All Of H1-KEY's Outfits in "Rose Blossom" Visual Film & Fashion Breakdown

All Of H1-KEY's Outfits in "Rose Blossom" Visual Film & Fashion Breakdown

With Their Quirky Yet Mystical Fairy Beauties, The Group H1-KEY Offered Fun And Excitement Film That Was Full Of Surprises!

H1-KEY has released its first mini-album "Rose Blossom" visual film on December 19th.

In the released video, the members are pointing at something and moving their eyes along their fingers. They even whispered quietly to the camera, causing tension or giving a twist with a puzzled expression.

In particular, H1-KEY has captivated both the fun of watching and listening to Mozart's "Serenade No. 13 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' 1st movement"  as the background music of visual film.

H1-KEY's first mini-album "Rose Blossom" has been released simultaneously around the world through various music platforms on January 5th, which marks their first anniversary since debut.

Along with their more mature appearance, H1-KEY also showed an excellent outfit styles that goes along with this concept and has returned with a confident charms.

A variety of exquisite outfits worn in a strong manner were shown in the music video. You should check out the enchanting outfits described below!

H1-KEY's Fashion Breakdown

SEOI's First Outfit

Seoi's first outfit here is very futuristic looking.

Her top is a Korean brand ash blue HYEIN SEO hooded track top and her bottom is an ash blue wind skirt.

As for her footwear, it's 145 OFFICE pointy sling back with mid calf NIKE socks.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

SEOI's Second Outfit

Her second and last dress is a full-length knit slit in several colors from NONG RAK. As for footwear, she wore a Black high moto boots by BALENCIAGA.

If you look at it, what she is wearing is quite high fashion. It imparts an artistic style!

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

RIINA's First Outfit

Riina started out in a set of matching gray clothing. It's a color-block zip up jacket paired with white and black patchwork pants.

Her entire look is referred to as techwear fashion. Isn't it pretty cool?

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

RIINA's Second Outfit

Her second outfit is very quirky to look at.

This only consists of a white MSCHF front darted long sleeve top for her upper wear which is further applied with a pink strap mini dress.

And as for her footwear, it's a black NEW ROCK ankle boot tower with laces partnered with black NIKE mid calf training crew socks.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

HWISEO's First Outfit

I find Hwiseo's first outfit trendy and it reminded me of y2k vibes as well.

These are charcoal MSCHF uniform zip up jacket partnered with a zipper slit skirt.

She is wearing PUNK RAVE punk chic girl leg warmers along with DEMONIA grip 01 shoes for her footwear.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

HWISEO's Second Outfit

And for her second and final outfit, her outerwear is a yellow 145 OFFICE wendy top and wendy skirt. Inside her top is a yellow NO DRESS printed t-shirt.

Her footwear is white NIKE training crew socks with DEMONIA grip 01 shoes.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

YEL's First Outfit

YEL's first wear was a yellow Room SERVICE brand rib fabric top with a waist garter decoration.

And for her bottom wear, it is a gray NO DRESS low waist pleated mini skirt along with a gray and white patchwork pants.

She has indeed shown a teeny vibe here while looking very sexy.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment

YEL's Second Outfit

In her second costume, YEL is wearing a black halter top with strings on each side of it. For her bottomwear, she's donning a brown drawstring loose pants.

For her accessory, she wore a pink HURJABOY ACC big ribbon necklace. And for her footwear, it is a DEMONIA's dollie-01 3 "Demony shoes.

She truly pulls off the Y2K vibe in this outfit.

All Images by H1-KEY via GLG Entertainment
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