Photo credits: Saint Breeze

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Cheng Xiao From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Photo credits: Saint Breeze

Cheng Xiao is living as a fashion stylist of herself in unveiling her best features.

Cheng Xiao (程瀟) is one of the Chinese members of WJSN. Specifically, she's their main dancer, sub-vocalist, center and visual. It's no doubt that she's one of in the visual lines of the group especially when she have both beautiful and charming looks. Besides, she knows how to accentuate her visuals as she's great in pulling off any style. In truth she's the own stylist to herself. Thus, proves that you can be your own stylist, as long as you're confident enough to pull of any clothes, experiment various style, and have the courage to wear them. Of course, it would be a waste of time if you do not have the guts to wear the style you've created in your head. Remember, it'll remain a thought if you wouldn't express it and no one would appreciate it. Hence, today we would boost that self-esteem by presenting Cheng Xiao's fashion styles and discuss along with each outfit how she manage to become a stylist of her own.


Knotted Shirt

While shirts are mostly plain and basic, styling them would do magic in transforming not only their look, but your overall fit. One of the popular styling techniques among ladies is “knotting” as this could make the shift look fitter and sexier. Here, Chengxiao knotted her plain black shirt and hide the knot inside to add more style. Certainly, it made her simple look into chic style.


Tucked Shirt

But no one would argue that tucking in is the most popular styling techniques among shirts. Both men and women often do this when they prefer not to wear the shirt casually. Also, this is the easiest way of styling the shirt, where you can adjust it depending on your preferences. Some prefers it to look fitted, but Chengxiao loves to leave space and make it look a bit baggy when tucking her shirt as flashed below. However, if you would layer your shirt, you have to fully tucked your shirt to make it appear fitted. Hence, the layer would go well and look good.


Oversized Shirt

Every women has an oversized shirt in their wardrobe. Simply because it’s an essential staple that can be worn alone or layered, and pull any style. However, Chengxiao loves to wear her plain oversized shirt alone to make it look like a dress. To achieve that she paired it with shorts that became hidden due to the length of the shirt. Hence, creating every ladies’ go-to style.



Pencil Miniskirt

Skirts are very versatile base that every women loves especially when opting for a more feminine touch. Here, Chengxiao wears a gray pencil miniskirt which she paired with her plain shirt. She also tucked her shirt to easily highlight her curves. Meanwhile the skirt itself easily shown off her long legs while the boots paired with crew socks added a touch of elongating effect more.


Denim Miniskirt

Here, we present another type of skirt, a denim miniskirt that gives a vintage feels. As flashed on the photo, Chengxiao wears a button down denim miniskirt which effortlessly looked good with her layered top. Whatever your top is, denim miniskirt would still go well, and opting for this for whatever agenda you have would make you stylish and feminine.


Pleated Miniskirt

The most iconic skirt is definitely the pleated ones which became in vogue due to K-pop and K-drama industry. These were mostly worn by K-pop idols and a signature uniform in every K-drama, which fans surely found cute. Here, Chengxiao is obviously dressed as a high school student as her caption speaks so. Basically, she tried imitating the Elite’s school uniform which she easily achieved by wearing this pleated miniskirt topped with layered coat.



White Tube Gown

Gowns never go out of style in every formal events, as they look lavish, refined, and sophisticated. One who wears them would surely look like a princess even just for a night. To give you some ideas, let’s take use of Chengxiao’s gown. For the first picture, she wears a white long tube gown which gave her grace and elegance. To focus highlighting her shoulders, she tied her hair and put some accessories to embellished it. Surely, besides Chengxiao being a Chinese, the dress itself made her looked like a modern Chinese princess.


