All Of VIVIZ Outfits for Your Vibes - February 2023 Issue

All Of VIVIZ Outfits for Your Vibes - February 2023 Issue

Trio Group VIVIZ Has Showed Off Sparkling Charms And Even Pulled Off A Y2K Fashion In Your Vibes Magazine!

In line with the release of its third mini-album "VarioUS," VIVIZ recently conducted photo shoots and interviews with MZ magazine 'Your Vibes' under the theme of "Better Together, Friends."

VIVIZ, which is showing an intense and charismatic charm on the stage of its third mini-album's title track "PULL UP," showed a 180-degree different charm in this pictorial, creating a kitsch and unique atmosphere in the Y2K style.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these charming and lovely outfits worn by VIVIZ's Eunha, SinB, & Umji below!

VIVIZ's EUNHA Fashion Breakdown

#1 EUNHA's First Look

Eunha's first outfit look is very quirky yet stylish. She adorably wore a SHIN'S LETTERS Message Dress partnered with a Parker Boot by UNIF.

Her crafty charming accessories are LOTSYOU Keren's Scrunch and ALCMY Knit Scarf.

#2 EUNHA's Second Look

Her second look is showing her bubbly and cute personality along with a flowy vibrant style. She captivatingly wore a KANA J Corsage Denim Sleeveless Dress with a DARLING, YOU'RE BAD Darling, Your Tube Top underneath it.

Her footwear is a dELiA*s Wide Fit Dark Animal Behavior Platform Boots. Her accessories are YUNSE Pantalica Long Scarf and DOLLS KILL Cute As Fluff Hair Clip Set.

#3 EUNHA's Third Look

Her final look outfit is very Y2K-ish. She beautifully donned an EXPIRED GIRL x Gabrielle Ruffle Mesh Top partnered with a DARLING, YOU'RE BAD Belted Check Pleats Skirt.

Her footgear is an ALDO Manda Heeled Mary Janes and her sole accessory is LOTSYOU Heart Candy Earring.

VIVIZ's SinB Fashion Breakdown

#1 SINB's First Look

SinB's first outfit look is another aesthetically Y2K style. Her fairy tale-like outfit is from various brands. Her Aria Blouse Top is from EXPIRED GIRL partnered with a GENERATION KISS Lara Denim Skirt along with a Lara Denim Gloves for her arms.

Her shoes is a BUFFALO London x Opening Ceremony FW18. Her accessories are VON DUTCH Medium Bowling Bag and a VETEMENTS Crystal Heart Necklace.

#2 SINB's Second Look

Her next look is casual but the Y2K style still retained. She's wearing a SHIN'S LETTERS Silhouette Top with a PEPPER PEPPER Damage Multi Stripe Sleeveless on the inside. It was partnered with a WHYNOTUS Slade Jeans.

Her accessories are EEGEEGEE GeeGe Puffer Bag and a DELIGHTPOOL Dusty Rose Bandana

#3 SINB's Third Look

SinB's last outfit look is vibrantly cute and loveable. She charmingly showed off an OMIGHTY Cherry Drawstring Tube Top partnered with an ALCMY Silky Smooth Wrap Skirt with an EXPIRED GIRL Low Rise Denim Pants underneath it.

For her accessories, these are EEGEEGEE Gee Mini Puffer Bag and a YUNSE Pantalica Hair Clip.

VIVIZ's UMJI Fashion Breakdown

#1 UMJI's First Look

Umji's first outfit look is a combination of cuteness and sexiness. She enchantingly wore an Asymmetric off shoulder green Top partnered with a DEBBY UPPER Fabric Contrast Cargo Pants.

Her shoes is a dELiA*s Stay Inspired Patent Combat Shoes.

#2 UMJI's Second Look

Her second look is light-colored and feminine style. She presently donned an EXPIRED GIRL April Top topped with an ALCMY Bushy Tweed Crop Jacket and partnered with a KATER Low-Rise Lace Miniskirt.

Her footgear is UPTOWN HOLIC Strap Walker Boots.

#3 UMJI's Third Look

Umji is pretty in pink with her final outfit look. It's an UNIF Nani Dress partnered with a Moon Boot With Gcds Knit Band by GCDS x Moon Boot. Her accessories are a KATER Heart Gem Mini Bag and an ALCMY Giant Flower Brooch.


[All Images by VIVIZ Eunha, SinB, and Umji, & Your Vibes via BPM Entertainment]

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