Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chenle from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chenle from NCT


Serving his good looks and talent, NCT member Chenle will definitely amaze you with his cool out fits!

NCT Chenle is a Chinese singer that is based in South Korea he is famously known as one of the members of the famous boy group NCT under SM Entertainment.  Chenle is also a member of the sub units, NCT Dream and NCT U. Being known as one of the most talented of the group, Chenle also slays in his fashion outfits. His charismatic aura gives more beauty in his outfits.

Chenle is now making his name in the fashion industry as their group continuosly being known around the world, so id you want to dress like him and look cool and dreamy this blog is totally for you!

This blog will help you to look like NCT Chenle!


TOPS: Simple and Comfortable

Blue Stripe Shirt

Nothing can beat of stripe shirt like NCT Chenle wearing, he really gives the boyfriend material looking with this shirt and made every hearts skip for a second. This kind of shirt gives a casual look and at the same time it give a more comfortable feeling while wearing it. It is perfect to pair with your jeans pants to make it more aesthetic, you can also pair it with your chosen shorts to make you look more causal and have he summer vibe outfit. See more strip shirts here.



If you are looking for something attractive to look at the this polo is perfect for you. Wearing this polo with medium prints gives Chenle a cool and handsome aura. This kind of polo is perfect to pared with fitted jeans and your favorite white sneaker. This top will definitely give you a more K-pop idol vibe while wearing this. See more polo here


Graphic Polo Long Sleeves 

If you are looking for something exciting and fun to wear well maybe you should try this graphic long sleeves. Chenle is wearing a comic graphic polo shirt and it is really attractive to look at. The style and even he design is so cool. It is also perfect for your casual outfits also like NCT Chenle. See more graphic long sleeves here




Fitted Denim Pants

Black fitted pants will aways be the best if you want to have the vibe of swaggy outfit. Well this type of pants really captivates our attention and aside from that is is very fashionable to wear and to be paired with other tops and shouse you have. 

As you notice many K-pop idols are wearing this kind of pants especially when they are performing on stage that is why many fans wears his kind of pants too. See more black fitted denim pants here



Neutral Color Baggy Pants

Well we all want to dress aesthetically, this kind of pants is one of the best pants that you should try also. The vibe it gives is really expensive and very casual to look at. It is perfect to Pair with your oversized shirt and jackert also. See more baggy pants here



Jogger Pants

When it comes to swag outfits, jogger pants will be always present! It is really perfect for you daily outfit especially in your sporty day schedule like NCT Chenle. It will be always good to be paired with oversized shirts and a pair of sneakers. See more jogger pants here



JACKETS: Warm and Fashionable 

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are known as very fashionable and at the same time will give you a swag aura in your outfit. This kind of jacket is perfect for your night out parties or strolls or eve on your casual occasions.

Chenle partnered his bomber jacket with his black graphic tee that makes it look more cool and amazing o look at also it really looks like sophisticated. See more bomber jackets here.



Dyed Hoodie Jacket

Well the supremacy of this unique and cool jacket will always gives you a more aesthetic vibe. Like Chenle he used to wear this kind of jacket too and you can see it really looks amazing and cool to look at. 

This kind of jacket is perfect to be paired on any available bottoms you have and will surely will make your outfit look stunning among others. See more dyed hoodie jacket here.



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