Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dino From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dino From SEVENTEEN


Dino is a men's fashion inspiration with a run but stylish look that differs him.


It's no surprise that one of the most appealing male artists also has one of the best fashion senses. There's reason to believe he's something special as one of the younges and maknae members of the well-known Kpop group "SEVENTEEN." Dino is a natural entertainer, even when he tries not to be, and his charm and talent have all contributed to the success of their fandom empire, Carats. With his towering stature and eccentric personality, his style should be equally distinct.

He has a manly fashion sense that draws everyone to him. The singer is particular about his fashion, dressing how he wants, which can be deduced from his outfits as comfort, class, and laid back.

With no further a do let us all know on how to dress like SEVENTEE Dino below.


Tops : Zipper Down, Shirt

Zipper Down Black Polo Sleeve

A preppy but relaxed polo sleeve says class and ease. Especially ones with zippers. Dino prefers a loose fit because it allows him to be more relaxed while also avoiding a tight silhouette on his figure. It also makes your torso appear larger without much effort.



Plain White Shirt

No one can beat the supremacy of plain white shirt, it gives you a fine looking vibe and can make you effortless aesthetic with this kind of top especially when you paired it with your cargo or trouser pants.  



Black Shirt

Well black shirt will be always in our list when it comes to Dino's fashion outfit. Black shirts will be our always fashion outfit saver.



Muscle Tee 

Flexing biceps while not really showing it of? Well that is one of the good thing by wearing muscle tee. 




Gray Wide Leg Denim Pants

Can be paired in any top you have especially partnered it with your fancy looking top like Dino.



Blue Wide Leg Denim Pants

Well this color of pants will be always our number one option when it comes on having fashionable outfit. It is so convenient to have and also it is perfect to be paired to your oversized tops.



Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are comfortable not only because they are typically made of soft cotton, but also because they have a flattering cut that does not feel tight or fussy. They are very forgiving for all body types and never look too baggy.



Jackets: Comfortable

White Denim Jacket

Well this one gives a kind of expensive vibe, white denim jackets are so expensive to  look at especially if you paired it with your shirt.






Well this might be one of his best pullovers, the simplicity and elegance of this top is perfect for his night stroll around Seoul. 



Track Jacket

When it comes to swagness, Dino will never failed us to show his swag outfits. One of his best jacket is this track jacket that he used in his Instagram post.


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