All Of MINA, SANA, & MOMO's Outfits in "MISAMO" Opening Trailer

All Of MINA, SANA, & MOMO's Outfits in "MISAMO" Opening Trailer

TWICE's Japanese Members Mina, Sana, & Momo Exude A Unique Aura With Luxurious Visuals!

JYP Entertainment shocked the fans of TWICE as they dropped the opening trailers and photos of Mina, Sana, and Momo on February 7th to 9th.

MISAMO is TWICE's first unit in eight years since its debut. It consists of three Japanese members, Myoui Mina, Minatozaki Sana and Hirai Momo, and the team name was made after the first two letters of each member's name.

They will release their first mini-album in Japan on July 26th and carry out full-fledged activities.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these glamorous and stylish outfits worn by TWICE's Mina, Sana, & Momo below!

TWICE's MINA Fashion Breakdown

#1 MINA's First Look

The MISAMO first member to be introduced is Mina. Mina's first outfit suits her and is really elegant to look at. She wore an ALBINA DYLA High Neck Velvet Dress. She matched her sophisticated look with a crown-like headpiece.

#2 MINA's Second Look

Mina's second outfit is the complete opposite of what she wore on the first look. It was a black gown but her elegance remained. She elegantly donned an ALBINA DYLA Evening Long Dress With Silver Detail On The Chest.

TWICE's SANA Fashion Breakdown

#1 SANA's First Look

The second member to be introduced is Sana. Sana's first outfit is an-all white puffy sexy dress. It's an ALBINA DYLA Cherie Gown.

#2 SANA's Second Look

Her second outfit is very punky yet tantalizing. It's stylish on its own. She proudly wore a semi-customized ACT N°1 Ruffles Corset.

TWICE's MOMO Fashion Breakdown

#1 MOMO's First Look

Momo is the last member to be introduced of. Her first outfit look a Sheer Lace Jumpsuit. It looks daring but she really nailed it, isn't she? She partnered it with these glistening pearl accessories.

#2 MOMO's Second Look

Momo's second look is totally a different vibes from the first one. She flaunted a MONOT One Shoulder Cut-Out Maxi Dress. She partnered it with a GUCCI Feathered Arm Warmers Womens Black. Her sole accessory that was loved by many is an AREA Crystal Hairpiece.

[All Images by TWICE MINA, SANA, & MOMO via JYP Entertainment/ JYP Japan]
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