All Of NewJeans' Outfits in McDonalds Korea 'McCrispy' Commercial Film

All Of NewJeans' Outfits in McDonalds Korea 'McCrispy' Commercial Film

Trendy K-POP Group NewJeans Is The Newest McDonald's Korea Advertising Model This Year!

McDonald's Korea announced on February 27th that it selected the group NewJeans as a campaign model for this year, along with the release of its new product, McCrispy Chicken Sandwich!

McDonald's explained that NewJeans is a group with a different level of mystery and fresh charm, unlike the concept of existing idol groups, and was chosen as an advertising model in line with the McDonald's brand image, which offers a different taste and special experience each time.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these inviting outfits worn by NewJeans below!

NewJeans' Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's Outfit

Minji looks simple yet stylish in her outfit. She is wearing a PERVERZE Blend Border Top paired with an INSILENCE Corduroy Wide Cargo Pants. Her accessories are VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD Colorful Initial Necklace and TOGA Leather Stitch Belt. Her footwear is THEOPEN PRODUCT Suede Mesh Platform Sneakers.

2. HANNI's Outfit

Hanni is adorable and charming in her look. She donned THEOPEN PRODUCT Paper Yarn Checker Board Pullover partnered with a PAIN OR PLEASURE Nix Min Skirt. She also displayed her sole accessory which is a SENTIMENTS No. 281 Silver Ring. As for her footgear, it's a CERRIC Sprinkle Square Platform Boots.

3. DANIELLE's Outfit

Danielle's attire is very creative and kind of preppy style. She presented THEOPEN PRODUCT Panelled Velvet Fitted Shirt and Neoprene Platform Mary Jane. She paired it with a CURETTY C Belted Pleats Skirt.

4. HAERIN's Outfit

Haerin wore another stylish outfit and it's appealing and lovely at the same time. She cutely displayed a SINOON Cat Paw Long Sleeve paired with a PAIN OR PLEASURE Mars Denim Skirt. The ornaments she put up is SENTIMENTS No. 270 Necklace and for her platform shoes, it's a MIU MIU Buckled Leather Biker Boots.

5. HYEIN's Outfit

Hyein is loveable in her modish outfit. She dressed in GLOWNY Daddy Shirt partnered with Private Library Skirt. Her only accessory is a SENTIMENTS No. 281 Black Ring. She also put THEOPEN PRODUCT Suede Mesh Platform Sneakers on as her footwear.


[All Images by NewJeans & McDonald's Korea via ADOR]
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