Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dayoung From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dayoung From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Photo credits: Starship Entertainment

Dayoung's fashion sense is definitely jaw-dropping for it consistently help her unveil and flaunt her sexy and sophisticated aura

Besides WJSN's vocalist, Im Da Young (임다영) is also the mom of the group due to her good cooking skills. Hence, there is no doubt why she was given "mom" as her nickname. But, what she's also good at is dolling herself up. It is indubitable that Dayoung doesn't only has a great visuals, but also possess a sexy aura which she surely loves to flaunt using her skills in styling herself. If she is not a full time idol, she could probably be a model or even a fashion stylist due to her fashion skills. She never fails to look gorgeous, sophisticated, and sexy with whatever outfit she pull, and that's all credit to herself. But, she looks best when pulling a chic outfit as this help unveils her hour-glass figure which most of us are surely dreaming of.

However, even without having the same body frame as hers, you could still totally flaunt your curves, which is why today we would help you achieve that by revealing how Dayoung styles her jaw-dropping outfits.


Spaghetti Strap White Crop Top

Crop tops are the most essential staples that you could find in every women’s wardrobe. They have great silhouette that flatters any body as they are also versatile. Most importantly, they are easy to style. For instance, Dayoung easily thrown off a casual chic look by simply wearing a white spaghetti strap crop top, paired with high waist wide leg pants and white sneakers to balanced out the fit. High waist base are good when you feel like you don’t want to show off your waist or belly.


Gray Cropped Tank

But if you want to flaunt the narrowest part of your torso, and flex that flat belly of yours, going for crop tank top is a great choice. As flashed below, Dayoung effortlessly flexed her hour glass body by simply wearing a gray crop tank top. The silhouette of the tank top flatters her curves. Also, she paired it with a low-rise shorts that helped accentuate her slim waist more and at the same time, revealed her sexy aura.


Black Cropped Long Sleeve

However, if sleeve less tops aren’t your thing, worry no more as there’s also a long sleeve variation of crop top just like what Dayoung wears. Obviously, she went all black to unveil her personality and underline her sexy and clever look. Also, if you don’t like pairing a long sleeve crop top with a pants, skirts and shorts are also ideal and great alternatives. Skirts give a more feminine touch, while shorts gives a sexy aura.



Low Rise Micro-Mini Denim Shorts

No one would disagree that shorts easily provide sexy look. Not to mention that they also flatters and instantly flaunts one’s legs. If paired with right footwear, they create an illusion of elongating your legs more. As flashed below, Luda obviously pulled off a sexy look car show outfit by wearing a fitted crop top paired with a low-rise mini shorts. The silhouette of the fitted shorts gave more details in accentuating her curves, while the knee-high boots flattered and elongated her legs more.

High-Waist Denim Shorts

But if opting for an elegant chic look, opting for high-waist shorts is better. It helps prevent someone from feeling very conscious especially when wearing crop tops. As seen below, Luda pulled off a chic look but still remained the elegance feels by pairing her denim shorts with a handkerchief crop top layered with a slightly transparent blazer.

Navy Blue Cotton Paper Bag Shorts

Aside from chic and sexy styles, shorts also do well in pulling off a comfortable sporty style. Luda’s style below for instance is an example of this. As seen on the photo, she had worn a cotton paper bag shorts. The cotton fabric is very comforting and smooth, and it’s good for running, strolling or for working out. Then, she paired her shorts with an inner tube layered by a crop jacket, and matched with a sneakers, creating a sporty yet cozy look.



Asymmetrical Black Dress

Asymmetrical dresses brings back the old fashion style as their origins can be traced back in 1970s. The cut of these dresses are surely eye-catching which is why most celebrities wear this type of gowns or dresses in any formal attire, may it be a party, gala, or ceremonies. Dayoung, in particular pulled off a sophisticated look in her awarding ceremony by wearing a black asymmetrical dress which flatters her complexion. Then, she paired it high heels sandals to complete the chic but elegant look. Surely, when you wear this type, you’ll easily gained attention and thus leave impression to everyone.


