Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Felix From Stray Kids

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Felix From Stray Kids

How to emulate Felix's Casual but Boujee style 

Popularly known for his deep voice and enchanting visuals, Felix is the group's lead dancer, lead rapper and sub-vocalist. Like his group leader, the singer hails from Australia and went to South Korea to train to become an idol, eventually participating in the Stray Kids survival show created by JYP Entertainment and Mnet. 

As one of the most famous faces in the 4th gen sphere, Felix keeps his cool and casual style to a minimum donning outfits anyone could wear. There's often features of his boujee style seen in Dior accessories, fashion events and so on. But his casual style is easily comparable to your everyday styles, just with elevated with the Felix flare.

Tops: Shirts

Oversized Black Top

He normally styles this outfit with different variations! While out exploring he opted for an oversized plain black tee, distressed denim jeans and platform Converse. He accented it with minimal gold and silver jewelry, the overall outfit is minimal but comical with shape and color. 

Black Mesh Top

It's rare for his performance outfits to look casual but when they do, it follows the oversized tee look. With a high neck muscle tee against the mesh button up tee, the combination of texture adds dimension despite the black color. This is accessorized and accentuated even more with jewelry and makeup, not to mention the Dior Saddle Bag. 

Basic Oversized White Tee

Felix Dior Baby is in full swing featuring the Dior Denim Bucket Hat and the coveted Saddle Bag. With his visuals you won't need to attract too much attention, and so simple color palettes will be enough. The classic blues, white and blacks in different combination is more than enough. 

Light Beige Cardigan Shirt

Against a beautiful backdrop, Felix's outfit looks serene and fitting as ever. Light cardigan tops are a great option to feel the breeze while keeping clothes on, his jeans follow the slim fit shape with platform white sneakers to tie everything together.



Dior Bomber Jacket

In a memorable trip from Australia Felix comes dripping in Dior once again. Featuring 'Dior Flowers' style in bomber jackets and Saddle bag. His outfits follows the simple look of the clean tee, bomber jacket and high cut blue, white and black Jordans. 

Light Denim Shirt Jacket

There are hardly any jackets Felix doesn't rock including the classic and ever present amongst all idols is the button up denim shirt. Mix matching white tones and fabric with his top and bottoms, the white and oversized fit of the shirt jacket makes it more relaxed and breaks the monotony of white. 

Leather Biker Jacket

 The classic leather jacket look might be overdone in the West, but Felix gives it a new meaning. In an all black ensemble with sequin low cut shirt, black skinny jeans and pointed leather shoes, the star was the Saint Laurent leather biker jacket. 

Wool Hoodie + Bomber Jacket

Decked out in Christian Dior, Felix wore the Dior Oblique hooded sweatshirt with matching gray sneakers. Followed with the bomber utility style jacket and pants. Apart from the fancy brands, his look focuses on clean cut with that show of boujee. 


Cargo Jogger Pants

The kind of pants that secretly scream 'boyfriend material!'. Cargo jogger pants are a mix of utility and style, they give a nice tapered shape without looking to tightly overbearing. Styled simply once more, Felix opts for clean plain oversized tops, cap and a pair of Jordans. 

Distressed Slim Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans may not be back yet but slim fit jeans were never out. He normally styles ones in lighter fabrics with a distressed detail, casual looks for him should remain strictly casual. 

Black Skinny Jeans

Edgey Felix on one hand is synonymous with fitted black jeans. No other explanation apart from its a basic piece everyone should own. In all black outfits, he's styled in a classic way of leather and low cut tops.

Denim Skinny Jeans

Soft but with some edge, distressed jeans are a great combination to achieve that in between look. If you've got the legs and height, why not? The slim fit silhouette fits his figure the best accentuated with any kind of top. 


Dior Denim Bucket Hat 

The denim Christian Dior bucket hat up close and personal. These little high profile accessories elevate and add the flare to his simple outfits. Bucket hat, branded or not, adds a nice and neutral contrast to any color your outfit has.  

Hoop Earrings

There's been multiple instances of male idols with earrings that go viral, accessory aficionado himself, Felix wears hoop earrings. Compared to drop earrings, or beads, metallic ones are the classiest and most versatile. 


Felix on occasion goes more all out for jewelry and accessories than his outfit. Often rocking metallic jewelry in the likes of chains, simple necklaces and rings most importantly and plural. 

Layered Necklaces

4th gen groups love jewelry even the most minimal and feminine kind as well. It's normally mixed and match following no certain cohesive theme it is added to an outfit for added element. 

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