All Of Girls Generation's Outfits In 'FOREVER 1' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of Girls Generation's Outfits In 'FOREVER 1' MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks


The sweetest K-pop girl group of the generation is back with their song ‘Forever 1’ and fashionable outfits! 




The ever popular and one of most awaited comeback in the whole K-Pop fanatics, 15 years in the industry, Girls Generation shock netizens with their recent M/V and song of 'Forever 1'. It created a fuss from different social media platforms. Now on its million views, fans can't get enough on their showcased vocals and performance! 

Not to mention, the fashion and stunning outfits they wore that made the cut in the music video! Lovely fits and truly fascinating, from the jewelries to their gowns and dresses. 

Details by details, each member was able to exhibit their own beauty and glow in different styles of clothing. The magnificent picks of their attires greatly reflect their absolute gorgeousness. Check out the best and suited for your taste from their worn costume. 


Tiffany's Look #1 Miu Miu Cropped Top

Tiffany's Look #1

A freshie look exhibited by Tiffany from wearing a simple sleeves MiuMiu striped cropped top. Pairing it with white high-waisted shorts just like the other members. MiuMiu is known for their kind of 'old money' vibe and Tiffany is absolutely pulling it effortlessly.

Tiffany's Look #2 Dolce & Gabbana Corset

Tiffany's Look #2

High-end boss, with the black laced corset is top tier look Tiffany! The boldness she executes when her scene appears. After all, her cross necklaces and earrings, the details are a chef's kiss! Because of the black pants tucking the corset, it looks like a jumpsuit in one glance hence it can be assumed as it were.

Seohyun's Look #1 Bridal Kong Tulle Dress

Seohyun's Look #1
A pink swan, that is the first thing you can think of when you see Seohyun's outfit, wearing a hot pink heart strapped long layered tulle dress from Bridal Kong. It is enticing to see her in that beautiful dress! Even her make-up and jewelleries match the aura she was pouring with the dress.

Yuri's Look #1 Printed Tiger Dundas Dress

Yuri's Look #1
A tiger printed fitted dress from Dundas that has cut-outs from each side of Yuri's waist. The vulgarity of the dress carries the vibe of hers in a very majestical way of showing-off. Her chain earrings with her hair in a chignon-like updo showed confidence.

Taeyeon's Look #1 Haleia Terno 

Taeyeon's Look #1


The overflowing asymmetrical upper bustier, with an extravaganza puffy sleeve, terno of cut-out maxi tencel skirt. The legs of Taeyeon are being paraded with the slit skirt. Very glamorous and those little details.

Taeyeon's Look #2 Louis Vuitton Top

Taeyeon's Look #2A very inspiring for a summery fit, an undemanding yet effortlessly chic and stylish, Taeyeon wearing a Louis Vuitton top. 

Sunny's Look #1 Sailor-collar MiuMiu Striped Shirt

Sunny's Look #1
Sunny on a MiuMiu sailor-collar striped shirt. The cute and cool pairing it with shorts just like the others. The outfit looks plain but extraordinarily put forth as a cheerful one.

Sunny's Look #2 Haleia Dress

Sunny's Look #2
An old-fashioned rose gold styled dress yet seems revealing in some ways. The lace appliqué decorated mini dress showed Sunny's naturality, with its grid pattern and the fabric is so envious to look at. The dramatic puffed sleeves.

Hyoyeon's Look #1 Alex Perry Neon Dress

Hyoyeon's Look #1
A kind of cool and easy-going vibe, the look of Hyoyeon she went for! The neon yellow-green cut-out designs from Alex Perry. Because of the hairstyle, it added the factors of her in a party-aura outfit. 

Hyoyeon's Look #2 MiuMiu Knitted Cardigan

Hyoyeon's Look #2

Hyoyeon's knitted cardigan also from MiuMiu. Long sleeves cloth that shows a little bit of her shoulder blades and her flawless upper chests. 


Yoona's Look #1 Long Sleeves MiuMiu

Yoona's Look #1Just like the other members, Yoona's top was also a long-sleeved MiuMiu button-down striped top. The thirst-quenching look. Very much a vibrant and energetic aura!

Yoona's Look #2 Metallic Sequin Genny Dress

Yoona's Look #2The metallic sequin long dress of Yoona from Genny, incredibly showcases her bold and powerful aura. The intricacy of her gown matching it with the Azalea Wang heels is heavenly gorgeous.

Sooyoung's Look #1 Alex Perry Black Gown 

Sooyoung's Look #1Sooyoung's body figure couldn't be more gallant and daring that greatly reflected from her Alex Perry black gown, exposing the skin of her chest because of the cut-out design in front of the dress. 

Sooyoung's Look #2 Christian Dior Top

Sooyoung's Look #2Also a striped top but this one is designed as a cropped top. The Christian Dior is imprinted on the shirt. A casual and too comfy upper clothing, also paired with white shorts.



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