BLACKPINK "Pink Venom" Outfits In Inkigayo

BLACKPINK "Pink Venom" Outfits In Inkigayo



The biggest Korean girl group pop sensation, BLACKPINK is making another achievement with their comeback song “Pink Venom” this year. As BLACKPINK released the official music video of Pink Venom on their YouTube channel, BLACKPINK already reached over 286 million views after releasing it last August 19, 2022. As a big comeback of the biggest kpop group, BLACKPINK performs in different stages with their newest released song. Pink Venom became one of the newest kpop songs that everyone loves to listen to. They got so many achievements after their comeback and they really excel in every chart they are competing in.

As part of BLACKPINK's successful comeback performing in the big stage of Inkigayo is one of the most awaited and exciting parts of every kpop group's comeback performances. BLACKPINK shows off their amazing dance skills and choreography and also their killing vocals. With their fashionable and cool outfits, BLACKPINK stands out among other kpop groups who performed in Inkigayo. As we all know, BLACKPINK never failed to impress us. 

Each member is so gorgeous in their Inkigayo outfit, they literally slay with their song. The performance and everything is perfect, especially their style and fashion outfits. If you want to dress like them and cover Pink Venom to join the trend well this blog is for you! Here are the “BLACKPINK's "Pink Venom" Outfits In Inkigayo”.


Photo credits to: “Pink Venom” M/V

BLACKPINK Jisoo Outfit

BLACKPINK Jisoo showed us that she really owns the stage as the group’s visual. Jisoo became the talk of town after she performed at the Inkigayo stage with her simple but charming outfit. With her extraordinary and enchanting visuals, Jisoo performed with confidence on stage. Her outfit also looked very nice and ideal for everyone who wanted to dress up like them also.


Photo credits to: ZOOM


DION LEE Square-neck Sleeveless Top

Black square-neck sleeveless top from DION LEE featuring square neck, sleeveless, front lace-up fastening and rear zip fastening. This corset looks so gorgeous as it is that everyone wanted to have it and wear it like BLACKPINK Jisoo. Dion Lee is renowned for combining traditional tailoring with experimental construction. This is showcased in the sleek, square-neck silhouette of this sleeveless top with contemporary front lace-up detailing.

Photo credits to: Pinterest

NIHAII Overpacker Skirt

Low waisted pleated skirt featuring and oversized pocket on the right side with metal Ni Haii detailed fastenings.

Photo credits to: NiiHAi

DEMOBAZA Gloves Rib Vega W 

Gloves Rib Vega W is a limited edition from DEMOBAZA. It is a woman rib cozy long finger gloves that if perfect to partner with your cool and fashionable outfit. 

Photo credits to: DEMOBAZA

DEMOBAZA Short Boots Stargate

A boot that is perfect and ideal for your amazing outfit like BLACKPINK Jisoo. This boots is very comfortable and designed to feel barefoot while wearing them. With its solid and hard design, this boots is still comfy to wear with your chosen outfit if the day.

Photo credits to: DEMOBAZA

BLACKPINK Jennie Outfit

BLACKPINK Jennie is a total bombshell in her Pink Venom Inkigayo outfit. With her expensive outfit, Jennie’s charm makes her the center of attraction. BLACKPINK Jennie is wearing different clothing brands for her perfect outfit for her performance in Inkigayo.


Photo credits to: ZOOM

Chanel Camellia Pin

BLACKPINK Jennie never forgot to add a touch of Chanel product or accessories on her perfect outfits. She used this rose pin from Chanel for her distinct touch to her outfit which looks very nice. 


Photo credits to: Pinterest


MARINA EERRIE Riot Bustier Top

This bustier top was created as a female version of a police tactical jacket. The top has a side zipper and adjustable straps. 

Photo credits to: Metal Magazine

Jean Paul Gaultier The Cartouche Scarf

Predominantly constructed from modal, a semi-synthetic fiber often used in activewear garments, the scarf measures 120 x 120 cm that is perfect for your styling sense.

Photo credits to: Highsnobiety
604SERVICE Token Sleeveless

Slim sleeveless top that is perfect for your everyday outfit. With its graphic design, the top itself looks very attractive and neat.


Photo credits to: 604service




BLACKPINK Rosé never disappoint us with her performances. She’s always surprised us with her amazing visuals and talent. Rosé performed confidently on their recent stage performance in Inkigayo with her nice and simple outfit.


Photo credits to: ZOOM


2000 Archives Camo Baby T

This camouflage and army shirt is very simple yet BLACKPINK Rosé made it look expensive. It is made in cotton fabric that literally you will feel comfortable while wearing it.


Photo credits to: 2000 Archives


DAVID KOMA Crop Denim Jacket

With her simple shirt, BLACKPINK , Rose wore her crop denim jacket from DAVID KOMA. This jacket is designed to give or add swag on any outfits you have.

Photo credits to: Pinterest 


DOLL KILLS CLUB EXX Renegade Rager Buckle Boots 

Go straight rogue in these dope AF combat boots that have lace up closures, zipper accents. Rosé wore these boots with her swag and cool outfit. It is designed to make you feel cool while wearing it.


Photo credits to: DOLL KILLS



BLACKPINK Lisa hyped the stage with her hot and sexy outfit. She showed off her killer and sharp dance moves that made everyone go crazy while watching her perform their newest song on Inkigayo. With her slim and petite body, BLACKPINK Lisa slays with her beautiful and hot outfit. She looks more stunning with her long legs.

Photo credits to: ZOOM


Tobeinstyle Women Stretch Fishnet Long Sleeve Rave See-Through Novelty Crop Top

Lisa is wearing this fishnet crop top as part of her outfit in her Inkigayo stage. This crop top makes BLACKPINK Lisa look hot while performing on stage.


Photo credits to: Pinterest


SHEIN Camo Print Denim Vest Jacket

Lisa is wearing this camouflage army jacket with her outfit. He’s totally giving a strong independent woman vibe with this top.

Photo credits to: Pinterest 


Pain Or Pleasure Mars Denim Skirt

This denim mini skirt is one of the best skirts that BLACKPINK Lisa used to wear during her stage performances. Aside from Lisa looking so hot and sexy with this skirt, she looks swag and cool with this mini skirt. 


Photo credits to: Pinterest 


DEMOBAZA Boots Long Stargate

Lisa is wearing gorgeous boots that fit her outfit. This boots is designed to feel comfortable while wearing it and it is perfect to fit into outfits like BLACKPINK Lisa’s outfit. This boots is more like a combat boots but it's more fashionable than the combat boots. 


Photo credits to: DEMOBAZA

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