Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bona From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bona From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

An award-winning Korean actress and WJSN’s all-arounder, Bona, has a very keen eye for details in fashion.

Kim Ji Yeon (김지연), mostly known as Bona (보나) is a member of WJSN also known as Cosmic Girls, and its subunit WJSN: The Black. In their main group, she is considered as WJSN's all-arounder due to her multiple skills that made her secured the roles: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, and Visual. Truly, she's a multitalented idol which no one could argue. In fact, she's also a prowess in acting, and already received her award in the field. In 2020, she was awarded as the best female-idol actress and best new actress for her show Homemade Lovestory. 

Moreover, she also gained several endorsements and modeling contracts for various brands due to her breathtaking beauty. With that, she earned more popularity and became famous internationally. But one thing that makes her standout aside from her almost perfectt tiny waist, is her finer attention to details in fashion. In truth, she could pull off any style she wants. That said, today we'll be diving deeper into her personal style and fashion sense to learn on how to dress like Bona from WJSN.


Knotted Tops

The photo below only speaks on how Bona has really the eyes for finer details. Here, she wears an oversized shirt, but she opt to give her fit a more detail by knotting her shirt on the back to make it look fitted and easily accentuate her slim waist. Also, she paired it with an A-line miniskirt to flaunt her hourglass feature. Hence, easily pulling off a basic chic style.


Knotted Varisty Shirt

Meanwhile, in this photo she throws off a sporty style, but to give her varsity shirt some fine points, she knotted it in-front to give it a touch of chic feels.


Tucked in Tops

While Bona likes to knot her top to unveil a sexy and chic aura, she also loves to tucked in her clothes to create various statements. For instance, in the photo below she opt for a boyish style by tucking her long sleeve polo in her denim jeans. Also, she kept her polo button close like how men usually wear this staples, then paired the fit with a crewcut socks and sneakers. Again, she kept every details precise in achieving her boyish look.


Tucked in Oversized Striped Long Sleeve

However, if you're not a fan of boyish style, worry no more, as she also knows how to pull off a more feminine look using the same method of tucking in. Here, Bona wears an oversized striped long sleeve polo embellished with a bow on collar to make it more girly. Then, to complete the dainty feminine look, she paired it with a skirt, creating a contrast version of the previous style.



Flowy Skirt

Bona is known for having a quiet fashion sense, and she likes to experiment unmatched top and bottoms to create a fashion forward look. For instance, in the photo below she wears a white flowy skirt which she matched with a crop top, creating contrast silhouettes. While the neutral shade of light gray and white matches, she opt for a bright shade on her footwear, and also paired her stilettos with crew socks. Thus, creating a very edgy style.


Loose Trouser

Loose or baggy trousers looks best with fitted tops to balance out all the silhouette in an outfit. However, Bona did the opposite by pairing her white loose trouser with an oversized long-sleeve polo layered with a knitted vest. Surely, this look is not common, but one thing is for sure, it's an edgy style that speaks for a unique statement.


Denim Jeans

Bona must have been a stylist in her previous life, as she knows how to mix and match style to create a unique but surely a fashion forward style. For example, we know that semi-formal coats goes well with black jeans or skirts. However, Bona surely enjoys her fashion game as she paired hers with a denim jeans which is definitely not common. But, certainly she slayed another original and edgy style.



Sparkly Mini Sheath Dress

Floor length gowns and dresses are surely the common staples among women in nighttime formal occasions. Bona likes to wear these types as well, but on this specific photo, she likes to pull a full glam by wearing this sparkly mini sheath dress that gives her a luxurious look.


Long Chiffon Gown

But in this photo, she opted for an elegant chiffon long gown in receiving her award for a certain drama, making her look more feminine and dainty.


Bodycon Chiffon Dress 

Here, she wears another chiffon gown but in a more fitted silhouette to accentuate her slim frame while showering herself with grace and elegance. Also, as the queen of details, she embellished herself with gold accessories to complete the look.



Striped White Coordinates

While Bona could easily pulls off a chic and sexy style with her performance attires, she also slays wearing androgynous staples like these matching blazer and pantsuits. On this specific photo, she wears a striped variation, but to add feminine touch she wear a sleeveless fitted tank as her inner top, and braided the right portion of her hair. Also, she embellished her fit with big chain necklace which add a bit of swag to her overall fit.


Violet Coordinates with White Inner Tube

But who says she can't pull off a chic style while wearing androgynous clothes? As flashed on the photo, she still kept her sexy aura while wearing a violet coat and a pants. Also, to elevate the overall fit, she chose to wear a black tank top. Although the colors were all dark, it still suits her as she has porcelain skin that shines so bright.


