All Of NewJeans' Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

All Of NewJeans' Outfits in 'StarNews Interview’ for 2022 AAA

Meet the Incredible, Global Trending Group 'NewJeans' With StarNews Interview for AAA 2022!

Girl group NewJeans proved to be a trend by winning both the grand prize and the Rookie of the Year award at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards In JAPAN (2022 AAA) last December 13th.

NewJeans poses for pictorial ahead of the award-winning interview with Star News. Through this meeting, the members had shared several stories in an exclusive interview with Star News at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

In addition, the members are dressed in black and red leather outfits, with some wearing skirts and others wearing pants.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these cool and casual outfits worn by NewJeans below!

NewJeans' Fashion Breakdown

1. MINJI's Outfit

Minji wears a floral shorts and a black top while her hair styled in long black straight. In the foreground, a pair of black shoes with buckle details are visible.

In particular, she donned a WOOYOUNGMI Black Cropped Knit paired with WE11DONE Mix All Over Crumpled Shirts. Her footwear is a GRAPE Black Basic Loafers.

2. HANNI's Outfit

In a striking image, Hanni is captured in a pose that exudes attitude and confidence. Her long black hair cascades down her back, framing her face and adding to the overall impact of the image. She stands against a plain white background that emphasizes her bold outfit.

She wears a WE11DONE Black Destroyed Mohair Polo Knit that flatters her figure, paired with a MICHAEL KORS Crinkled Patent Miniskirt that highlights the sleek lines of her silhouette. Her feet are adorned with stylish DEMONIA Shaker-100 black boots.

With an intense gaze and subtle makeup, Hanni projects an air of mystery and allure. Overall, her portrait captures the essence of a confident young woman with impeccable style and an alluring presence.

3. DANIELLE's Outfit

A vibrant and lively photo captures Danielle posing for the camera in a chic outfit. In particular, her figure in a striking black and red dress, whose fitted skirt and elegant top command attention.

She donned a WE11DONE Red Destroyed Mohair Polo Knit topped with FIDAN NOVRUZOVA Black Shahla Camisole that matches a WE11DONE Black Mens Crumpled Eco-Leather Shorts. She also sported KNWLS Precious Mini Boots.

4. HAERIN's Outfit

Haerin boasts her stylish outfit and accessories. She wears a MICHAEL KORS Long-Sleeve Cropped Denim Jacket over a SHUSHU/TONG SSENSE Exclusive Black Pleated Shorts, which accentuates her slender figure.

Her long black hair flows down to her waist, framing her face in an elegant manner. In addition, she is wearing GRAPE Black Sport Lace-Up Boots, complementing her overall look.

5. HYEIN's Outfit

Hyein poses in a stylish black and white skeleton jacket, featuring bold skeleton motifs on the front and side. Her long black hair cascades down her shoulders, framing her face as she strikes a confident pose.

In particular, she sports a KAPITAL Faux Leather Wool-Blend Varsity Jacket which goes along with HELIOT EMIL Atra Active Wear Shorts, adding to the edgy vibe of the scene.

A pair of MELISSA Black Melissa Farah Oxfords are positioned on a white background nearby, drawing attention to its sleek design. The overall appearance showcases unique clothing and accessories with bold graphics and patterns.


[All Images by NewJeans and StarNews via ADOR]
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