Shiny Powder Blue Floor Length Dress 

But, if this ain’t your type, fitted floor length gowns or dresses are great alternative especially when you’re going to prom, just like what Dayoung wears.

Black Polkadots Skort Dress

Elevating your office look, team building outfit, or business meeting never goes wrong with skort dress. This dress comes in different designs and hues, so it’s important to choose the appropriate ones to still follow the dress code for formal attire. For instance in the photo below, Dayoung wears polka dots skirt dress with long sleeves. But the polka dots are small and are evenly spread to prevent looking informal. To complete the look, she paired hers with a black strap stilettos.



White Coordinates: Tweed Cropped Long Sleeves, Jogger Pants, and White Sneakers

Mix and matching staples to create a dance costume or attire is probably common. But, going for coordinate staples gives a more clean and polished look, hence preventing the viewers from being distracted. To give you an idea, take a look on the following dance outfits of Dayoung. In the first photo, she pulled off a neat swag style which is perfect for dancing hip-hop. Specifically, she had worn a white tweed crop jacket to add a little feminine touch. To complete the look she matched it with a loose jagger pants paired with sneakers. Surely, this outfit would allow you to move freely and execute your dance moves well.


Black Coordinates: Layered Top, Shorts, and Leather Knee-High Boots 

But in matters of performing on stage, elevated coordinates are ideal as they are attractive and gives you a plus points if you’re joining a dance competition. Here, Dayoung wears a black tube top which she tucked under heat lace shorts, and layered it with lace cropped bolero to add more details. To make it more chic and appealing, she completed the look with black leather knee high boots.

Stylish Coordinates: Tube, Asymmetrical Skirt, and Knee-High Boots

Dayoung’s stylist can be more creative and unique in dolling up the idol. The photo below shows an original and very artistic dance coordinates. For her top, she wears a spaghetti strap crop top embellished with belt-like on both sides and chain-like accessories in the middle. Then, her stylist paired it with an asymmetrical skirt which has the same design with her top. To finish the fierce look, she had worn a tie strap knee-high boots that flatters and elongates her legs more.


Little Black Dress or LBD

Have you heard of LBD? Or it seems new to you? Well, as a lady, it’s a must have. LBD or long black dress is a versatile dress in the shade of black which was introduced by Coco Channel. Anyone who wears it would be surely showered with elegance and timeless style. Dayoung for instance looks magnificent in her LBD. The crystal embellishment made the look expensive as well. Hence, this dress can be for formal events, or any casual plans.


White Micro-Mini Spaghetti Strap Dress

Meanwhile if you’re into fashion forward style, going for this edgy staple, primarily this micro-mini dress worn by Dayoung below can be one of your choices. It’s spaghetti strap also shouts for sexy look. But, if you feel too revealing, layering it with a jacket is advisable. Also, wearing stockings is ideal to avoid feeling risqué and at the same time add flairs to the fit.


White Flowy Midi Dress 

But, if you’re really conservative, midi dress are the perfect choice. As seen on the photo, Dayoung looks relax in her white midi flowy dress which accentuate her delicate side. This is perfect for outdoor picnic or dates, or you’re just simply strolling around a park like Dayoung.


Striped Button Down Sweater

Staying cozy in style never goes wrong with button down sweaters. Although they look good with layering, they also do great when worn alone. For instance the photo below shows Dayoung wearing striped embellished button down sweater, paired with fitted black jeans which balance the silhouettes in the fit. Also, opting for regular fits like what she wears is better to avoid looking bulky and still achieve a chic look like Dayoung.

Oversized Fur Jacket

But oversized ones could also create a cozy yet chic look as long as you styled them right and opt for the right fabric. As seen below, Dayoung wears a fur oversized jacket that gives a lavish feels as these fabric are quite expensive. Then, she paired it with a boyfriend denim jeans. To spice up the style, she accessorized herself with layered necklace and small sling bag which add an extra feminine touch.

