All Of TWICE's Momo Outfits for L'Officiel Singapore - March 2023 Issue

All Of TWICE's Momo Outfits for L'Officiel Singapore - March 2023 Issue

TWICE's Momo is L'Officiel Singapore's March Cover Star!

The Dancing Mochine of TWICE, Momo has decorated the cover issue of L'Officiel Singapore for its March edition. In particular, Momo showed off her sexiness and immaculate beauty in the published pictorial on March 12th.

Aside from a photoshoot, Momo has also been interviewed wherein she talks about her TMI, TWICE, and her upcoming sub-unit debut in MISAMO.

Momo is indeed one of the most influential members of the K-POP renowned girl group TWICE as she recently became the first member to reached 10 million followers on Instagram and currently the most followed Japanese personality as well.

Do you find what she wears interesting? Then check out these splendid outfits worn by TWICE's Momo below!

TWICE's MOMO Fashion Breakdown

#1 MOMO's First Look

Momo is vibrant and glowing in her blue outfit look. She sophisticatedly donned a FENDI Blue Wool Sweater paired with Blue Satin Skirt. She also flaunted her various glistening accessories. These are BULGARI Serpenti Viper Earrings and Serpenti Viper Rings.

#2 MOMO's Second Look

Momo is confidently cool and astonishing in he second outfit look. She wore a FENDI Gray Wool Top partnered with Gray Wool Skirt. As for her footwear, it is Fashion Show Blue Patent Leather BootShe also donned her shining ornaments which are BULGARI Serpenti Viper EarringsSerpenti NecklaceSerpenti Viper Bracelet, and lastly, Serpenti Viper Ring Two-Coil and One-Coil.

#3 MOMO's Third Look

Momo is classic and fashionable in her next silky blue attire which are consist of FENDI Blue Satin And Wool Gabardine Jacket matched with Blue Satin And Wool Gabardine Skirt. She paired it with her Fendi First High-Heeled Sandals.

#4 MOMO's Fourth Look

Momo exudes an attractive and stylish look in her fourth attire. These are HANKIM "Habbit" Dress from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Her eye-catching and dramatic ear accessory is a MOSCHINO Inflatable Lettering Earrings.

#5 MOMO's Fifth Look

Momo is sparkling and radiating in her fifth outfit look. It feels like she's a human disco ball. She astoundingly presented a LEE y.LEE y Lily Smoke Sequine Dress which goes along with her GIANVITO ROSSI Hansen Boots.

#6 MOMO's Sixth Look

Momo is charming yet attractive in her sixth outfit which are consist of FENDI Look 24 from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Her gleaming body ornaments are BULGARI B.Zero1 Necklaces, B.Zero1 Bracelets, and B.Zero1 Rings.


#7 MOMO's Seventh Look

Momo is gorgeously striking in her simple yet captivating look. She dressed in HANKIM "Habit" Dress from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection. She partnered it with a GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Bebe Strass heels.

#8 MOMO's Eight Look

Momo is alluring and elegant-looking in he fifth attire. She gracefully donned a MAX MARA Viscose Sleeveless Jumpsuit topped with Ludmilla Icon Coat. She also displayed and showcased her luminous jewelries such as BULGARI Divas' Dream Earrings, Divas' Dream Necklace, Serpenti Seduttori Watch, and finally, B.Zero1 Rings.

#9 MOMO's Ninth Look

She's a seductive goddess in her final outfit look which Momo proudly showed off. It's a PRADA Long Nylon Crepe Dress from its Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection.


[All Images by TWICE Momo & L'Officiel Singapore via JYP Entertainment]
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