BTS [CHOREOGRAPHY] '달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)' Outfits

BTS [CHOREOGRAPHY] '달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)' Outfits


BTS hyped us with their dance prerformance of "Run BTS"

Last year BTS released their newest album "PROOF" along wih the album the song "Run BTS" is one of the coolest and hype song they had in their newesT album. The song became more familiar and trend when the boy band performed this song in he free concert in Busan, "Yet To Come Concert in Busan". 

The song is so hot as them and it became more hotter when they performed it and all of the ARMYS are too stunned to speak because it has its own choreography. After a month the group finally released the dance performance of the song and as expected, the song and even the dance performance gives an exciting and cool vibe. Their outfits are so awesome and literally added to their coolness.

For every ARMYS who wanted to know what kind of outfits did the group had in their "Run BTS" dance performance, well UnnieLooks is here to help you to dress up like them too and to have inspiration for your own "Run BTS" dance cover too!


BTS Outfits in "'달려라 방탄 (Run BTS) Dance Choreography 

RM's Outfit

For our first member, the leader and one of the most aesthetic fashion icon, Kim Namjoon also known as RM. He is dressed quiet simple yet he still have the vibe of a swag and cool dancer in his outfit. RM looks so hot with his denim pants and his printed gray long sleeve sweatshirt from SAINT MXXXXXX. he also completed his outfit with his gray bucket hat that matches his outfit.


Jin's Outfit

Jin is giving us a playful look outfit, He is wearing a baseball jersey red shirt that looks so cute on him. This simple an ideal football knit jersey shirt is from INSCRIRE. 

Suga's Outfit

No one can't deny that Suga literally the star of the dance choreography of "Run BTS". His looks it really melts every one's hearts. He's giving a total wholesome vibe, his outfit is cool as well that literally suits to he performance. Suga is wearing a black cargo pants and plain black shirt, and for the highlight of his outfit. Suga is wearing a faux suede zip up jacket from Sasquatchfabrix.


J-hope's Outfit

Down to our most fashionable member and the one who always gives us the best fashion look, J-hope. As always Hobi is looking good and swag with his outfit. He is wearing a total oversized clothes that really matches his vibe. Hobi ids wearing an oversized baseball shirth from READYMADE.


Jimin's Oufit

Well everyone must must be surprise with Jimin's outfit right? He really make sure that he will be the highlight of the performance. Jimin looks so hot with his simple all gray outfit. He is wearing a light-washed denim pants from BALENCIAGA and gray turtle neck from 77circa eSTORE.


V's Outfit

V looks so confident with his cute and cool outfit. He danced so well wih his gray oversized jogging pants and white shirt and for the highlight of his outfit. Taehyung is wearing a Cracked Fringe Leather Black Leather from STANDALONE.

Jungkook's Outfit

Down to our best outfit of the performance video, JK is looking good with his attractive outfit. He is wearing his bleu and cream track suit from NIKE.



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