All Of NMIXX's Lily & Kyujin Outfits for Cosmopolitan Korea - March 2023 Issue

All Of NMIXX's Lily & Kyujin Outfits for Cosmopolitan Korea - March 2023 Issue

NMIXX's Lily & Kyujin Immensely Posed For Cosmopolitan Korea March Issue!

NMIXX's Lily and Kyujin recently conducted a photo shoot with fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan Korea.

In the released pictorial, Lily and Kyujin exude loveliness, chic & cool looks, and fashionable moods. In particular, it drew attention by showing a lovely "Chemistry of the oldest and youngest member."

NMIXX is set to make their first mini album comeback on March 20th. Lily commented, "This is the busiest time to prepare for our comeback. I've been busy practicing choreography in my spare time other than filming schedules."

Furthermore, Kyujin said, "Since this is our first mini album, I'm full of expectations and excitement because we can perform more songs to NSWER."

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these stylish outfits worn by NMIXX's Lily and Kyujin below!

NMIXX's LILY Fashion Breakdown

#1 LILY's First Look

Lily exudes gorgeousness and coolness in her first outfit look which consist of HOLYNUMBER7 Top from its Spring/Summer 2023 Collection paired with Black Skirt from the same brand. Her footwear is a NEW BALANCE Tekela V3.

#2 LILY's Second Look

Lily is a goddess in pink look as she flaunted ACT N°1 Tulle Bandeau Top along with a Pink Printed Trousers.

#3 LILY's Third Look

Lily's next outfit is another to die for look. These vibrant sky blue combination clothes are ACT Nº1 Ruffles Tulle Midi Dress and underneath it is a SMFK White Compass Hunting Vest. Her unique styled shoes is a NEW BALANCE Furon V7 Pro FG.

#4 LILY's Fourth Look

She's fierce and bold in her last outfit look, donning a Loose Polo Crop Top matched with OVERDUE FLAIR Link Velvet Skirt Black.

NMIXX's KYUJIN Fashion Breakdown

#1 KYUJIN's First Look

Kyujin showed off an athletic stylish style combination in her first outfit look. She fiercely donned an Oversized Varsity Shirt paired with KIMZISU Skirt from its Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. She also sported her MATIN KIM Denim Western Ankle Boots In Blue.

#2 KYUJIN's Second Look

Kyujin is alluring and attractive in her next look which consist of ACT Nº1 Blouse and her sole decoration, MSBHV Gothic M Belt.

#3 KYUJIN's Third Look

Kyujin looks charming and enticing in her customized VIKTOR & ROLF Tulle-Skirt Hoodie Dress.

#4 KYUJIN's Fourth Look

In her final look, Kyujin is chic and sexy as she wore a LIE MEQUE Dress from its Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection and beneath it is a LUVISTRUE VL L Logo Tee.


[All Images by NMIXX Lily, Kyujin, and Cosmopolitan Korea via JYP Entertainment]
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