Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Eun-Ji From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Eun-Ji From Apink

Boyish comfort and practical, Eun-Ji's got one of the relatable styles from K-idols

By: Julianne Babaran

Eun-Ji, Apink's vocalist and talented angel in her own right is also a social butterfly. Debuting in Apink in 2011, the star soon came to her own as solo artist in 2016 she released her own music. But from there she went on to star in multiple K-dramas, shows and interestingly, song credits under her name. Unbeknown to most, she is exceptionally good in piano. 

Apart from star studded looks, Eunji rocks some interestingly relatable and comfort fits all over her insta. As part of the visual in the group, her amazing figure speaks for itself as she dawns even the most casual fits. 

Read more to see common pieces she rocks.  

Tops: Tank Top, Blazer Tops, Boyfriend/ Oversized Shirts 

Black Knit V Tank Top

Knitted camisole tops are great way to have some warmth while showing off some skin, paired with a thick leather belt and jeans, Eun-Ji switched her cardigan top with a blazer later on. 

Periwinkle Blue Ribbed Top

Pastel Wave coming, breaking away from grays and neutrals, pastel on pastel lounge fits add a nice touch to otherwise basic outfits. You can mix and match them with neutrals, but together they look soft and more fashionable. 

Crop Blazer Top 

To elevate the blazer look, Eun-Ji went for a more masculine wide length shoulder top with crop vest and tailored pants and strappy heels for a balanced look. 

Printed Blazer Dress

Colors can be jarring, especially when its imbedded with art, but the trick is to balance it out. With a bold print dress, a sleek hair and simple complimentary shoes are all you need. 

White Oversized Tee

Just like everyone else, big tees can be the leaning backbone of our closet. For this style, the star goes for simplicity with oversized white tees with a small graphic design or minimal detail. 

Black Graphic Tee

Big tees for K-drama and shows aren't only ones that are girly and polished. Graphic tees and ones with more elaborate designs in darker colors are easier to style and can look more dressed up. 

Jackets: Shirt Jackets, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Collared Cardigan Sweaters 

Denim Shirt Jacket

Shirt Jackets just like the name can stand alone or be layered. Eun-Ji had a top below this jacket but it didn't matter because the jacket alone carried the outfit, as we've said denim on denim will never look out of place. 

Pastel Block Leather Jacket

City Looks call for a clean cut and polished look, while styling a monochrome and basic outfit, Eun-Ji threw on a block leather jacket to add some color. For a simpler outfit, opting for loafers is unpredictable but still a safe and fitting choice. 

Basic Gray Sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirts are great to throw on as they go with absolutely everything. They're a great piece to have on a trip. Much like Eun-Ji who paired it with some khaki slacks and sneakers, and she's off to explore!

Moss Green Text Sweatshirt

A colored sweater and jogger set is an elevated way to wear a comfort set. Otherwise, separately they look great. Mix matching is always an option if you don't want to attract too much attention. 

Green and White Stripe Sweater

Crop sweater just give off 'college girl' feels, anyone else? Getting ones in a patterned design and bold color brings life wherever you go and it's great to wear for pictures. The collar adds a preppy and professional touch. 

White Collared Cardigan Top

Collared cardigan tops are a staple for idols, yet they always look so good. This fabric combined with the collar detail are great for cool and business places but still casual and comfortable to wear. 

Bottoms: Wide Leg Jeans, White Joggers, Checkered Pants 

Wide Leg Denims

Thanks for the coffee truck! In a series of poses, Eun-Ji styled a presumably off the set look with camisole tops and wide leg. Just goes to show they wear it on and off screen!  

Pleated Extra Wide Jeans

Extra wide jeans are for the comical, digital and even editorial fits of the week. Pairing it with a patterned top is best as it adds flow to a majorly solid color fit. Same rules apply for a patterned pair. 

Basic White Joggers

Lowkey fits can be done in style, Eun-Ji opts for white joggers and adds black details like black and white sneakers, jacket and hat to layer on. Adding different layers add dimension to a simple duo color palette. 

Plain White Joggers

Just like for practice! Eun-Ji rocks the black and white. Unlike other dancers, she opts for simple and warm fit basics. 

Red Holiday Plad Print Pants

Holidays are the best ways to dress all out in cozy! While styling some pigtails she matched a baby pink knitted sweater with red checkered baggy pants and fur loafer slippers. The color combo looked match made. 

Green and Black Pants

Green and black pajama print can be made for simple straight leg pants, Eun-Ji uses them for dance practice.. unusual but works just the same. 

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