Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Cho-Rong From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Cho-Rong From Apink

Apink's Chorong has the polished leader look even in everyday fashion

By: Julianne Babaran

Leader, and almost all around, Chorong is the epitome of feminine girl boss energy. Growing up learning Hapkido, who would've thought the talented younger Chorong would become an idol? Auditioning first in JYP, then in Cube she ended up in IST Entertainment and debuted in Apink in 2011. Even in this role, she exceeded expectations as she writes a good number of the b-side tracks for the group. 

Her doll and innocent expressions compliment her feminine and clean cut look. Normally dawning conservative fits, she's got the dainty vibe look down in different types of outfits. 

Read more to see her common styles in different articles of clothing. 

Tops: Ribbed Tops, Long Sleeve Blouses, Off Shoulder Blouses

Blue Square Neck Ribbed Top 

Ribbed fabric in any style is great for running errands, square neck styles are simple and casual. It goes perfectly with any kind of bottoms, like Chorong who paired it with jeans and added dainty jewelry. 

Red Halter Top

Who said athletic and active wear is only for dry fit fabric? In a photoshoot for a sports mag, she wore a red ribbed halter top with cut out detail. Small cut outs are not easy found in fast fashion thus giving an elegant element. 

Blue Long Sleeve Knit Blouse

Long sleeve blouses are amongst out fave, they're classy yet playful. Ones in solid color with an elaborate style is as a close a statement piece in a conservative place like Korea. Such tops are best paired with midi length skirts or pants. 

Pink Fur Blouse Top

Similar to the previous top, one is different fabric look elegant and playful especially in more bold colors such as a bright pink. Elegant but simple tops such as these go best with simple light wash jeans. 

Yellow Off Shoulder Top

Light colored tops are so beautiful and delicate, like this off the shoulder with tier detail. Most blouses go for print but getting ones shaped with stitching is a good option for a cleaner look. 

Pink Chiffon Frill Top

 Chiffon is coming back thanks to all the Y2K trends, they truly are the best fabric when styling a delicate and printed look. especially in colors like pink, green, blue and purple, they deliver the delicateness overall. 

Dresses: Puff Sleeve Baby Doll, Knee Length, Slip Dress

White and Blue Floral Dress

Blondes do it better, in this case, such can be said with styling puff sleeve dresses. Chorong went with low cut white sneakers, and styled her hair in a low pony. The few colors of white, blue and brown make for an easy on the color palette. 

Pink Floral Wrap Dress

Bold printed dresses need no more than a good pair of heels, Chorong opted for a black heel with ruffle detail to add a solid simple shape in contrast. 

Crisp White BTD Dress

A good white BTD dress is never a bad purchase, let alone a crisp one! Chorong wore this crip white BTD dress for MC. The wide neck is great way to show off your clavicle and wear a statement necklace, its the perfect canvas for adding any kind of jewelry and hairstyle.  

Sheer Floral Dress

Classic K-fashion has this very look. Dainty dress with one sided wavy hair and drop earrings. Chorong killed the look sticking to the key and classic elements. 

Slip Dress

Perfect time to plug in slip dresses once more! They're an underrated choice for errands but they are not cumbersome as some would say and layering will look utmost  natural and easy. She paired it with a white tee and sneakers for a more dressed down look and it looks picture perfect. 

White Lace Camisole Dress

Exhibit B. You can get the dainty look of a camisole even when layering. Picture context for sign language and giving thanks to medical professionals. 

Bottoms: Mini Skirts, Light Wash Denim 

Black Mini Skirt with Thick Belt Detail

In order to make a mini skirt appear shorter without that being the case, adding layers such as a thick belt creates that illusion. Pairing it with a dresses up but grunge chic with the vest and combat boots pair. 

Black Skirt with Jewel and Ruffle Detail

Pencil skirts are for the girl bosses, for a performance outfit, Chorong wore one with an elaborate and bold ruffle detail lines with jewel detail to add a nice flare. 

Light Wash Denim Jeans

 Appearing in radio shows translates to a casual look for normal people, for this Chorong went for a block print cardigan top and light wash denim jeans and colored sneakers to compliment the colors on her top. 

Straight Leg Denim with Slip Detail

Light wash denim goes best with pastel sweater tops. In this case a fur coat! Light wash denim and colors look great in well lit areas at night.

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