Sequin High-Slit Gown

Here, Chengxiao pulled for a more glamorous look by wearing this silver sparkly sequin high-slit gown. When you wear this on any formal events, you’ll surely caught everyone’s attention as you would not only look ravishing, but very sparkly enough to make standout. While this gown if perfect for stilettos or any heels, Chengxiao did an opposite that made it quiet edgy by wearing a white ankle boots. This is definitely eclectic but it’s her fashion statement after all. However, if you opt for full-feminine and grandeur look, again, stilettos and heels are advisable


Formal Coordinates

Meanwhile, if you’re going to corporate events, nothing is better than a formal coordinates. They are the easiest staple that would help you look professional when presenting during business meeting, seminars, conferences, and the like. One example is what Chengxiao wears below, a formal coat and pants. While gray and black are the common shades for these coordinates, Chengxiao opt for a tan beige color which is quiet classic and different. Also, Chengxiao wear a blouse as her inner top and knee-high booties which is obviously overpowered the formal touch of the coordinates. But, to prevent overpowering it, polo and leather shoes is advisable.



Neutral Shades Chic Ensemble

Going for chic ensemble when dancing or performing is great especially when you’re a lady dancer. This would unleash a feminine side of yours easily especially when the theme of your dance is girlish. For instance, in this photo of Chengxiao, she looks bold with her paired tops: a black and white square embellished tube and a cropped coat, which she matched with a gray pleated skirt. The color of gray balance all the neutral shades of her fit’s palette, and thus make the look more polished and clean to look at.


Mini Coat Dress and Shorts with Thigh Belt

Dress could also be a dance attire just like this mini coat dress of a Chengxiao below. She looks sexy and cool with it, and since it has a slit on the side, she paired it with shorts that has thigh belt which appears well when she execute her dance moves. In addition, that’s a good point when wearing mini dresses with or without slit, as shorts would help you from feeling risqué and whatever dance move you’ll perform, they wouldn’t see your undies when you wear a shirt underneath your dress.


Fitted Long Sleeve and Jogger Pants

But if you would like the viewers to focus on your moves, especially the judges if you ever join a dance competition, opting for simpler chic ensemble would do magic. Here, Chengxiao wears a black fitted long sleeve and semi fitted jogger. The shade of black easily highlights her slim figure as the shade itself adds illusion in one’s body mass. But, Chengxiao here has already sexy frame and thus the black shade makes her look slimmer and curvy. Meanwhile to elevate her outfit a little without having to add anything, she just cuffed one side of her jogger. Although this look is primarily for dance training, it can also be worn in stage as audience would surely focus on your dance moves on which this outfit would play a big part in making you comfortable. Hence, move easily.



Cream Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress

Bodycon dresses works well in accentuating one’s body frame. Whether you’re petite or thicc, they work well In either showing off your slim frame or sexy curves. Here, Chengxiao flaunts her petite frame easily by wearing a cream sleeveless bodycon. The dress was embellished with tiger lines-like print, making it more appealing. But, to add more details, Chengxiao put a detachable collar, and finished it off with knee-high chunky boots for an elongating effect.


Black Off Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress

Here she wears an LBD, primarily a black off shoulder bodycon mini dress which, again, highlighted her hour-glass body. She also opt for an all-feminine style by pairing her dress with a pointed heel shoes.


Floral Mini Dress

This floral mini dress isn’t a bodycon like the previous ones, but it is definitely perfect for your summer look. As flashed below, Chengxiao throw off a floral mini dress with trumpet hemline to make it look a little bit flowy. The dress isn’t fitted nor tight to allow your body to move freely while relaxing. There’s no definite silhouette to accentuate any part of your body, but it certainly gives a fresh look.



White Button Up Lamb Wool Coat

Slaying during cooler months never goes wrong with any coats, but lamb wool ones are thicker, and thus provide more warmth and comfort. One concrete example is what Chengxiao wears below. Basically, it’s a white button up lamb wool coat that looks so comforting and fashionable. Here, Chengxiao still look cool and stylish despite wearing thick layers.


Printed Oversized White Jacket

But if we’re talking about girls’ go-to jacket, the oversized ones are absolutely the answer. Despite being bulky, they easily flatter every lady who wears them. For example, Chengxiao’s which quiet lengthy. Hence, created an illusion of the jacket looking like a mini dress. So, if you would like to throw off the same chic style of Chengxiao’s, it’s better to choose the biggest size and opt for mini shorts to hide it under your jacket easily.


