories in the "Rush Hour" MV and teaser images. The parts of each set and some basic information about them are included below.

J-Hope 'Rush Hour' Outfit #1

Cactus Jack Dior Jacket

The baseball jacket, made of coffee brown technical wool felted jersey and featuring the House's signature Dior Oblique symbol, is a product of the exclusive partnership with CACTUS JACK. The baseball jacket is a casual and fashionable finishing touch for both sporty and casual ensembles.


Photo credits to: DIOR

Cactus Jack Dior Pants

The wide pants are made of coffee brown wool twill and feature a tonal CACTUS JACK DIOR embroidery, a creased detail along the leg, and a regular fit. They are part of the exclusive collaboration with CACTUS JACK. To complete a contemporary style, pair the pants with the jackets, shirts, and sweaters from the partnership.


Photo credits to: DIOR


Cactus Jack Dior Belt

The belt strap, which was created in coffee and beige Cactus Jack Oblique jacquard and coffee grained leather as part of an exclusive collaboration, features a fresh interpretation of the House's enduring design. The strap can be worn with any 35 mm (1.5") clasp and has an adjustable length.


Photo credits to: DIOR

J-Hope 'Rush Hour' Outfit #2

The second set of J-"Rush Hope's Hour" ensemble is made up of a Gentle Monster item mixed in with Cactus Jack Dior products. 

Cactus Jack Dior Anorak Brown

The anorak brown sweatshirt is made of brown cashmere fabric and embellished with beautiful hand-applied beads, is a product of the unique partnership between CACTUS JACK and DIOR. The contemporary anorak, which has ribbed finishes and a front pocket, goes well with the Bermuda shorts and jeans.


Photo credits to: DIOR


Deus BRC1 is a small, rectangular, clear brown Flatba frame that is a part of the 2021 Pre-Collection. The lenses that wrap over the frame front's edges and the striking metal accents on the temples distinguish this model. Black lenses with 99.9% UV protection complete the look.


Photo credits to: Gentle Monster

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