All Of ITZY's Outfits in 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Campaign

All Of ITZY's Outfits in 'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' Campaign

KPOP's Best Performer 'ITZY' Became Part Of Moonton Games Family!

In March 2023, ITZY was announced as the new global brand ambassadors for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). MLBB is a popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is played by millions of people around the world. ITZY's partnership with MLBB is a major coup for the game, and it is sure to help to boost the game's popularity in Asia and beyond.

As part of their partnership with MLBB, ITZY will be featured in a variety of promotional materials for the game. They will also be participating in in-game events and challenges.

ITZY's fans are excited to see them represent MLBB, and they are sure to help to bring new players to the game.

In particular, a vibrant and futuristic scene is depicted in the campaign, featuring ITZY members standing in front of a bustling city. They exudes confidence and energy in their silver eye-catching metallic attires.

Overall, ITZY's fashion style has sense of excitement and aspiration, with its blend of modernity and timeless fashion.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these powerful futuristic outfits worn by ITZY below!

ITZY's Fashion Breakdown

1. YEJI's Outfit Look

Yeji, dressed in a black and white outfit, stands confidently in the foreground, with her long black hair falling down her back.

She wears a black vest with suspenders, paired with LEEY Multi Pocket Strap Cargo Pants. Her shoes is from BUFFALO, which is a pair of Classic Low Nappa Leather. Her handwear is a JAYLEY Fingerless Faux Fur Trim Gloves.


2. LIA's Outfit Look

Lia is captured in various poses as she models a striking silver ensemble. The centerpiece of her outfit is a shimmering, DOLLS KILL Platinum Poppin' Off Mini Skirt with DOLLS KILL Feel The Electricity Holographic Belt that accentuates her lithe figure and complements the DIESEL M-Adhu she wears on top. The top is adorned with intricate patterns and designs that lend it an avant-garde touch.

Posing confidently, Lia showcases her AZALEA WANG Oreo Studded Booties, which add an edgy flair to her overall look. Overall, she showcased a dynamic fashion aura where creativity and style are at center stage.

3. RYUJIN's Outfit Look

A striking figure dominates the scene, featuring a glamorous Ryujin in a shiny silver outfit. Her PUCCI Metallic Effect Cropped Top matched with SONGE CREUX Silver Curve Pants are adorned with shining silver touch.

4. CHAERYEONG's Outfit Look

Chaeryeong wears a striking NACHE Glare Reversible Padding silver jacket with PRADA Logo Plaque Cropped Top on the inside and matching glimmery shorts, along with a DOLLS KILL x NASTY GEM Little Angel Spiked Choker

Her attire is complemented by an AZALEA WANG White Knox Metallic Western Boots that enhances her features. In the distance, the city's skyline is visible behind her. She posed with purpose, exuding confidence and determination.

5. YUNA's Outfit Look

Yuna wearing a white corset is captured walking down a busy street lined with towering buildings. She strides purposefully forward in DIESEL P-Moon pants and matching ANDREADAMO Cropped Half Zip Fastening Top with DION LEE Ribbed Sleeveless Corset, exuding confidence and determination. As for her footwear, it's a BUFFALO Aspha Quilt Snow Boots.

The overall appearance of her lively scene conveys an energetic atmosphere filled with life coming back together to achieve common goals.


[All Images by ITZY and Moonton Games via JYP Entertainment]

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