Can BLACKPINK choose their outfits?

Can BLACKPINK choose their outfits?

BLACKPINK members are known not only because of their limited, but top tier music, where every song becomes a hit, but also thanks to their immaculate style

However, fans are curious if they are the ones to choose their outfits. Let's find out!

Obviously, being the top girl group has it's weight and responsibilities: from coming back to the stage with the best songs possible, to accompanying them with the best style and aesthetic. And sure, when each member's look should compliment each other and follow the concept, it is hard for them to be in control of what they wear.

Even Lisa stated in Zach Sang Show she was invited to in 2021:

"For me solo, I try to choose what I feel comfortable with."

Hearing that definitely makes you realise how little freedom they have when being in a group, and how free they can be solo, because there is less burden and less people to consider while choosing an outfit.

"Everything is challenging, but it's nice to like, get to know me better; to get to know what I like and what I don't," she said during the interview. "I get to choose my clothes, like what I want to wear for my music video, right? Sometimes, I felt uncomfortable with some clothes [with BLACKPINK], but for me solo, I try to choose what I feel comfortable with."

And we love to see it! Lalisa really shined as bright as she could, and even showed off her queenlike visuals wearing traditional Thai clothing and accessories in her solo video for the song "LALISA", which we probably wouldn't see in her music videos with BLACKPINK.

All credits: YG Entertainment

However, we still have 2 members who also went solo! And the first one to do so was Jennie with her legendary debut with a song with an ironic name - "SOLO". Preceeding Lisa and making her debut it 2018, Jennie Ruby Jane had a completely different aesthetic, running in a long flowery dress across a gorgeous mansion, or wearing a more classic yet bold look that many fans were inspired by: oversized white shirt and black high waist shorts with a slick ponytail. Quite a difference with Lisa's iconic bangs and colorful edgy outfits in her solo, right?

Therefore, it is clear that even having some limitations while in the group, the girls can definitely shine with their personal aesthetic and style in their solo works!

The next insanely successful, long awaited solo debut of a BLACKPINK member, was Rose's one. And no need to tell that the charts were going crazy! First because of the beyond unique vocals of Roseanne, and second because of her sweet and soft, but also punky and dramatic presence in her solo music video "On the ground". With her legendary platinum blonde hair, smudged make up in some scences, soft pastel dresses paired with rough black boots, everything in her solo debut screamed concept and personality, and it was noticably darker than the bold and shiny Lisa's solo and chic and preppy Jennie's one. 

Once again, each member showed their own stories, ideas, concepts, and of course beautifully stylized outfits, in their solo projects. It's not that they are all controlled fully in their group activities, but there are certain limitations. In contrast, there is surely way more freedom when they are going solo.

The last member whose solo debut still remains a huge dream for the blinks, BLACKPINK fans, is no other than miss Kim Jisoo. The powerful vocalist is rumored to have her solo debut pretty soon, maybe in 2022, and we can't wait to see what colors and iconic looks she will have while having all the lights pointed just at herself! However, we are sure that Sooya will bring a breeze of fresh air, closer glimpse to her own personality and individual style, which is always praised for its classiness and elegance. 

All in all, the amount of control BLACKPINK's Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisoo have when choosing their outfits definitely lays in the context and sometimes it can be more or less present, but one way or another, no one disagrees that each of their outfits is flawless. And the girls are the ones to thank for it as well!

Because in real life, even representing the biggest fashion houses or wearing clothes they collaborate with, they choose their own way and always slay every outfit they pick, from a day out to run errands, or dinner with friends.

Want to take a closer look on what they wear most and how to style like BLACKPINK? Check out our next article.

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