All Of TWICE’s Outfits In 'Talk That Talk' MV

All Of TWICE’s Outfits In 'Talk That Talk' MV

TWICE’s comeback song wowed everyone with the impeccable fashion styles exhibited by the girls.

Last August 26, TWICE returned with their newest mini album Between 1&2 on which their lead track ‘Talk that talk’ was first released. The MV has a unique concept that shows a mixture of Y2K and cyber worlds where these worlds met each other. Meanwhile its melody and beat is not only refreshing but also addictive leaving one of getting an LSS—last song syndrome. Also, it’s not only an eye-popping concept for it has message that unfolds as the music progress and comes to end. It’s telling everyone to communicate everything on their mind.

The MV ends with a QR code that leads on an Instagram post which unfolds a message for their fans and its translation goes by, “Something felt like a thread and a needle. Even if it’s just one love from our fans, we will surely repay you with double love.” What a sweet message indeed! But what made MV more appealing are the aesthetics and fashion it showed—they are all glamorous! With that, below shows a fashion breakdown of the girls’ outfits in the said MV.

Im Na Yeon's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Nayeon's Outfit #1

Nayeon first solo appearance in the mv definitely brings impression where she flaunt her curvy frame in her Courrèges ribbed knit jumpsuit. For a feminine gait, she finished it off with a red stiletto shoes.

Nayeon's Outfit #2

From looking sleek to chic. Nayeon had worn a cropped corset-like top paired with a high waist shorts, creating a white chic ensemble. This time, she braided her hair for a touch of cuteness.


Nayeon's Outfit #3

Meanwhile, in her third appearance she transformed a formal attire into a chic and sexy look. Specifically, she had worn a red high-slit gown from Balmain. Then, a dose of edginess was placed by her arm gloves. 


Nayeon's Outfit #4

For her final look, she slayed an edgy feminine style using MiuMiu staples — a cropped long sleeve, sheer bralette top, and a denim micro-mini skirt. But to make the look more iconic, she opted for a denim booties as well. 


Chou Tzuyu's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Tzuyu's Outfit #1

Tzuyu’s visuals in insane on her first look, which was also accentuated with her fashion forward sexy style. Surely, the most eye-catchy staple in her style is her Nodress trousers that were cast aside. But, her cropped top made the look more eye-popping where it has connected straps designed in a x style on both of her arms. 


Tzuyu's Outfit #2

Nothing but a chic is what she literally speaks in her second exposure. Who would have thought that an all blue ensemble would do great? Here, she folded a Courréges turtleneck and matched it with a micro-miniskirt. In highlighting her v-line, she divided her hair into two stylish ponytailed.


Tzuyu's Outfit #3

Since corsets are back on the line, Tzuyu showed us how to style them. As seen below, she layered her polo dress with a black corset for a more finer details and fitted look. The thigh belt also added a hot flare in the overall fit. 


Tzuyu's Outfit #3

In her final look, she enjoys a luxurious feels with a YSL bustier top and under it was a Dion Lee cropped long sleeves. She completed the look with mini skirt from the fine brand, Dion Lee as well.


Sana Minatozaki's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Sana's Outfit #1

Sana turned the MV on fire with her sick outfit. Here, she had worn a spaghetti strap micro jumpsuit layered with a half-corset. A choker is essential in achieving that sensual look.


Sana's Outfit #2

Sana flaunts her flat belly and sexy frame in her second appearance as she wears the luxurious brand —Prada. Specifically, the coordinates were originally a one staple –houndstooth dress. It was transformed for the purpose of adding a touch of uniqueness. Meanwhile, the P.A.R.O.S.H cashmere blue cardigan made it quite eclectic since the shades aren’t matching. 


Sana's Outfit #3

Sana’s third outfit is the main highlight among her looks. Here she showcased her Japanese side through matching her Katana with sexy staples— a bustier top layered with a Jean Paul Gaultier cropped blazer, paired with a micro-mini skirt. It’s like she brought an anime character in a real world. What an icon indeed!

Sana's Outfit #4

Surely, Sana flaunts her frame as she finished her final appearance with this MUGLER mesh corset paired with a micro-mini skirt from HELIOT EMIL. Meanwhile, the mesh gloves added a bit of classic touch. 


