All Of BTS' RM Outfits in "Still Life" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of BTS' RM Outfits in "Still Life" MV & Fashion Breakdown

BTS' RM Captivates Fans Around The World With "Still Life" Song Wearing Warm And Cozy Outfits | Unnie Looks

HYBE's BTS RM has released the music video for "Still Life (with Anderson .Paak)" on December 7th at 12AM KST.

'Still Life' is a follow-up song from his solo album 'Indigo" and it did capture fans' heart around the world.

'Still Life' has its original meaning, but RM reinterpreted it to express "It's still life" in two different ways, saying "I'll move forward without being trapped in this frame" and "It's still a still life, but it's still alive."

The "Still Life" music video combines RM's distinctive rapping with a pleasant and cheery visual that makes use of the qualities of a joyful tune. Particularly, the arrangement of RM between the moving train and the canvas enhances the idea of moving forward without settling in one particular place.

Alongside his first and newest songs, RM also wore cozy yet stunningly fashionable clothing that will make you feel completely in love with him. The music video did feature some various outfit types that were remarkable. Check out these incredible outfits beneath!

BTS RM's Fashion Breakdown

RM's First Outfit

RM's first outfit is exceptionally tidy because it only coordinates with one tone, known as a neutral color.

He is clothed in an outfit that makes it appear as though it is autumn because he is wearing a Brown Long Sleeve Turtleneck under his Scully Men's Suede Leather Shirt.

 Photo credits by HYBE Entertainment

RM's Second Outfit

The second attire worn by RM in the music video is very suitable and fashionable. This clothing is appropriate because of the breeze in South Korea now is frigid.

RM's outfit is simple and direct because it consists of a Light Blue Knitted Cardigan and an Acne Studios Wool Military Epaulette Jacket. His trousers match his top, which is a pair of Dark Brown Denim Leather Patchwork Trousers from Acne Studios as well.

 Photo credits by HYBE Entertainment

RM's Third Outfit

The third clothing donned by RM may have appear to be a formal look, but it is nevertheless stylish and appropriate for the current cold weather.

A simple t-shirt is worn inside the Caviar Black Oversized Blazer Jacket, which is contrasted by Midnight Blue Satin Straight Pants.

 Photo credits by HYBE Entertainment

RM's Fourth Outfit

With its color and style, RM's final and fourth outfit gives him the look of a punk rock star.

He has a plain green t-shirt underneath that is covered by a brown zipper collar jacket plus an additional denim acid gray wash jacket. His bottom is just a basic jogger pants to complete the overall looks.

 Photo credits by HYBE Entertainment
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