All Of ITZY's Outfits for Dazed Korea - February 2023 Issue

All Of ITZY's Outfits for Dazed Korea - February 2023 Issue

ITZY Marks Its 4th Anniversary Since Debut With An Immense Pictorial For Dazed Korea!

Dazed released pictorials and interviews of the group ITZY through the Spring Edition in 2023.

ITZY has celebrated its fourth anniversary this year and showed a more mature and confident appearance in the released pictorial. Rumor has it that they pulled off a variety of clothes, from neat and elegant dresses to mannish and gentle suits, drawing a lot of admiration on the spot.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these superb outfits worn by ITZY members below!

ITZY's YEJI Fashion Breakdown

1. YEJI's First Outfit

Yeji's first outfit look reminds us a preppy but smart casual style. She wore a VALENTINO Poplin Bow Cropped Shirt paired with a Cady Couture Long Skirt. The shining wrist decoration she displayed are ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Broken Single Bracelet In Antique Silver and Broken Double Bracelet In Antique Silver.

2. YEJI's Second Outfit

Her next outfit is very alluring to look at yet she still showed a conventional way to wore it. She flaunted a RICK OWENS Halter Neck Dress and exhibited a vibrant ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Broken Single Bracelet In Antique Silver and a TASAKI Balance Plus Earrings.

ITZY's LIA Fashion Breakdown

1. LIA's First Outfit

Lia wore a quirky yet creative fashion style for her first look. She confidently wore a LOUIS VUITTON Dress from its Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. She partnered it a Fame Platform Pump and to finish off her entire look, she displayed a BULGARI Rose Gold Single Earring and B.Zero1 Ring Rose Gold.

2. LIA's Second Outfit

Lia's second look is very stylish in its own way and has a flowy vibes in it. She elegantly donned a RICK OWENS Dress and Boots from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

ITZY's RYUJIN Fashion Breakdown

1. RYUJIN's First Outfit

Ryujin is immensely powerful in her first look as she stunningly wore an all-ALEXANDER MCQUEEN outfit. These are Asymmetric Buster Midi Dress with a Leather Harness attached to it. She paired it with a Platform Knee High Boots. She also exhibited her sole accessory which is an Eyelet Chain Choker.

2. RYUJIN's Second Outfit

Her next outfit look is similar to Lia's second look as well. She donned a RICK OWENS an entire outfit from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Colection. The footwear is a SS23 Edfu Grilled Platforms 45 In Hot.

ITZY's CHAERYEONG Fashion Breakdown

1. CHAERYEONG's First Outfit

Chaeryeong has definitely has the vibe of being a rich CEO woman in her first look. She maybe has an innocent looking face here but her overall charisma is absolutely powerful. She wore a BOTTEGA VENETA Long Coat and her sole accessory is a Silver Necklace.

2. CHAERYEONG's Second Outfit

In contrast with her first look, her second outfit is a flowy and floral in style. It's GUCCI Dress from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

ITZY's YUNA Fashion Breakdown

1. YUNA's First Outfit

Yuna is gorgeously manly in her GUCCI outfit from it's Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection.


[All Images by ITZY & DAZED KOREA via JYP Entertainment]
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