All Of Red Velvet's Wendy Outfits for Singles Korea - February 2023 Issue

All Of Red Velvet's Wendy Outfits for Singles Korea - February 2023 Issue

Red Velvet's Wendy Is The Cover Model Of Singles Magazine February Issue!

Singles Korea has released a visual photos of Red Velvet's Wendy on January 19th. Wendy has gracefully showed her beauty and charms through the magazine photoshoots.

Furthermore, Wendy discussed her return to the music scene with her unit project group GOT the Beat, her love and gratitude for her fans, and the new music she has in the works.

She also conveyed her deep gratitude to her fans, explaining why she is so appreciative of their continued support over the years.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these lovely outfits worn by Red Velvet's Wendy below!

RED VELVET's WENDY Fashion Breakdown

#1 WENDY's First Look

Wendy first outfit look is very princess-like. She's adorably beautiful in Overdue Flair Organza Layer Dress with a Jolie Laide Michelle Dress partnered with a Cecile Lace Skirt underneath it.

Her accessories are Baily's Beads Fawning Over You Necklace and a Miu Miu Embossed-Logo Stud Earrings.

#2 WENDY's Second Look

Wendy looks comfy and elegantly beautiful in her second outfit. She presently flaunts a Miu Miu Aspen Stole with Hood with a Ganni Light Jersey Smiley Relaxed T-Shirt on the inside.

Her accessories are adorably charming. These are MUCE Asymmetrical Pink Heart Ring and a Pearl Charm Silver Bold Ring from the same brand. Her other accessory is from SENTIMENTS, it's a Ring Black Pink.

#3 WENDY's Third Look

Her third look is balletic and exquisite one. She's wearing a DEW E DEW E Brenda Dress which shows her gracefulness and calm beauty.

#4 WENDY's Fourth Look

Her next look is very pleasing and delightful to look at. She's wearing a Jolie Laide Cat Print T-Shirt partnered with a Cat Tights. Her bottom wear is a WMM Silk Mini Skirt. Her accessories are MUCE Zirconia Heart Bracelet, a Aimelbie Rose And Tassel Choker Necklace, and OVT U Heart Ribbon Necklace.

#5 WENDY's Fifth Look

Wendy's fifth attire is casual yet still fashionable look. She donned a Miu Miu Stretch Jersey topped partnered with a Stretch Jersey Skirt. Her top has a MARGARIN FINGERS Angel T-Shirt underneath it.

Her accessories are FRUTA Jade & Crystal Necklace, a MUCE Colored Beads Heart Pendant Necklace and a Double Chained Green Zirconia Necklace.

#6 WENDY's Sixth Look

Wendy looks attractive in her black and blue outfit. She wore a MINJUKIM Halter Neck Mini Dress and an accessory from CHANEL, which is a Chanel CC Pearl Heart Drop Earrings.

#7 WENDY's Seventh Look

Wendy's last look is a combination of creativeness and stylish. She wore a CIDER First Love Statement Maxi Dress topped with a JOHNNY HATES JAZZ Love Full T-Shirt. Her only accessory is a MUCE Crystal Teddy Necklace.

[All Images by RED VELVET Wendy & Singles Korea via SM Entertainment]
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