Hirai Momo's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Momo's Outfit #1

Momo’s first appearance was literally on fire with this Nodress lace top bodycon suit layered with a stylish waist belt with small bag on the side and a connected thigh belt. Meanwhile, the layered necklaces shouts for finer details.


Momo's Outfit #2

Momo really knows how to put a scene on fire as she slayed her red flared jumpsuit that resembles a 90s vibe. Hence, touch of modern twist was added through styling it with waist and thigh belts.


Momo's Outfit #3

Even in her final appearance, she opts to look hot as the sun by wearing a Dion Lee lace up corset mini jumpsuit. A thigh belt is essential and flaunting a sexy look, and Momo never forgot that. 


Kim Da Hyun's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Dahyun's Outfit #1

Dahyun flaunts her cute visuals in these red chic ensemble. Since corsets are trendy, Dahyun herself wants to join the fashion trend as she opted to wear a red cropped corset layered with a cropped bolero for an extra detail. Meanwhile, she paired it with a high-wait slit skirt for a touch of chic appearance.


Dahyun's Outfit #2

While Dahyun looks on red, here she looks sleek in her HELIOT EMIL bodycon side slit dress. The style is definitely a fashion forward that everyone would reserve a hanger for. 

Dahyun’s Outfit #3

Here, Dahyun unveiled her sexy aura through wearing a white chic ensemble— a cropped tank layered with a mesh crop top, paired with a micro-mini skirt, and strap booties. Also, an arm gloves for extra detail is essential to Dahyun.


Myoiu Mina's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Mina's Outfit #1

An innocent face with a badass outfit is what Mina opted for. As seen below, she looked sensual in her black ensemble. She also wore a corset just like her co-members, which she paired with a Dolce & Gabbana high wait lace mini skirt.

Mina's Outfit #2

Meanwhile in her second appearance, she pulled an edgy style by wearing unmatched shades. A blue crop top layered with  a green blazer is definitely eclectic. But to make it stylish even more, she paired these with a brown pleated miniskirt. What a Y2K vibes!


Mina's Outfit #3

Mina’s final look wowed everyone with her bad girl sexy attire. Here, she wears a bralette layered with a blazer and paired with a high waist shorts. Also, booties are a must as they are classic and chic.


Park Ji Hyo's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Jihyo's Outfit #1

Jihyo went all feminine in her first appearance as she flaunts a spaghetti strap silk mini dress. Accessories are necessary when wearing a sleeveless dress and Jihyo showed us that layered necklaces works well. Meanwhile, her belt is on the next level as it has a mini bag that is surely stylish. Finally, Jihyo finished the look with a knee-high white booties.


Jihyo's Outfit #2

In her second appearance, she went chic with this tube mini jumpsuit which showed off her curves. Here, she finished the look with these firey red knee-length boots. 


Jihyo's Outfit #3

As one of the highlights of the MV, Jihyo made sure to look great in her final look. As flashed below, she looked sleek with her tube dress and fitted jeans for a touch of eclectic feels.


Son Chae Young's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Chaeyoung's Outfit #1

Chaeyoung’s first look centers on mix and matching. Here, she had worn a sleeveless dress which she styled with a lace arm warmer for a different style. Then she had worn a blue lace stockings for a hot details.

Chaeyoung's Outfit #2

In her second appearance, she went chic with her red spaghetti strap dress layered with a leather jacket for an extra volume. A tattered stockings is a must for a unique touch.


Chaeyoung's Outfit #3

Meanwhile, she hyped the ‘once’ in her final look as she looked extra sexy in her bralette top layered with a breasted coat, and paired with a high-waist pants.  


Yoo Jeong Hyeon's 'Talk That Talk' MV Outfits

Jeonghyeon's Outfit #1

Jeonghyeon flaunts a girly vibes in her first outfit where she had worn a puff sleeve chiffon mini dress. Also, the hairstyle provided her a touch of cuteness, making the look extra delicate and dainty.

Jeonghyeon's Outfit #2

In the second outfit, she pulled the contrast style by layering her inner lace top with an asymmetrical blazer, and paired with a black pants. Thus, creating an office inspired look attire.


Jeonghyeon's Outfit #3

In her final look, she pulled an eccentric suit which was layered with a corset and accessorized with a tie, creating a formal look with stylish twist.

Currently, the song has over 31 million views on YouTube and it keep making waves as it gained spot on various charts. So, don’t forget to stream the MV and vote for TWICE!

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