All Of Stray Kids’ Outfits In 'MAXIDENT' Trailer & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of Stray Kids’ Outfits In 'MAXIDENT' Trailer & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All photo credits: JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids hyped everyone with sexy and cool outfits on their MAXIDENT MV trailer

Stray Kids announced their comeback by dropping a two minute trailer for their 7th mini-album ‘MAXIDENT’ last September 06. At the end of the trailer, the album was unveiled to be officially release on October 07, 2022. Meanwhile, yesterday JYP Entertainment revealed the track list on public and based on this, MAXIDENT has a total of eight songs including “Case 143”.

While the MV trailer primarily filled everyone’s heart with excitement as Stray Kids showcased unique concept, the outfits on the other hand, are eye-popping. Hence, we feature them below for your reference.


Hyunjin sported his own street style by wearing a Celine muscle tee which he tucked under a leather pants, making it look a little fitter. Layered necklaces are essential to make an outfit looks bomb and so Hyunjin showed us how it’s done.


Meanwhile, Jeongin looks ethereal in his white colored hair which was best accentuated on his all-black ensemble below. As seen on the photo, he wore a leather vest paired with a leather base as well to create a gangster street look. To finish the bad boy style, he opted for combat boots; a choker for additional hot flare; and bracelets and rings for extra spice.

Bang Chan

Nothing is cooler than a Bang Chan wearing a Versace muscle tee. But to make the look more lit, he paired his Versace top with black ripped and tattered pants and finished it off with gray and white sneakers for a perfect balance. Layered accessories are essential for adding a finer details to the overall look, and so Bang Chan pulled some. 

Lee Know

A casual streetwear is what Lee Know pulled. But with the charisma that he possess, he instantly turned the look into a charming and cool boyfriend style. As flashed below, he wore a black sweater to look comfy and paired it with a black fitted pants, creating an all-black ensemble. Then, Lee Know finished it with a combat boots and a choker for extra style.


Seungmin enjoyed his luxurious moments with his Versace long sleeve polo which he paired with a jogger pants that created an edgy style. To make the look a little bit sexy, he left some buttons opened and pulled a necklace to highlight his neck more.


Changbin pulled a gangster look by wearing an asymmetrical muscle tee layered with a black leather jacket for more volume. Then, he finished the look with a black pants and shoes. But to elevate the bad gangster look more, Changbin pulled an earring.


Felix sported his own bad boy style below. Here, he wore a white muscle tee layered with BNW vest, and paired with black ripped jeans—a quintessential piece for every K-pop idol. 


Finally, Jisung pulled a street style look by wearing a plain white shirt which he tucked under his stylish pants embellished with printed stickers. Also, he layered his shirt for a finer style.

We’re pretty sure, you already imagined yourself emulating one of these outfits to impress your crush. Stay tune as we’ll also cover all of Stray Kids’ outfits in the whole MAXIDENT MV once they release it next month.

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