Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like BamBam from GOT7

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like BamBam from GOT7

GOT7, the group is made up of seven members who debuted with their first song “Girls Girls Girls” on January 20th, 2014, released four studio albums and a repackaged album with a total of ten music videos, and went platinum in Korea within the first month, is one of the biggest groups in K-pop history.

They have been idolized by countless fans and are widely adored for their sweet personalities and good looks, and we can't help but agree and relate to the feelings of Ahgase - GOT7 are just that great! Whether they’re playing basketball VLIVE broadcasts or showing off their amazing dance moves during stage performances, GOT7 is one of the most popular groups for a reason.

And one of the nice additions to that is their style. As today we are talking about Kunpimook Bhuwakul - his stage name is BamBam, let's dive into his fashion. Because if GOT7‘s BamBam hadn’t used his talents to become a K-Pop idol, his incredible visuals and ability to pull off any outfit could’ve easily carried him far as a model. 

However, in our opinion, his powerful presence on stage and the fact he is one of the top visual idols in the industry, BamBam is already a big fashionista and model we HAVE TO take inspiration from, so let's start our fashion guide.

Tank tops

But let’s go from simple to complex clothing, shall we? Let’s start with something that will definitely be in your wardrobe and this piece is… a simple black top! But don’t be fooled, this is actually one of the best clothes that can go perfectly with anything and spiced up with different things. For example, your own physique. It is obvious that thanks to the hard training, constant dance practice as well as visiting the gym, the members of GOT7 are fit and can show proudly off their muscles. And what can be better than a sleeveless top to do so? Nothing.

Well, even if you don’t want to show off your muscles and just sit at home like BamBam on his selfie with his lovely cat, a black T-shirt is definitely a choice for any occasion.


Clothing is definitely something that can show our personality but we can also express it through funny photos like this Instagram post of Bam where he confidently covered his face with a hood, wearing a white, actually milky white tracksuit with minimalistic print and phrases here and there. Stylish? Yes. Comfortable? For sure!


Speaking of the shirts that Bam Bam wears most often, we have two candidates for you. First, these are the simplest black shirts without any patterns, designs or prints, because honestly, with his face he doesn't need any extra details to look cool, and we suppose everyone agrees with this.

Simple accessories in the form of minimalistic bracelets and earrings, neat makeup - if you wear it - this is all you need to have to look good in a black button-down shirt.

The next type of shirts - again in black, which is his favorite color - is a simple turtleneck that goes perfectly with any bottom, but Bam usually prefers an all black outfit. Smart, minimalistic, and stylish.


But don't be fooled by his love of black, because in fact, he is not afraid to experiment with colors and designs. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a true fashionista, right? Bam Bam can be seen in absolutely incredible clothing combinations and fabulous poses in photos, like on this one he made while jumping. He confidently wore a multicolored green-blue-red sweater, pink pants, and black military boots with green soles, and we couldn’t get enough of this look when he posted it online!



Especially when it comes to going out or his activities as an idol, Bam Bam prefers interesting colors and textures. For example, in this photo with Seulgi he was wearing a dark blue corduroy jacket as a part of his fancy suit. This and many other fashion looks you could see during his promotion and debut as an solo artist. We and every ahgase out there were very so happy to see Bam Bam shine with his 4D personality and true talents that were exposed in his solo work and many collaborations with his idol friends.

However, there are not many events where you can wear a velvet blue suit, so as another option for jackets we offer you is Bam Bam’s our favorite Khaki bomber that will suit any look and keep you warm in colder days. Here, he styled it with an all black outfit.


Still, we can't help but mention Bam Bam's love for suits. But not simple and boring ones, and rather those with an interesting pattern as in the first photo with Mark, where he wore a suit in black gray tones and stripes with plain white sneakers. Another almost classic but still extravagant option is a fully plaid suit with yellow stripes, under which Bam Bam donned a black turtleneck and chose trendy black boots as shoes. Of course, he did not forget his favorite decorative glasses we will talk about in more detail later.


All the clothes he owns, even if they are ordinary jeans that everyone has, still have something unusual like a bunch of patches. So next time you go hunting for jeans, don’t look at the basic ones and try to find some with an interesting twist to them like a bunch of pockets, patches, a fun print - you got the ideas. Like that, you’ll definitely dress like Bam Bam.

However, if you prefer more casual and comfortable pants for daily wear, do not forget that Bam loves black. In all-black outfit like in the second photo, he posed with a cool sports car he owns thanks to all the hard work. He wore a simple black shirt with a big chain, black jeans and classic white keds.


Yes, you read everything right because BamBam is unrestricted by gender stereotypes and in one of his most recent posts, he appeared to fans in an insanely fashionable outfit that combined a classic black t-shirt underneath a black jacket, and had a long black pleated skirt as the bottom piece. Nowadays and actually always, clothing has never been defined by the gender of a person, and we are happy to see world stars like Bam Bam confidently wearing skirts and in no way it hinders his masculinity or whatever conservative people might think about.


You may have already noticed, but the most favorite pair of shoes for Bam Bam are sporty white sneakers that go well with any outfit. As you can see in the fun photo in - again - a jumping sequence, he wore a jumpsuit with a white top underneath, and his white sneakers really completed the look. Be versatile and free with your outfits, and pair them with sneakers - these are the shoes for the win.


Finally we got to the most Bam Bam thing you can have as a part of your outfit and of course it's glasses. He wears them all the time. He wears them anyway even when he doesn't need them practically, and that shows what a fashionista he is. Usually, Bam is caught wearing tinted glasses with orange lenses which you can see in a bunch of old and new photos from his Instagram profile.

His orange colored glasses come in completely different shapes and with different looks. They can be paired with both a bold bad boy look with chains and black t-shirts, but they can as well add some style to a simple everyday wear and like a black shirt and pants without any decor. However, we think they go best with a trendy sassy suit the one he wore during an event he attended with GOT7’s Mark, sipping wine in a plaid suit and orange glasses.


Summing up our analysis today, we can offer you two ideal options for how to dress like Bam Bam. First, choose an all-black look If you want to be ready for any event and look cool, just add some accessories like chains or glasses of your wish. Second, if you are just as bold fashionable and like to experiment with your outfits like Bam, then be sure to choose bright colors, bold combinations of interesting materials and designs, and simply stay true to yourself.

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