Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Moon Ga-Young

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Moon Ga-Young

Actress by day, model by night Moon Ga-young's style is noteworthy for that high fashion look 

By: Julianne Babaran 

Recent K-drama breakout star Moon Ga-young has won the hearts and attention in her role in True beauty alongside Cha Eun-woo and Hwang In-youp. The German born idol born to South Korean parents has been starring in multiple K-dramas and shows since in 2006. Her performance and beauty goes beyond her day job realm as she sports fashionable outfits almost like a chameleon even amongst models.

Her feminine yet versatile style is well documented on her Instragram, showing love for Burberry, her casual style follows the same brown, warm and neutral tones as well a cool and hues. Never failing to look polished and well dressed. In this article, we listed the similar styles and silhouettes she rocks the most often in different articles of clothing to allow you to imbibe her same style. Let's bask in Moon's drop dead figure and style together. 

Tops: Clean and Simple Fitted 

Brown Knit Halter Top

Knit halter tops not only exude fashion with its high neck design but it great for layering on more stylish pieces on top. Whether its a printed coat or structured blazer, anything will fit seamlessly on top on below like Ga-young's neutral patched pants. 

White Smock Tube Top

Mostly famous in Asia for its feminine and breezy style, smocked blouses are all the rage. Wearing ones in lighter colors give the most refreshing and youthful look especially paired with dark wash jeans. It's perfect for daytime activities and photograph beautifully. 

Linen Black Vest Top

Linen tops have been all the rage now, but the most important thing to look out for it quality and fit. Here she wears a linen vest top that fits her body perfectly, a focus on clean cut and seamless edges. She pairs it with wide leg jeans and sneakers for that smart and going out look.  

Dresses: Timelessly Expensive

Crochet Baby Doll Midi Dress

For a taller height, midi dresses are fully yours to explore! Ga-young's off work is still upper class with the crochet detail but the accented pleated detail and neutral shade takes the dress up in so many levels. Not much jewelry, but a simple addition of a color complimenting bag and shoe. 

White Puff Sleeve Dress

East Asia loves the clean and youthful look, mostly maximizing white dresses as the main pieces. For a photoshoot, Ga-young wore a white fitted dress with tiered puff sleeve detail which gives off both mature and delicate look with the use of differing fabrics.

Ribbed Black Bodycon Dress

A perfect example of her 'model by night' look. Bearing the most classic necklines, with perfect mix of sultry and class. A form fitting dress calls for skin but not too much. Having it in darker colors and with jewelry no less, is a staple for any major event. 

Jackets: Classicly Practical

Argyle Cardigan

Always associated with the academia and the air of sophistication, argyle detailed jackets or cardigans have their own intelligencia realm. Known for her role in True Beauty its no shock to see this piece, but you don't need to be K-drama star to rock it. Ones in bold colors can be great center for slouchy outfit. 

Oversized Gray Pullover

In scenic scenes, dressing as you are (hoodies and pullovers) is perfectly acceptable. However if you want to take it up a notch let's again focus on the detail, getting ones with a puff sleeve, muted color in a matte finish is one of the things you can look out for. 

Thick Ribbed Knit Cardigan

Everyone needs that one jacket that provides the utmost warmth that builds to an outfit, isn't too distracting and doesn't occupy your whole outfit. A black ribbed knit cardigan works best for Ga-young, notice its not too big, not too thin either and is overall great for any more bolder pieces. 

Bottoms: Best Features take front seat

Gray Slacks

Talk about body goals! The right pair of slacks can bring our this best feature for anyone too. Paired with a light baby tee top, the bottoms take the cake (literally) for the center piece. Emphasis on the simple pairings, hair as accessory this simple look is practically a no brainer to be able to duplicate. 

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

We hope this look convinces you to come back to skinny jeans! Atleast dark wash jeans, hopefully. Not only are the super flattering for a figure show off day, they can make any look more expensive. Even just wearing a brown sweater and boots, the expensive taste can be sensed from a mile away. 

Black Slacks

For more editorial looks, black slacks are your best friend. With her outfit, notice the oversized shirt and sneakers, an otherwise unlikely combo, works seamlessly. Focus on simple colors and the shapes you can combine together. Ga-young's wavy hair never loses in most styles, especially used as an accessory. 

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