All Of SEVENTEEN's Vernon Outfits in "Black Eye" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of SEVENTEEN's Vernon Outfits in "Black Eye" MV & Fashion Breakdown

SEVENTEEN's Vernon Takes A Step Further As An Artist Through "Black Eye" + Wearing Goth And Edgy Outfits | Unnie Looks

SEVENTEEN's Vernon has released his first solo mixtape "Black Eye" on December 23rd through various popular music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and even in SoundCloud.

"Black Eye" is a pop-punk genre song that combines casually sung vocals and cheerful band sounds, and features a free and rebellious mood.

Vernon showed an expected emotions to relieve the frustration and stress of listeners through forming a harmony with "Black Eye," which suits his unique low-tone voice.

In addition, Vernon has participated in the composition and lyrics of "Black Eye" and it contained honest and straightforward lyrics.

Along with his first and newest song "Black Eye," you'll be blown away by his streetwear and eye-catching, iconic clothes in the music video and even though he only wore two clothes in the song video, the fashion is undeniably thoroughly modern and memorable. Below are a few amazing outfits that you should take a look!

SEVENTEEN's VERNON Fashion Breakdown

VERNON's First Outfit

The outfit Vernon wears first in the music video's introduction is simple to look at but has a really creative look that goes well with the song and his make-up.

He is wearing ripped jeans as his bottom clothing and a basic white tank shirt with a faux fur coat on top.

And to finish off his overall look, Vernon wore a silver tone Vivienne Westwood's new small orb pendant.

Photo Credits by Pledis Entertainment

VERNON's Second Outfit

His second and last outfit has a gothic theme that perfectly complements the music and the mood of the music video.

It's a black turtleneck sweater paired with Takahiromiyashita The Soloist's bondage denim jean for his bottom.

In addition to having worn driving gloves on his hands and flat ankle boots, he also accessorizes his look with a silver necklace.

Photo Credits by Pledis Entertainment
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