All Of NMIXX Outfits In [LIVE] 'DICE' Showcase Stage & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of NMIXX Outfits In [LIVE] 'DICE' Showcase Stage & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Photos are credits to: NMIXX fan accounts via Instagram


NMIXX is really making their name in the K-pop industry as they showcase their great talent and amazing visuals. After releasing their comeback song “Dice”, NMIXX hyped the center stage as they performed their newest song on Showcase stage. All the members look good in their own outfits and definitely slay on in their unique ways. 

NMIXX is making a noise right now as their music video reaches over 23 million views on YouTube within a day after releasing the official music video. NMIXX is one of the newest K-pop groups of JYP Entertainment where TWICE are one of their talents also. As a rookie K-pop girl group, we can definitely say that they succeed in entering the Kpop industry where everything needs to take a risk just to succeed. 

NMIXX is now getting more and more popular because of their amazing talents and jaw dropping visuals. Their outfits are totally good also and it highlights their natural beauty whenever they show off to the media platforms. But for now let's talk about their outfits and their recent performance on the showcase stage. Here are NMIXX outfits on stage. 


Lava Print Crop Top Terno

This outfit totally looks hot and attractive. With its color and print that made the clothes look attractive and captivating. Perfect for your fancy looking outfit! Jinni serves us great visuals with this outfit.



Graphic Sando Outfit 

This is one of the best outfits for me! It really looks simple but the graphic sando and the accessories gave the outfit a fun and fancy looking vibe. Her outfit looked more unique than other members when she partnered her top to a lightning printed legginand topped with a black denim skirt. NMIXX Kyunjin really looks cool in this outfit with her red wavy hair! 



Heart Pinned Puff Sleeve Blouse Outfit 

This outfit looks cute with its simple and nice black blouse designed to have two hearts attached on the black puff sleeve blouse. This outfit gives a sweetheart vibe that will definitely give you a perfect girly aura. The outfit itself looks interesting as Sullyoon partnered it with a flame print skirt. 


Fish Printed Silk Dress Outfit 

NMIXX Haewon looks cute and sexy in her outfit, she’s wearing a dress that has fish print on it. She’s a total bombshell as she show off her talent and especially her dance skills that definitely made all of us fall for her enchanting beauty. 


Heart Mini Skirt And Graphic Tee Outfit 

NMIXX Jiwoo also has one of the best outfits. She's wearing a graphic tee and a shiny mini skirt with two hearts attached on it. This outfit really looks simple but the simplicity of it makes the outfit look natural and it highlights Jiwoo’s beauty. 


Vetements Mini Skirt And Fish Print Crop Top

This simple looking outfit of Lily made her look stunning and eye-catching. She’s wearing a mini skirt and stockings from Vetements. The stocking makes her outfit look expensive and bold. Partnered with her fish print crop top that has the same design like Haewon’s Outfit 



Heart Crop Top Outfit 

Last but not the least, NMIXX Bae. She is wearing a simple heart crop top like NMIXX Sullyoon. They have almost the same design for their top outfit, which makes it look cute and awesome. She has the simplest outfit but she still stands out with her fairy looking beauty. Her outfit is perfect for your everyday outfit. 


Show your support on NMIXX by watching their ‘DICE’ M/V and their stage performances on Showcase stage.


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