Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Han So Hee

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Han So Hee

Breakout star Han So Hee has the perfect grunge girlfriend material style

By: Julianne Babaran 

Her leading roles in Nevertheless from 2021, which highlighted an unconventional route of the lead female ending up with the second male lead, the role garnered the star a lot of worldwide success. Staring mostly from features and BG appearances in music videos, to dramas to starring in her own. Han So Hee is well on her way to carving a strong K-drama actress presence. Having roles with an antagonistic "that girl" edge, So Hee is associated with grunge femme ideology. 

This images translates to her style as well, as documented on her Instagram, her on and off cam looks features a lot of blacks, monochrome, grunge and flow. As a Balenciaga baby herself, she's seen in a lot of runway and seasonal fits before it even hits the stores. Nevertheless, her mostly dark shades of style has an element for everyone. In this article, I will breakdown the common style elements she wears in the different looks she style so you can imbibe them for yourself.  


Black Chiffon Blouse

In line with her grunge femme energy, anything in black with texture takes it up to different levels. Black blouses are mature and stable, the more elements of different fabric, texture and detail, the better!  Such a top doesn't need much help, a complimenting jewelry and jeans will let the top shine and keeps the balance. 

Black Crop Top

Basic Black crop tees are styled in all different kinds of ways but finding the right way for your body can really elevate it without even trying or adding any elements. Notice how the crop top shows off her flat stomach with a peak at her tattoo and a feature of her eyebrow piercing. This style is easily grunge, so finding the look you want and adding the littlest complimenting details is the best way to go. 

Sleeveless Tube Top

Black times three but done is different ways refreshes the color and doesn't look overkill. Chic black shades with a basic slink tube top with an editorial leather skirt, is differing but cohesive. Divergent but it works naturally, this concept in different shades of color works as well if you can maintain the color palette. 


Leopard Print Mini Dress

Everyone needs that mini dress that only needs a high knee boot. In styling so patterned ones are the best option because it grabs attention, creates flow and texture just by the print. Different styles by the top detail on the dress can be a make or break of the style you're going for. Make sure you choose ones that is timeless to your ever changing style. 

Peach Layered Dress

Shoot for Lucky Chouette features her in a muted coral layered midi dress underneath a three forths tee and chunky platform sandals. Styling a mix of grunge and soft, its best to choose between the two you want to keep as the "center" piece so that the accessories of other elements are more coordinated and cohesive. 

Square Neck Sage Dress

Everyone needs an aesthetic style dress that screams your kind of vibe just by the color. Ones in linen fabrics are the most budget friendly and accessible, particularly ones in solid colors works best for a really busy and attractive locations. 


Pink Knit Sweater 

Knit sweaters are a no brainer, styling them with bold colored eyeshadow though is an absolute serve. Its warm but also calm, as if the makeup was a creative outburst but the cardigan brings back the casual balance. Getting ones with a hint of color is all the rage as opposed to completely safe and neutral ones, especially since urban styles love color. 

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets is a staple for any person. Man or woman, she styles it very casually while strolling out with a black frayed denim skirt. Oversized jackets with mini skirts is an oxymoron many might find weird but the best of both worlds with letting the breeze out with your legs but also keeping warm is great especially since you can ditch the jacket anytime!

Beige Knit Cardigan

Beige knit cardigans are easy and light, perfect for travelling in the ocuntryside as the can be layered over anything. It's easy on the eyes as well in contrast to any outfit you have underneath. So Hee matched it with a denim top, messy hair and sling bag. Some outfits are just simply meant to be simple, these ones can help you get there. 


Distressed Black Denim Shorts

Black denim shorts have outlived its other colored kinds. The latest style has distressed detail in a longer length. Styling them with a crop top which shows off the midriff is a popular choice, but as worn by So Hee and a more general style, styling them with a high neck baby tee is a great alternative. The contrast in fit and flare is further accented with boots of an kind. 

Black Wide Leg Slacks

A cult classic for any photoshoot or anything close to urban looks, wide leg slacks are the perfect piece for literally any kind of top. Even with couture style blouses or high end bags, the opulent slacks helps to compliment the look, styling it sneakers doesn't make it look out of place as well. Such can be done with any kind of top and accessories though!

Beige Pleated Skirt

Any kind of checkered print pleated skirt is a must have have for any Korean theme anything. They're ubiquitous for everyday life, K-pop outfits, K-drama scenes, etc. Since associated with a youthful kind of vibe, a lay low kind of styling works best, they're also adaptable to any kind of aesthetic, finding the right color is the most crucial step. 

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