Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Tae-Ri

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Kim Tae-Ri

An inside scoop on Kim Tae-Ri's off work and casual style

By: Julianne Babaran 

If you're a true fan or are familiar of the likes of the K-drama realm, undoubtedly you've heard of Kim Tae-Ri. Whether its Handmaiden or Little Forest or the newly released Twenty One Twenty Five, her talents have graced your screen at one point or another given their highly acclaimed status. 

Seemingly new in the scene, there's a lot more to Kim Tae-Ri starting with her style. More private than most, she shares glimpses of her personal style on her Instagram which you can find a good chunk of behind the scenes shots of her K-dramas. Nonetheless, we've compiled it for you right here. Read more what and how this breakout star styles herself. 

Tops: Effortlessly Soft 

Vintage Style Crewneck

Kim Tae-Ri's style revolves the casual aesthetic as she is. She wears crewneck tees, baby tees around the clock often on and off set whenever she can. In filming Twenty Five Twenty One, she often styled in a charming half up-do with go-getter youthful fits. 

Green Concept Prada

As a Prada Ambassador herself, you'll often catch her in chic and editorial outfits. Kim Taeri's style is fluid for colors and easy looking shapes instead of bold and skin showing looks. As a pre-look for Prada in Fashion Week 2022, she was styled in a bright apple green ensemble and matching jewelry. 

White Cotton Tee

A white tee concept, a light wool moment. She goes for timeless, basic and effortless tees. Simpler said than done but Kim Tae-Ri simply put is not showy with her fashion, especially when not necessary. Busy on set but simplifies her personal style, its a refreshing take on idol fashion. 

Dresses: A dose of Jumpsuits

Linen Box Jumpsuit

Another Prada moments on film, Kim Tae-Ri poses behind a beautiful floral art structure wearing a box shoulder linen pantsuit. In styling her slim and petite figure, it's best to create solid and easy on the eye shapes with your garments to attract more attention. 

Midi Dress

Stepping out in rare gem of an outfit, she wears a simple linen midi dress, with a blazer, chunky fur slides and a cap. The peak city and soft girl aesthetic without going to the extremes of each and just getting the sweet put together substance. Again the balance of mature, soft and simple. 

Military Green Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit for travel are especially rare to come by especially in the classic military green jumpsuit. Kim Tae-Ri wears them as she admires the sea styled in the classic jumpsuit with some vintage style sunnies, slides and bucket hand as accessory. 

Jackets: Best of Basics 

Black Hoodie

Black hoodies, the simple staple that is never second guessed. She wears one with an artistic text style sewn detail paired with a matching black knit beanie posing with the cutest pout. 

Light Bomber Jacket

The perfect throw on jacket especially for unplanned sight seeing adventures, she wears a light colored puff bomber jacket under her main clothes and added with a silk printed scarf. Either as an accessory or a substitute, it looks fab and almost unnoticeable. 

Navy Puffer Jacket

A staple in any cold climate is an oversized puffer jacket! Fit for her style of simple and useful, she paired the puffer jacket over her show outfit and it surprisingly matched and made the colors more contrast. 

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