All Of LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin & Kazuha Outfits for Singles Korea - January 2023 Issue

All Of LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin & Kazuha Outfits for Singles Korea - January 2023 Issue

LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin And Kazuha Showed Off Their Beautiful Looks In Singles Magazine!

LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin and Kazuha were selected as the cover models of Singles Korea magazine. This is the first time the two have decorated the cover of a magazine together, creating the best synergy by combining their dazzling visuals and colorful charms.

Lifestyle magazine Singles has unveiled a strong yet fascinating visual pictorial of LE SSERAFIM's members Yunjin and Kazuha for it's January issue. Aside from conducting a photoshoot, they also did an interview as well.

In particular, Yunjin and Kazuha perfectly pulled off white and black & pink dress. The two also matched a dressy dress with leather boots, attracting attention with a strong and captivating atmosphere.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these immense outfits worn by LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin and Kazuha below!

LE SSERAFIM's YUNJIN Fashion Breakdown

#1 YUNJIN's First Look

Yunjin's first outfit look makes her an ethereal goddess warrior. She elegantly and strongly showed off an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Women's Asymmetric Bustier Midi Dress In Calico with Women's Leather Harness In Black attached to it.

She paired it with Women's Platform Knee-high Boot In Black. Her sole accessory is a Women's Eyelet Chain Choker In Antique Silver.

#2 YUNJIN's Second Look

In her following look, she showcased a black and white blended outfit. She donned a PRADA Embroidered Lace And Poplin Mini-Dress and underneath it is a Ribbed Knit Jersey. As for her footwear, she displayed a Metallic Leather Ballerinas.

#3 YUNJIN's Third Look

In this next photo, she flaunted her amazing and stunning visual together with her glistening outfit. She wore a Christian Dior Fringed Tapestry Sleeveless Dress.

#4 YUNJIN's Fourth Look

For her fourth outfit look, Yunjin exhibited an immaculate beauty wearing an all-white outfit. She pristinely unveiled an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Double Lapel Slashed Cropped Jacket In Soft White paired with Asymmetric Mini Skirt In Soft White. Her sandals is a MOSCHINO Cutlery Details Suede Court Shoes.

And to complete her overall look, she flawlessly wore a USITE Super Heart 2Ways Necklace.

#5 YUNJIN's Fifth Look

She looks chic and stylish in her fifth attire. Yunjin presented a BONBOM Winter 22 Oval-Bebe Tweed Top paired with CHLOE High-Rise Midi A-Line Skirt. She also displayed her vibrant hand decoration which are KOWGI Fur Bracelet and REINDEER FRK Bracelet 02.

#6 YUNJIN's Sixth Look

Yunjin is pretty in pink with her ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Cropped Cocoon Sleeve Jumper In Sugar Pink partnered with Gathered Midi Skirt In Sugar Pink. Her sole accessory is Women's Thin Engraved Bangle In Antique Silver.

#7 YUNJIN's Seventh Look

Her last and final look is another combination of black and white and she totally killed it! She elegantly donned a MOSCHINO Bondage Buckle Cady Short Jacket paired with Bondage Buckle Cady Stretch Mini Skirt. Her footgear is a LOEWE 3D Balloon Leather Sandals.

LE SSERAFIM's KAZUHA Fashion Breakdown

#1 KAZUHA's First Look

Kazuha looks like a princess in her first outfit look. She wore an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Women's Graphic Brushstroke Asymmetric One-Sleeve Dress In Black/Ivory. She paired it with Women's Platform Knee-High Boot In Black. She also showed off her only jewelry and it's Women's Mid Engraved Bangle In Antique Silver.

#2 KAZUHA's Second Look

Kazuha's next outfit look is like a mix of preppy and smart casual style. She donned an all-VALENTINO outfit, starting of with Scarf-Detail Popelin Shirt partnered with Cadi Couture Long Skirt. Her footwear is a LOEWE Bow Sandal In Lambskin.

#3 KAZUHA's Third Look

She is chic and stylish in her third outfit look. She flaunted her flawless beauty through wearing a BONBOM Winter 22 Tweed Top paired with Winter 2022 Diagonal Skirt. She topped her skirt with a KOWGI Silver Fringe Belt. Her footgear is a DIESEL D Venus Boots.

#4 KAZUHA's Fourth Look

Kazuha's fourth outfit look makes her like a rich CEO's daughter. She sophisticatedly wore a Look 17 from GUCCI Resort 2023 Collection.

#5 KAZUHA's Fifth Look

Her final look showcased her spotless elegant beauty. She wore a MIU MIU Stretch Cady Top With Feathers paired with a KIJUN Divide Trousers. She also sported a LOEWE Ankle Boot In Denim And Calfskin. Her accessories are GUSEUL PASSERA Gleam 04 ring and an ABITMOR Tassel Ball Necklace.


[All Images by LE SSERAFIM YUNJIN, KAZUHA and SIngles Korea via Source Music Entertainment]
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