All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Merry & Happy (2022 version)" MV & Fashion Breakdown

All Of TWICE's Outfits in "Merry & Happy (2022 version)" MV & Fashion Breakdown

TWICE Drops A Surprise Music Video Presents For Their Fans This Holiday Season!

The KPOP superstars, TWICE has surprised their fans by releasing this unexpected music video.

The track was included in their first repackage album, "Merry & Happy," which was taken from their first full-length album, "TWICETAGRAM," and that album was published in October 2017.

"Merry & Happy," is written by JYP's head and Producer, Park Jinyoung, and it was TWICE's first carol song. The lyrics express the joy of Christmas in love for the first time with the sound full of winter feelings.

Along with their unexpected present for ONCEs, TWICE also showcased their fashion sense by wearing warm, yet highly trendy clothing that will urge you to dress similarly.

The music video featured a number of stunning clothes worn in various styles. Below are some gorgeous clothes you should check out!

TWICE's Fashion Breakdown

NAYEON's Outfit

Nayeon's clothing seems simple and straightforward. It has a teeny vibe and is really cute.

For her top and bottom wear, she is wearing a Tommy Hilfiger's white long sleeve crop top and a Dark Strap Denim Dungaree.

FUN FACT: TWICE's NAYEON has been the newest face and model for Tommy Hilfiger's "Tommy Jeans" denim line since September 2022.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment


Although Jeongyeon's outfit is basic, yet you can still see that she feels comfortable in it.

She is wearing a black popover long sleeve shirt underneath a pair of straight fit pants.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

MOMO's Outfit

Another simple and basic attire, the one MOMO is wearing is suited for social gatherings or traveling.

She's wearing a dark blue knit sweater with gray wash wide leg denim jeans as for her bottoms.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

SANA's Outfit

Her outfit is presentable and really elegant-looking. Sana is dressed out in a white ring zip mock neck long sleeve over a white knit turtleneck long sleeve.

For her bottoms, she's wearing a loose fit wide leg jeans.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

JIHYO's Outfit

As for what Jihyo is wearing, it is very comfortable and beautiful to look at.

It's a blue and white striped knit sweater paired with white straight fit denim pants.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

MINA's Outfit

The clothing on Mina is both stylish and cozy.

She is wearing a black turtleneck shirt inside of a Fendi's knit and fur bomber jacket, as well as black boot cut pants for her bottom wear.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

DAHYUN's Outfit

And even though Dahyun was not present during the shoot of this music video because she was sick, she was still shown in a brief moment by adding her short "never-seen before" clip video in where she was wearing a simple stripe shirt.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment


Chaeyoung's outfit is one of the most unique in the music video, because it's a dress.

It was a yellow popover long sleeve dress that she wore with wide leg pants underneath.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment

TZUYU's Outfit

Tzuyu was among those who displayed sophistication in the music video as she was wearing a Mardi Mercredi's cable-knit half zip-up sweater over white cargo trousers.

Photo Credits by JYP Entertainment
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