Cream Knitted Cardigan

In terms of layering, cardigans are certainly the perfect staples especially if you don’t want to look so bulky and feel hot. For instance, Chengxiao’s cream knitted cardigan, it’s not too thick and since it’s knitted, it makes you comfortable. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about sweating, as this fabric could absorb it. Most importantly, knitted cardigans work well in layering any staples, may it be a crop top like Chengxiao’s, shirt, dress and the like.



Black Beret Hat

The essential French accessory is obviously dominating not only France, but also among every celebrities and even commoners. The reason primarily lies on the fashion statement it give. Here, Chengxiao looks classic on her plain black beret that compliments her smile chic outfit while strolling around the city.


Bucket Hat

In terms of street style fashion, bucket hat are one of the necessary accessories. But, even without going for the said style, you can still pair them with anything and look easily cool. As flashed below, Chengxiao wears a leopard print bucket hat and effortlessly looked ubercool despite wearing plain staples.


Baseball Cap

However, if both of the mentioned hats aren’t your thing, a baseball cap is a great alternative. It’s iconic and goes well with any outfit. In the photo below, Chengxiao paired her outfit with white baseball cap that gives a little cover to her face while she’s having her meal outside. As an idol, privacy is surely important and by wearing this kind of cap, you’ll surely feel at peace. But even if you’re not an idol, you can still wear baseball cap to elevate your look more.



Plain White and Black Boots

Plain shoes are good when matching a playful top or staples with embellishment to create a perfect balance and avoid overdoing your fashion statement. As seen on the image, Chengxiao wears a mini dress embellished with crystal overall, and some feather-like on top. So, she opt for plain footwear to balanced her out, and primarily choose black and white boots. These boots are also good for skirts, pants or shorts since they’re versatile and doesn’t have embellishments.


Playful Color Flat Shoes

Playful colors among shoes are surely underrated, as most people opt for neutral shades. But, Chengxiao wants to prove everyone that playful colors also look great. Here, she wears a the most icon shoes of Vans in the shade of bright yellow. To compliment the shoes, she had worn a rainbow belt. Most importantly, to look polished, she opt for blue and white tie dye, a white short, and a gray and blue crew socks. Surely, she tries to look iconic.


Multicolor Shoes

But if we are really talking about what’s being iconic, the photo below is definitely the answer. Obviously, Chengxiao went for multicolor shoes and socks to level up her fashion game. As seen belo she wears a pink and blue flat shoes on which she paired it with the same color for socks alternately for a more fun twist. Surely, you’ll gain everyone’s attention when you wear these pair outside. But it’s essential to note that, plain and simple staples should be match with these to avoid looking ridiculous.



Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

Whether you’re having a weekend trip, walking on the sea shore, or strolling around during sunny days, sunglasses are perfect to protect your eyes from the bright rays of sun. Here, Chengxiao wears a black sunglasses primarily the cat eye frame. Although she was merely protecting her eyes from the sun, the cute and iconic shape of the frame added more style to her outwear fashion. It also flattered her small oval face. But, even without having the same face shape as hers, there are various cat eye glasses that would surely suits you and easily elevate your look.


Transparent Green Cat Eye Sunglasses

Here we feature another green cat eye glasses, it’s bigger and has different shade. Obviously, Chengxiao once again aimed at completing and balancing her palette by pairing her green coordinates with transparent green cat eye sunglasses, which gave her a more iconic look. You could certainly adapt this style and choose a shade of your choice in creating your aesthetic and cool style with these cat eye sunglasses.

Photo credits: Kpopping

Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses

Gradient cat eye sunglasses can also be one of your choice in creating a chic A+ look. As seen on the photo, Chengxiao easily spiced up her chic outfit by wearing this gradient cat eye sunglasses. The gradient hue give an ubercool effect, and the frame itself helped accentuate her oval face shape more.

Photo credits: Kpopping

After diving deeper in Cheng Xiao's fashion styles we're sure you now have an idea of how to be a stylist of you own. But, to hone your knowledge more, we suggest that you read her co-members articles as well: Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sDayoung'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's.

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