Oversized Knitted Jacket

While fur jackets are stylish, knitted ones also slays. They’re not only smooth but comes in different variation. For instance, the oversized one just like what Dayoung wears. She achieved a hot chic style in a cold weather by pairing hers with a high waist white pants and knee-high boots. Surely, you’ll definitely melt the ice on the road when you wear this kind of outfit.



White Fabric Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are perfect when covering your head from the heat of the sunlight. While they’re perfect for sunlight protection, they also do well in adding style to whatever outfit you’re pulling. Dayoung in particular, loves to wear a bucket hat when going outdoors and paired it with her casual look. Although, it’s primarily for sun heat protection, she effortlessly balanced out the shades in her fit by simply opting for a neutral shade of white for her bucket hat.


Alternate Diagonal-embellished Knitted Bucket Hat

While fabric buckets are the most common, knitted ones hit differently as they’re very soft and comforting. They also fit well in the head but not too tucked, preventing you to be irritated. As seen below, Dayoung opted for an alternate black and white diagonal embellished bucket hat for more style and details. It also gave her look outfit’s a balance as it totally matched her neutral gray top, and obviously the black base and footwear.


White Beret Hat

However, when she’s dolled up, she prefers the more sophisticated type of hats, like berets for instance. Here, she opt for a plain white beret which easily brought flairs to her coordinate fit, and compliments the color of her clothes. Thus, making her look classy.



White Platform Heels

While sneakers are everyone’s go-to, platform heels on the other hand, are every ladies favorite especially those who lack height, kidding aside. These footwear just flatter your feet easily and create an illusion of the wearer looking taller due to the additional inch of its heels. For instance, in this photo, Dayoung looks even taller by simply wearing a white platform heels which also balanced out the unmatched color of her top and base. The heels also perfectly help in elongating her legs as it was matched with wide leg pants that also works best in elongating legs. Thus, create a perfect illusion.


Black Stiletto Shoes

But, if opting for more sexy look while still looking taller to attract everyone, stiletto shoes are perfect. One concrete example is what Dayoung wears. Obviously her dress is sophisticated and elegance, but when she paired with black stilettos, a touch of sexiness was easily added. Not to mention that the stockings added more flair to the fit and flatters her footwear even more.

White Pointed Heel Shoes

4 If you think winter looks, only goes well with boots or sneakers. Well, think again. Dayoung here set a trend for pointed heel shoes in slaying a cold-weather fit. It’s undeniable that she looks cute and cozy with her oversized jacket paired with pleated mini skirt, but the pointed heel shoes hits differently as it transformed the whole look into sexy winter style, thus creating an edgy but fashion forward style.



Cat Eye Sunglasses

Whether you’re out, protecting your eyes from sunlight, or simply wants to look stylish, cat eye sunglasses are definitely what you need. They are both functional and fashion. So, whether you’re using it as an accessory or not, they’ll definitely spice up your outfit. Take a look at Dayoung below. She paired her sporty style with a cat eye sunglasses that flatters her oval face more.

Oversized Square Sunglasses

But for more style and iconic feels, heart shaped oversized gradient glasses could be one of your choices. Here, Dayoung wears one which gave her look a touch of aesthetic and unveils her feminine side even more. So, if you're opting for an aesthetic style with feminine feels, these glasses are surely for you.

Photo credits: fylarion via Pinterest


Oversized Round Clear Glasses

If sunglasses aren’t your thing, clear glasses are the best alternative. They’re not just made for people with high eye grades. In fact, they can be use as an accessory to easily elevate whatever look you’re throwing off. As seen below, Dayoung definitely looks cute on her oversized round clear glasses. It unveiled her soft and adorable side while in the same manner flatters her beautiful face.


Life is definitely short to have plain and boring outfits, so trying one of the aforementioned chic fits of Dayoung is certainly worth it. Flaunt that curves of yours! Be confident, and to help you boost that self-esteem, maybe you should also take a look of the rest of WJSN fashion guide to see how they make themselves standout in their own unique ways. Visit theirs here: Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's.

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