All Of NMIXX's Outfits in "Funky Glitter Christmas" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of NMIXX's Outfits in "Funky Glitter Christmas" MV & Fashion Breakdown

NMIXX Is Back With Their First Winter Season Song "Funky Glitter Christmas" Wearing Sparkling And Cozy Outfits | UnnieLooks

JYP Entertainment's newest girl group NMIXX (엔믹스) offers a very special Christmas presents to their fans 'NSWER' with the release of their new digital single "Funky Glitter Christmas" on November 23rd.

'Funky Glitter Christmas' is NMIXX's first winter season song and is a pop genre song that features funky brass and piano rhythms. You can feel the various vocal styles of the 7 members and boost the fun of listening to its melody of the existing carols through 'MIXXPOP'.

Furthermore, this song also conveys that whenever and wherever you are, you can enjoy winter atmosphere. This song decorates NMIXX's first page of "Intermixxion Single" which means a special album that expresses new and natural color among any regular albums they have released so far.

In addition, the group's unique musical personality that was showed in the music video was maximized with a variety of compositions with musical narration and jazz-style pre-chorus.

Along with their newest mixxpop song, they also had a funky and gorgeous, glistening clothes that you'll fall head over heels for. A couple of different dress styles that were displayed in the music video were indeed noticeable. So, Let's check out these amazing outfits below!


#1 Outfit is "Colorful" getup

The music video's colorful and quirky style arrangement as well as its distinctive and creative outlook were all centered on these outfits. These women proved that, as long as you stick to the Christmas holiday vibe theme and have confidence, you can rock any odd style, from skirts to tops!


You may be inspired to wear the outfits in the photos below. These lovely ladies undoubtedly exhibited a stylish and fantastic fashion choice!

Photo credits by JYP Entertainment  (NMIXX Instagram)

#2 Outfit is "Greenish" color theme getup!

These outfits undeniably send off Christmas impressions because to its various green color, which stands for the Christmas holiday season, but I guarantee you that you can wear these dresses, skirts, and tops all year round. These glittery attire will make you sparkle even more.


Get a closer look at these lovely outfits worn by SULLYOON, BAE, JINNI, KYUJIN, JIWOO, JINNI, and HAEWON to see how they pull off and flaunt the quirky looks.

Photo credits by JYP Entertainment (NMIXX Instagram)

LILY's Outfit Breakdown

LILY, the oldest member and main vocal of the group wore an Oscar dela Renta's vintage plaid cotton tiered dress with a plain polo partnered with black tie in the first part of the music video to match the whole atmosphere.

In the second theme getup, LILY wore an AREA white crystal flower T-shirt paired with green high waist pants. The entire outfit radiates a joyous holiday mood.

HAEWON's Outfit Breakdown

Next is HAEWON, the leader and another main vocal of the group. She wore a  cozy 3-type color sleeveless sweatshirt vest along with white button down polo shirt partnered with a patterned tie.

 Photo credits by JYP Entertainment  (NMIXX Instagram)

For her second outfit, HAEWON looks amazing with a glittery Daisy Flower Print mesh T-shirt that truly embodies the Christmas mood.

SULLYOON's Outfit Breakdown

Thirdly is the visual of the group, SULLYOON! She wore a bluish red terno plaid print top and skirt. She looks like a rock doll in this getup, isn't she?

 Photo credits by JYP Entertainment  (NMIXX Instagram)

In her second look, SULLYOON wore a blue collared knit top sweater. Getting you really want to wear this kind of attire throughout the holidays.

JINNI's Outfit Breakdown

Following is the former member and one of the main dancers of the group, JINNI. She wore a simple yet comfy knit sweater with a flowy polo shirt on the inside.

 Photo credits by JYP Entertainment  (NMIXX Instagram)

In the last outfit she wore, JINNI looked stunning in her charming attire, which perfectly exemplifies the holiday spirit as she donned a bluish green top that matched the green feathery dress.

BAE's Outfit Breakdown

Next to our last three breakdown list is BAE, one of the happy pills of the group along with Haewon. In this music video, her outfit was consisted of a cozy and warm 3-type color knit sweater with a red and grey patterned skirt.

Who would have missed out her second and last look, right? BAE looks absolutely stunning in this metallic midi dress from ROTATE that has a white top inside.

JIWOO's Outfit Breakdown

Next to our last two is JIWOO, the rapper and main dancer of the group, rocking the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy's Guddle sleeveless frayed knitted vest along with bluish orange patterned skirt and a beret to complete the outlook style.

Photo credits by JYP Entertainment  (NMIXX Instagram)

In her last and final outfit, JIWOO killed the metallic jersey mini dress from AREA with a matching statement shirt on the inside.

KYUJIN's Outfit Breakdown

Lastly is the maknae and rapper of the group, KYUJIN, who slays the customized Charles Jeffrey Loverboy's Patch fleece bomber jacket partnered with a grey plaid skirt.

And for her second outfit, KYUJIN elegantly displayed her top with Y2K vibes and a garland-like in both arms, as well as a green shimmering skirt and a buckled chunky boots to finish the look!


LASTLY, watch the Music Video so you can really see these eye-catching outfits worn by your "K-POP Plus Alpha" girl group, NMIXX!

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