BLACKPINK Jisoo "Me" Visual Film 2 Outfit & Fashion Breakdown

BLACKPINK Jisoo "Me" Visual Film 2 Is Out With Her Elegant Outfit hat Made Her Look So Expensive


BLACKPINK member, Jisoo's "Me" Visual Film 2 has been released as part of his upcoming most awaited solo debut. Her expensive vibe og solo debut is hyping her whole fan community as she finally gave and released her another teaser film for  her debu song. with her angelic and excellent beauty, BLACKPINK Jisoo is setting a vibe that will surely satify her fance on her upcoming debu music video.

Speaking of her "Me" Visual Film 2 video clip, this will reveal what brand and kind of cloth that BLACKPINK Jisoo wearing on the said clip.



BLACKPINK Jisoo "Me" Visual Film 2  Outfit



BLACKPINK Jisoo is wearing a nice and ellegant black oversized-fish tail gown dress for her "Me" Visual Film 2 . Jisoo slayed in this gown and she really made another record of being beautiful in every gown she has worn. The elegance and beauty of her outfit made everyone go crazy on her. ISABEL SANCHIS oversized-bow fishtail gown dress in black with off-the-shoulder, semi-sheer construction, oversize bow detail, rear zip fastening, open back, and fishtail design.


Isabel Sanchis oversized-bow fishtail gown dress

Isabel Sanchis oversized-bow fishtail gown dress

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