All Of XG's Outfits in "Shooting Star" Dance Practice Video

All Of XG's Outfits in "Shooting Star" Dance Practice Video

Rising Pop Girl Group XG Has Shown Their Amazing Moves Wearing Bright And Dark Combination Outfits!

There's no doubt that XG is one of the idol girl groups right now that are slowly at steadily making a name in the scene. You'll surely love their vibes, music, and definitely their awesome fashion sense.

Xtraordinary Girls, mononymously known as XG, is a global girl group under XGALX. The team comprises Chisa, Cocona, Jurin, Hinata, Maya, Juria, and Harvey. On March 18, 2022, they released their first single, "Tippy Toes," marking their official debut.

Their recent songs "Shooting Star" alongside with 'Left & Right' have both gained viral success across social media platforms, particularly in the TikTok app. They are absolutely making a big wave in the K-Pop community and as well as in their own countrymen.

Do you find what they wear interesting? Then check out these vibrant outfits worn by XG members below!

XG's Fashion Breakdown

1. CHISA's Outfit

CHISA, who is the sub-leader and main vocalist of the group showed a distinct outfit style among the rest. She donned a dark colored attire. These are NASTY FANCY CLUB Moiety Authentic Zip-Up paired with Moiety Authentic Sweatpants. Inside of her zip-up top is a CALVIN KLEIN Bralette Modern Cotton.

2. HINATA's Outfit

HINATA, who is the main dancer of the team, has managed to showcase a simple vibrant casual outfit. She presented a STUSSY Baja Stripe LS Crew partnered with a WOOALONG Signature Relax Wide Pants. As for her footwear, she sported A BATHING APE Sta Mi #2 M2 Sneakers.

3. JURIN's Outfit

JURIN, who is the leader and lead rapper of XG, wore a checkered and white blend of clothes. Her top is a PACCBET Two Pocket Printed Shirt while her bottom wear is a CHAMPION Reverse Weave Sweatpants.

Beneath these two are a CALVIN KLEIN Bralette Modern Cotton paired with an Underwear Thong. Her footgear is Timberland Chukka Boots from A BATHING APE.

4. HARVEY's Outfit

HARVEY, the main rapper of the band, is definitely catching everyone's attention with her unique voice, charismatic aura, and her fashion sense. This time, she donned a blue and white combination of outfit.

Her top is a SCULPTOR Color Block Crop Sweatshirt partnered with a CALIE Wide Jogger Pants. Her platform shoes is from NIKE, it's a Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 LX.

5. JURIA's Outfit

JURIA, one of the main vocalists of the group, has displayed a simple and basic outfit look. It is absolutely a look you can comfortably brag to wear. These are SCULPTOR Sunrise Logo Tee paired with a ISTKUNST Bootcut Waffle Pants Blue. As for her footwear, it's a NIKE Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

6. MAYA's Outfit

MAYA, one of the lead vocalists of XG, has displayed an cozy outfit look. She wore a LUVISTRUE VL Star MTM paired with VL Corduroy Cargo Pants. She also sported A BATHING APE Sta Mi #2 shoes.

7. COCONA's Outfit

COCONA, who is youngest member of XG, has certainly established herself as a member who has distinct style from head to toe. She flaunted a STUSSY T-Shirt 8 Ball topped with a SCULPTOR Color Block Vest and paired it with Wide Paratrooper Cargo Pants.


[All Images by XG via XGALX]
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