Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Changbin From Stray Kids

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Changbin From Stray Kids

Calm and Collected style curated by Changbin 


Team rapper, vocalist and producer it would be an understatement to say the idol has his hands full. Touted as one 4th gen's most talented rappers, Changbin shows of his other musical prowess as a producer as well both for the group and their sub-unit 3RACHA with group member Bang Chan and Han, with his pseudonym as Spear B. Normally not taking the scene in the limelight the idol is hard to find on the group's Instagram page.  

When seen however, the star shares casual and fun pics of himself. With muscle toned features his casual style revolves mostly around accentuating his shoulders. And finding the balance between refined and casual. 

In this article, I will show example of his most frequent style elements he rocks for you to emulate. 

Tops: Toned down Retro 

Retro Stripe Polo Top

For styling tops that are a bit more than casual, Changbin is often seen in collared tops in variety. Mostly going for one's in bolder colors and patterns. His go-to to pair such tops are skinny jeans with platform sneakers. 

UK Tee

For more casual events, he opts for the classic crewneck tee, usually plain or consisting of an artistic element. With the ripped jeans combo, he adds on necklaces and a cap for added elements such as this Adidas Blue Cap to go with the tee. 

Tight Knit Cream Sweater

For softer and more casual looks crewneck sweaters with a wide shoulder or scrunched up sleeves work best. Again not forgetting the elements of jewelry for simpler tops.  

Jackets: Refined Basics

Green Hoodie

No explanation needed, Changbin wears a variety in gray, black, green and blue. But his go-to style of choice for jacket stage outfits are black bomber jackets.  

Stripe Collar Pullover

Another example of dressed up collared tops is this wide stripe black and white knit pullover. The collar and pattern makes it appear dressed up but the fit and fabric makes it slouchy and comfortable. 

Classic Denim Jacket

Classic Denim Jacket has different kinds of fit. Binnie wears ones that are cropped, have a dropped down shoulder and wide collar shape to accentuate his upper body figure.   

Bottoms: Figure Flatttering 

Black Pants

Not often seen in straight leg pants, casual wear he opts for ones in a more relaxed fabric, pairing it with crewneck sweaters, his go-to white sneakers and cap of choice to color coordinate with his top. 

Slim Fit Slacks

A classic Korean slacks fit featuring a high waist and slim but-not-snug fit on the legs. With the long sleeve BTD it may seem dressed up but he matched it with a shoulder bag and sneakers for a more street style flare. 

Skinny Denim Jeans

And his most frequent style jeans are blue skinny jeans with whiskering detail and ripped element. For any kind of top, he mostly styles them with high cut sneakers with a platform detail to balance his upper body proportions. 

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