Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Go Eun

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Go Eun

The perfect work-life balance style from Kim Go Eun


A natural talent for acting, Kim Go Eun's stardom was prolled from her performance on the movie, A Muse landing her a Best New Actress Award. The actress has since then went on to star in multiple K-dramas and movies and has an impressive list of award nominations. Her soft and youthful visuals as described by fans has also had an enormous impact on her fashion influence. 

As seen on her Instagram, there are a healthy mix of high profile outfits and covers featured as an ambassador for Chanel. Even as such, you'll find her rocking the most everyday, easy on the eye, casual styles she rocks while at work or out there's a relatability factor in her choices. In this article, I'll go into the different looks she wears and breakdown subtle elements in her style to make it uniquely hers. 

Tops: Simple Style Necessities 

Knit Button Down Top

On set and cooling off, Go Eun wears a wool button down top. The understated top has the quintessential elements of the "simple and elegant necessities". Little buttons, perfect fit, neutral color paired with another shade of a neutral bottoms.  

Ribbed Top with Frill Sleeve

Another note on fabric and style, in looking clean and simple, opt for solid colors, whatever color it may be and find the corresponding element needed to add some texture, in this case it's a sleeve frill!

Sky Blue Polo Shirt

A smart casual top can talk for a whole outfit is everything leans on the casual side, and it'll still work! Matching a baby blue polo shirt she adds a New York Yankees to tone cap. 

Dresses: Editorial Styles

Tulle Dress

Posing unknowingly but still looking like an total vibe, she wears a beige midi tulle dress with cargo style jacket and most importantly a cap. Perfect mix of edge and balance makes the whole outfit look effortless. 

Black Chanel Dress

Rewinding to last year, when not casually rocking a refreshing style, Go Eun gets decked out in Chanel. This look features her in a duo textured dress with a bustier style along with gold jewels and blunt cut bangs. Going all out in style but keeping the baby face fresh. 

White Linen Midi Dress

Matching the energy of the sun, she wears a white midi dress with baby doll puff sleeves. The look is perfectly fit for a lot of East Asian style, not to mention the pointed ballet kitten heel, perfectly refined you wouldn't know if its her style or a set outfit!

Jackets: Casual Style Varieties 

Crop Crochet

Light on light colors while hanging with her pups, she matches a wide knit crochet cardigan with a white tank and light wash denim. Combination is fairly simple and no doubt easy on the eye. 

Denim Wool Jacket

Everyone needs that reliable 'lucky jacket' to throw on, in this case Go Eun goes for a light wash denim jacket with a fur collar in a drinking session, idols and K-actresses in particular also like to use caps as a staple accessory. 

Oversized Leather Jacket

Calmly flexing the Chanel purse, she matches it with an equally sign of opulence with a true oversized leather jacket and a fur bucket hat. Opting for a leather jacket in casual day is a humble flex. 

Bottoms: Light Wash Denim!

Printed Jeans 

A look into how she's styled, for this session she wears a patterned wash straight leg denim. The print is a light was creating shape and texture to a normal and plain pair of jeans to elevate any kind of look without appearing too jarring. 

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Light Wash Skinny Jeans

With the same shade of top, she wears a stunning light wash slim fit denim that compliments her body just as any good jeans should for any person, she matched it with a square tip heeled flats for more slimming effect, perfect for a city stroll!

Flared Distress Jeans

Performing once again, in case you didn't know the actress is a great singer, she wears a classic red red flannel tweed blazer, with light wash distressed denim jeans and gold ballet shoes. Perfect for an in-house events. 

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