ENHYPEN Jungwon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

ENHYPEN Jungwon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Jungwon Updated Photo by Weverse
Jungwon Updated Photo by Weverse

Yang Jung-won (양정원) is the member and leader of the famous boy group ENHYPEN who debuted last November 30, 2020 in the reality search for the next male Kpop idol, I-Land.


Stage Name

 Jungwon (정원) 

Real Name

Yang Jung-won (양정원)

English Name

Johnny Yang

Date of Birth

February 9, 2004 


174 cm (5'9")


143 lbs. (65 kg)


Hanlim Arts High School


Playing games, Walking in the rain, and watching movies.

City of origin / country

South Korea


Dancing, Singing, Taekwondo


He is loyal and reliable, who always helps keep the team together, loves organizing and creating order out of chaos.

Ideal Type

Jungwoon prefers people who are straightforward and natural. He values personality over appearance more. Someone who is innocent, approachable, and respectful. Jungwoon also loves a jolly and funny person who never sugarcoats anything.

Personal Life

Jungwon was born in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Since he was 7 years old, he has been learning taekwondo. He became a  taekwondo player for four years. At the age of 13 he started to become a trainee in SM Entertainment (2017-2018) and decided to train under BigHit Entertainment (2018-2019).


Kpop Idol

Hidden Talents

He can imitate sounds especially Squidward’s steps make and the sound of cats


 Weverse Magazine 

JUNGWON: “I don’t have any regrets because I’m doing the job I want to”


JUNGWON: “I hope I never feel indifferent to the happiness I have now”
JUNGWON “It’s better to create positive energy”
JUNGWON “I believe idols should be good at everything”

Brand Endorsements



Fashion Brands Worn


Magazine Covers

Weverse Magazine


Dating History / Rumours



Before he retook the test, Jungwon was an ESTJ. After the test, his result changed to an ISTJ. ISTJs are known as the Logistician type. This MBTI type is known for being more reserved but having a very practical outlook on life that they reliably pursue.


Instagram followers

@enhypen (11.1M) 

Twitter followers

@ENHYPEN_members (9.5M followers)

Jungwon Facts:

-His representative emoji is 🐈

- His favorite emoji is ❣️

-Jungwon’s favorite superhero is Scarlet Witch.

-His go-to karaoke song is “Cold Water” by Justin Bieber

-His favorite Disney character is Olaf.

-Jungwon ranked as no. 1 on the reality show “I-Land” makes him as the leader of the group Enhypen.

-Jungwon almost went to the ground (a simple building with a dance studio where every evicted I-Lander was given a chance to go back to the I-Land building) but K saved him.

-Jungwon trained for a year and four months before taking part in I-LAND.

-He is the hidden ace of the 23 participants of the reality show (I-Land) and his current group Enhypen.

-He has chubby cheeks.

-His role model is BTS’s Jungkook
-His super close with Jay
-He entered I-Land as BigHit’s trainee for 1 year and 4 months.
-Jungwon's favorite ice cream flavor is ‘Rainbow sherbet'.
-The name "Jungwon" translates to "garden" in English that is why they call him garden sometimes.
-Jungwon and Sunoo look alike when you first see them when you start to stan the group.
-He is good at singing, dancing and popping.
-Jungwon really love winter season
-Jungwon always smiles when he’s talking.

-His favorite item is a backpack he's been using since grade 5th of elementary school.

-He thinks that he resembles a monkey.
-He performed “All I Wanna Do” by Jay Park on I-Land’s first episode.
-Jungwon's favorite colors are blue and orange.
-Jungwon goes to an all boys school, Namgang High School.
-His dream is to visit Canada and see the auroras.
-Jungwon has a dog named Maeum
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