Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like DK From SEVENTEEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like DK From SEVENTEEN



When it comes to fashion SEVENTEEN DK will truly amaze you on his manly and boyfriend material fashion outfits.


DK is one of the members of the Kpop rising boy group SEVENTEEN. He is also one of the most followed member in Instagram. Having such a nice and captivating visuals, DK is also known on having such a great taste when it comes to fashion.

His manly looks makes everyone go crazy over him and we really can't dent that fact right? As a fashion icon, DK always make sure that every outfit he wore will impress everyone. so here are the guide on how to dress like him.


Graphic White Shirt

On his Instagram post DK shared a photo of him self wearing a graphic white with his ripped denim pants, what a simple yet perfect combination right?, it is so simple but still brings the vibes.



Simple White Plain Shirt

The more simple DK wears the more he stand out! Again with his plain white shirt, he partnered a knee ripped denim pants and a pair of converse, what a combo outfit.




No doubt, this kind of outfit will really make everyone look so hot. You might choose for a formal style by wearing a tucked-in button-down shirt with dress shoes, or you can go for a more laid-back appearance by wearing white sneakers.



BOTTOMS: Denim Pants

DK is known for being obsessed wearing denim pants. He usually wear light colored pants that absolutely look cool and can be paired in any top he has.



Ripped Jeans

As always ripped jeans is always on the trend when it comes to fashion especially the one that has a lighter color or also known as light-washed ripped denim pants that is perfect to partnered with your favorite sneaker,



Dry Fit sports shorts 

Any person should own a decent pair of dry fit shorts. It is yet another piece that is a no-brainer because it goes with everything and can fit any outdoor occasion with any hue.



Jackets : Denim, Hoodie

Light-Washed Denim Jacket

If you reside in a region with varying weather, denim jackets are a must-have. They're a terrific last layer because they're not overly warm, if you get what we mean. The hue is also simple to style and ought to match whatever is underneath. It fits snugly enough to avoid appearing baggy and lazy.



Plain Dirty White Hoodie

Well hoodies will always on our lists, this kind of outfit will give you a real korean drama or kpop outfit like your Korean idols.



Double Tone Hoodie

Feeling dull on wearing plain color hoodies? well this double tone hoodie like DK has is good for you. It gives the vibe and coolness in his simple outfit.



Maroon Hoodie 

Hoodies and hoops are a neutral take for girls as well. 



Black Graphic Hoodie 

Black is always he best option to wear if you really wanna look cool effortlessly like DK.


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