All Of Kep1er's Outfits for Beauty+ Korea - March 2023 Issue

All Of Kep1er's Outfits for Beauty+ Korea - March 2023 Issue

Kep1er Has Unveiled A Confident And Attractive Visual Pictorial In Beauty+ Magazine!

Nine-member girl group Kep1er showed off their own charm with sensual appearances to mark the first anniversary since debut.

Kep1er recently released a cover pictorial for the March issue of a beauty life magazine. In the released pictorial, Kepler showed off their charisma in mysterious atmosphere wearing black dresses with lovely designs and displayed a cold & blank face.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these unembellished outfits worn by Kep1er members below!

KEP1ER's Fashion Breakdown

1. YUJIN's Outfit

Yujin looks sophisticated and cool in her only outfit. She donned an A-line Dress paired with SOPHIEEST Numero 2 Botte Cinq Brides platform sandals. Beneath her footwear is an over the knee white socks.


2. XIAOTING's Outfit

Even if she was just standing, Xiaoting still looked very beautiful. Her charisma was strong. She donned a BMUET(TE) Puff Sleeve Maxi-Dress. As for her footwear, it's a platform shoes with a mid calf white socks.

3. MASHIRO's Outfit

Mashiro is very ethereal in her pictorial. She showed not only her beauty but also her KILO Maxi Pumpkin Dress partnered with TOGA Virilis Studded Sandals. She also displayed her sole accessory which is an OVT Onyx Ribbon Necklace.

4. CHAEHYUN's Outfit

Chaehyun showed a fierce and bold but beautiful face that matches her outfit. She flaunted a VENTE Jacquard V-Neck Dress.

5. DAYEON's Outfit

Dayeon's beauty showed an innocence that also matched her clothes which is a BMUET(TE) Silver Snap Detail Dress and her second outfit look is an A-line Black Dress.

6. HIKARU's Outfit

Hikaru is adorably charismatic in her attire look. It is from the same brand as Dayeon, which is a BMUET(TE) Sleeveless Volume Jacquard Blouse.

7. BAHIYYIH's Outfit

Bahiyyih, on the other hand, showed a simple and vibrant beauty that floated even more in her NOFFICIALNOFFICE Silky Ribbon String Dress. Her other dresses are BMUET(TE) Puff Sleeve Shirring Jacquard Dress and Silver Snap Detail Black Dress. Her sole accessory is an OVT U Onyx Ribbon Earring.

8. YOUNGEUN's Outfit

Youngeun is coolish, relaxed, and sitting prettily in her pictorial photo wearing a BMUET(TE) Hem Frill Detail Shirt. She sported a quarter white socks donned in oxford doll shoes.

9. YESEO's Outfit

And finally Yeseo who also showed simple but attractive visual wearing her BMUET(TE) Jacquard Volume Long Dress.


[All Images by Kep1er & Beauty+ Korea via WAKEONE/SWING Entertainment]
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