Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like BM From KARD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like BM From KARD

BM never fails to hype his fans in his sexy styles that make their jaw drop.

Kim Jin Seok or Matthew Kim, better known as "BM" which stands for Big Matthew, is the main dancer and lead rapper of KARD. Also, did you know that his mother is a clothes designer? Well, now it's no wonder why he looks fashionable and could rock any outfit. Below, we have gathered sets of his outfits to give you an idea of how you can emulate his styles.


Hugo Polo Shirt

BM knows how to make his fans scream their lungs out, as seen below he kept his Hugo Polo Shirt open, revealing his abs. Also, he paired this with a low-rise pants to show off his underwear which was also from Hugo.


Hugo Shirt

Meanwhile, below he showed off his sexy biceps by folding his black Hugo shirt which also helped unveil his muscles that make every girls drop their jaw.


White Burberry Shirt

Having a sexy and muscular frame, as well as unique visuals, it is not indubitable why BM caught the attention of many big brands like Burberry. As seen below, he rocked even a plain shirt from the said brand by pulling off a bucket hat that matches hi pant's design.



Baggy Denim Base

BM killed a 90s style by pulling a denim to denim outfit. But the baggy denim base from Balenciaga is what completed the look, making it edgy yet fashionable.


Black Denim Pants

While the highlight of the outfit is his Nike Mariners Jersey shirt, the black denim pants on the one hand helped make the fit more lit, as well as create a perfect balance.


Black Leather Pants

Leather pants are underrated nowadays but BM here showed us how to nail it. As seen on the image, he paired it with red leather jacket as well, making him look bolder.



Black Muscle Tee and Black Denim Pants

BM certainly wants her fans to go crazy as he once again showed off his sexy biceps by wearing a muscle tee which he paired with a black denim base. To create a perfect balance, he finished the look with a white sneakers.


White Coordinates

Who says formal attire doesn't look good when hitting a stage? Well BM shows us that they do great. As flashed below, he looked sexy despite being covered with his black polo layered with white coat with black print design. He also paired it with a pants that has the same design as his coat.


Oversized Shirt and Baggy Ripped Jeans

Chunky pairs aren't everyone's thing, but BM effortlessly slayed his oversized shirt paired with baggy ripped jeans. Also, these clothes allowed him to execute his moves comfortably.



Hugo Puffer Jacket

As the newest face of Hugo, it is just right for BM to wear one. Below, he pulled a puffer jacket but remained his sexy look by not wearing an inner top.


Balenciaga Hoodie

On his trip to Paris, he made sure to look fashionable by wearing a white Balenciaga hoodie paired with a baggy and stylish base to look iconic.


Kenzo Denim Jacket

Denim jacket are everyone's quintessential staple as they are simply classic. Meanwhile, below he pulled a 90s style by pairing his  Kenzo denim layered top with a denim base as well.



Black Beanie

In his more relaxed days, he opted for something simple like this black beanie to keep his head warm but still looking stylish.


Burberry Bucket Hat

Meanwhile, below he enjoys his luxurious moments as he pulled an all Burberry staples. But in elevating his winter outerwear, he throwed off a black bucket hat for a finer detail.


Isabel Marant Baseball Cap

Here, BM opted to look casual so he had only worn the most basic type of hats, a baseball cap from Isabel Marant.



White Sneakers

In Milan Fashion Week, he nailed an all-white fit. Since the theme is athletic, he paired his white ensemble with a white sneakers as well.


White Flat Sneakers

Below, BM showed us how to look like an oppa. A loose top like what he wears and a plaid base would make a difference, and a flat sneakers are the best choice to create a balance in the fit.


Black Leather Shoes

In his photoshoot, he paired his stylish navy green clothes with a black leather shoes, creating a navy-styled fashion.



Thick Chain Necklace

BM knows how to spice up her all black fit, as he paired it with a thick chain necklace for a more eye-popping effect.


Layered Necklaces

Meanwhile in the image below, he wants to look extra so he pulled a cross necklace layered with a chain necklace. If you noticed that both has contrasting size and that's the essential key in layering where one should be thinner than the other.


Here he opted for layered necklaces again, however, all of which are almost in the same size, and that is okay when the necklaces aren't too thick. Also, the necklaces made him look like a bad boy in his black oufit. 


If you wish to look like an oppa, but in a sexier way, surely this guide is for you.

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