Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Doyoung from NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Doyoung from NCT


"Casual and boyfriend material look, NCT Doyoung will definitely amaze you with his charismatic aura and outfit"


Doyoung is a South Korean K-pop idol and member for the group NCT and subunit like NCT U and NCT Dream. He is very known with his own charm and amazing talent. He is one of the best vocalist of NCT and used to be an actor also! Dohyung has a big name in Korean industry as one of the best celebrity in Korean entertainment.

Well everyone are into him because why not? he has the look and talent that is totally perfect for a boyfriend material character. Doyoung dress up so well and made him to become a fashion idol and he is making a name in the fashion industry. He become a fashion icon and continue inspiring everyone wih his everyday outfits. 

This blog will definitely help you on how to dress up like NCT member Doyoung. Continue reading to learn how to dress up like him as an idol and ordinary Doyoung.


TOPS: Long Sleeves

Printed White Long Sleeves Shir


Long sleeves are always the best to be par of your to-go outfits especially on your casual events. Like NCT memeber Doyoung he used to wear long sleeve shirt as part of hi daily activities. 
This kind of top is perfect to be paired with denim pants like Doyoung did. it will give you a very light and comfortable feeling while wearing this and beides this kin of outfit looks so simple but super casual o look at. See more white printed long sleeve here.



Printed Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Well black long sleeves will be on our list! He looks so handsome and expensive looking in his outfit. He used to wear this top with his cool neutral tone pants. See more black long sleeve shirt here.



Striped Long Sleeve

Wanna look good and fashionable in your night stroll around he city? Well you must try this kind of outfit too! Doyoung make sure that he still have that boyfriend material look with his outfit while taking a night stroll in the city at night. This kind of look is very Korean and totally looks so casual. See more striped long sleeve here.




 Light Wash Knee Cut Denim Pants

Jeans will always our outfit saver, the quality and even the design of this pant always make sure that our outfit will always be perfect with this pants. Ripped is also one of the most popular or trend among Koreans especially Korean idols. See more light wash knee cut denim pants here



Denim Pants

Denim Pants are one of the most important pants that you should always have. It it perfect to partner with any top or sneakers you have, also it gives you a more comfortable feeling wile wearing it. See more denim pants here



Gray Jogging Pants 

Looking so cool with his gray jogging pants, NCT Doyoung never failed us to wear something that will literary amuse us. Even this kind of simple outfit he manage to slay on it. 

Jogging pants are always perfect o partnered with your favorite oversized shirt and sneaker, you can also add a baseball cap to complete your outfit like Doyoung did. See more jogging pants here




Black Hoodie 

Black jacket gives you a dual vibe, a cool vibe and cue vibe at the same time like Doyoung in his hoodie jacket. The simplicity of this hoodie jacket highlights more the coolness and swag of the outfit. It is perfect to pair with any pants you have and at the same time on any pair of sneakers you have. See more black hoodie jackets here



Oversizd Gray Zipper Jacket

Well this maybe one of the most convenient jacket that we have in our closet like NCT Doyoung. This oversized jacket is perfect for your every day or casual outfit it can be paired or style with your favorite denim pants and plain white shirt to look more cool and neat in this outfit. See more oversized jacket here.




Black leather Jacket

Leather jackets gives an expensive and fancy looking vibe if you paire it in your white shirt. Doyoung looks so fine in his outfit that literary melts every one's hearts. Leather jacket is also on trend especially among Korean idol and even Actors. See more leather jacket here


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