BABYMONSTER Ruka: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

BABYMONSTER Ruka: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Ruka (루카) is a Japanese YG Entertainment trainee. She is a member of the upcoming Korean girl group BABYMONSTER and a former member of the Shibu3 project, a Japanese idol group. She is the dancer and rapper of the group.


Stage Name


Birth name

Kawai Ruka (河井 瑠花)

Birth date

March 20, 2002 

Birth place


Zodiac Sign




Blood Type




Group debut

March 26, 2017 (Shibu3 project)

Years active

2017–present (Japan)
2023–present (South Korea)


YG Entertainment (2018–present)
Platinum Production (2017–2018)


Career Timeline

Shibu3 project- 2017–2018

Ruka made her debut as a member of the Blue Class of the Japanese idol group Shibu3 project as one of the founding members on March 26, 2017. She left the group around the end of 2018. 


Debut with BABYMONSTER- 2023

- YG Entertainment released a teaser poster on December 30, 2022, announcing their plans to debut a new girl group.

- The name of the group was confirmed as BABYMONSTER on January 1, 2023. Ruka was seen practicing in the same video, seemingly confirming her membership in the group.

- Ruka was introduced as the seventh and final member of BABYMONSTER during a live performance on February 6.



Music video appearances

Ueda Atsumi - "Happy Halloween!" (2017)





Ruka Facts

- Ruka was born in Japan.

- She is a Japanese national.

- In 2018, she joined YG Entertainment and become a trainee until now.

- According to one of the dancer instructors, LEEJUNG, Ruka's strength is her experience and understanding of dance.

-  She is good at Hip-hop dancing.

- The former CEO of YG Entertainment even claimed she was so good that he had never critiqued her dancing.

- She is passionate about dance and performs exceptionally well.
- She's been dancing since she was six years old.
- In her spare time, she enjoys dancing in her dorm.
- She was a member of the Shibu3 project, a Japanese girl group.
-  She frequently attends pilates classes.
- She drinks milk as part of her morning routine.
- She is fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English.
- Her asset is her cute dimples in her cheecks.
- On February 6, 2023, she was the final member to be officially shown. She made her debut on February 9, 2023.
- Along with fellow member Asa, she will be one of the first female Japanese idols to debut under YG Entertainment.
- Ruka and fellow BABYMONSTER member Asa will be YG Entertainment's first female Japanese idols to make their debut.
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