Red and White Coordinates

However, she looks best when wearing her favorite colors which are red and white. Although she was wearing the same pairs, the shade of red her makes her standout and the inner white top created a perfect balance in her overall style. 



Spaghetti Strap Fit and Flare Dress

Bona loves dresses whether she's relaxing, strolling around, or performing, you'll surely see her wearing one. On her more relaxed days, she wears a simple and plain type like this spaghetti strap fit and flare dress. She also opt for a messy bun to create a casual feminine look.


Floral Puff Sleeve Dress

Meanwhile in this photo, she wears a white floral dress embellished with some purple flowers and a puff sleeve to show off her delicate side. But, to add more details and balance, she paired her fit with a purple bag and a white stilleto shoes. Surely, this is the perfect look for a date so make sure to take note of this.


Clear Strap Denim Dress

Denim dresses are underrated, but they surely give a style statement. Here, Bona easily pulled a chic look by wearing a denim dress that has clear straps. The clear straps did well in creating an illusion as if the dress itself is strapless, making it look sexier. To give more details, she embellished it with a long necklace that is connected with the dress to make it appear as if it has sparkly straps.




During cooler months or rainy days, hoodie are surely everyone's go-to, as they provide an easy comfort to your body and head. Bona in particular, throws off a casual look by simply wearing a blue hoodie while having her ice coffee. Certainly, both of which gave her warmth and comfort.


Funnel Neck Jacket

While jackets primarily provide warmth and comfort, Bona could still create a sporty vibe out of just wearing a white funnel jacket embellished with stripes on sleeves. Also, the color and design match her jogger. Needless to say, she was wearing a matching top and bottom.


Oversized Jacket

Also, jackets, specifically the oversized ones, are best when pulling off a cold-weather street style fashion just like what Bona wears. Then, she added a black beanie to give the style a detail while keeping her head warm. Pairing these with loose base or fitted shorts would complete the whole look.



Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are surely popular among hats. They are the ultimate trendsetter as they look good on any outfit. Bona likes to pair them on any fit, but on this photo, she specifically paired it with her chic style, and opted for the black shade to match with her footwear, and thus create a perfect balance.



But on her relaxed days, she loves to wear beanie to keep herself cozy and match her loose yet comfy clothes.


Beret Hat

For a more classic feels, Bona chose beret to give herself either a touch of sophistication or achieve a Parisian chic style like what the photo shows below. As the queen of finer details, she match the shade of her beret to her top and she specifically chose neutral shades to maintain the balance in her fit.



Preppy-Girl Shoes

Bona wears variety of footwear as she likes to match them with her fit to either create a new statement or maintain a balance. However, in this photo, Bona certainly went for a Parisian chic look with a touch of edgy style to create a unique classic statement. As seen on the photo, she wears a preppy-girl shoes and paired it with a brown socks which is edgy and unusual as these shoes are mostly worn with white ones. 


Stiletto Heels

If Bona is not an idol, she could probably be a fashion stylist or designer due to her impeccable fashion sense and skills. Certainly, she's one of the trendsetter among edgy and fashion forward styles, and her outfits just like the mentioned ones on this article and the photo below speak for this truth. Here, Bona matched her eclectic fit with stiletto heels paired with black socks that gives a touch of edgy style. Overall, the look created a new statement.



But when she's out of cameras, she prefers to throw off a basic casual style like what is being flashed on the photo. Here, she wears a half-shoe, letting her feet breath but still maintaining the style alive. 



Bona loves to embellish her overall fit with accessories to give sparks and details, and among her accessories, earrings are her favorite. Whether she's on stage or just enjoying her self, you would never miss an earring on her beautiful ears. Also, she specifically loves the flowy ones.

Dangle Earrings

Here she wears a silver dangle earrings embellished with crystal that matched her necklace. Also, the two accessories gave her a more sparks which surely help focus the attention on her while performing as they would surely shine when strike by a light.


Meanwhile in this photo, she wear a rectangular dangle earrings embellished with mini crystals that gives more sparks, giving her fit more glam and elegance.


Chandelier Earrings

But when Bona opt for a full glam look, she wears the chandelier type of earrings like this one on the photo below. This type of earrings easily adds a brilliant glimmer to her fit, while at the same time helped accentuate her gorgeous face even more.


Details are very important in fashion isn't it? Surely, after reading this article you were able to grasp some ideas on how to work with your style and fit to give your look a more finer details, and dress like WJSN's ace, Bona. Read the rest of WJSN to improve your knowledge about other fashion styles more.

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