Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Gaeul From IVE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Gaeul From IVE

Photo credits: SBS

Kim Ga Eul (김가을), also known as IVE's main rapper never fails to slay and look attractive even in simple fashion styles.

Beside Gaeul's rapping and dancing skills, IVE's fans, now known as DIVE, believe that she is a prominent asset of IVE due to her pure and gentle beauty. Many were amazed with her visuals even more, when DIVEs discovered her old photos during her childhood and school days. This paved the way for rumors of her, not going through under a knife, to spread like fire as they look closely with the said leaked pictures. Most were convinced that she have not undergone in any cosmetic procedures when they saw her bare face in public.

In truth, Gaeul loves to go out without putting makeup on, which earned her more attention and compliments. Needless to say, Gaeul prefers to look simple when she's out of stage. She also prefers wearing simple clothes that keeps her cozy. Despite opting for a more simple fashion style, she still manage to look sophisticated and show off her pure beauty.

If you are like Gaeul who prefers casual looks, then this is probably your lucky day as we will dive deeper on Gaeul's fashion style to learn how to dress like her. Surely, this article would help you slay even in the most basic and casual staples.


White Oversized Shirt

Gaeul loves to look cozy during her relaxed days, and you will mostly see her wearing oversized shirts when she's out of stage. In fact, she even wore a white oversized shirt in her debut profile photo which is flashed below. This helped her accentuate her gentle beauty while looking neat and casual.


Printed Shirt

Here she wears another oversize tee while she keeps her face bare, achieving a very simple yet neat look. Meanwhile, printed type of shirts adds a little bit of style to one's overall outfit. But it varies on the design printed on shirt. For instance, Gaeul's shirt has a bear design which gives a little touch of cuteness, revealing her soft side. Above all, shirts match well with any bottoms and are good go-to tops especially during lazy days.


Layered Top for a Casual yet Comfy Look 

However, if you want to look stylish but still keeping your fit minimalist, opting for simple styled vest and a plain inner top is great. Also, choosing knitted types for vest is ideal as they are very soft and comfortable. Here, Gaeul wears a white plain polo, which she layered with a knitted vest, achieving a casual look while still keeping the comfort alive.


Black Long Sleeve With High-Waisted Short Zipper

While Gaeul opts for simple fashion style, she could also go all-chic and feminine when she wants. Below, she unveiled her sexy aura by wearing this black long sleeve crop top with a high-waisted zipper to gave it a more details. She also paired it with this printed pleated miniskirt to complete the chic style. But, this top also match well with any bases.

If this black long sleeve with high-waisted short zipper interest you, you may get yourself  one of this Gaeul inspired crop top.

Photo credits: Kpopping

Green Knitted Buttoned Crop Top

Another short staple that surely unveils Gaeul's feminine aura is this green knitted buttoned crop top. As flash below, she used it to layer her white inner crop top to give it a more details and style. Meanwhile the knitted fabric gave her enough comfort due to its soft texture.

Combining chic and comfort never goes wrong with this, so if find this green knitted buttoned crop top cool, visit this site.

Photo credits: Gaeul Universe via Pinterest


Wide Leg Denim Pants

Jeans are the most common bottoms that are everyone's go-to especially when they don't feel like showing off their legs. However, they also work well in elongating one's legs especially the wide leg types just like what Gaeul was wearing in the photo below. It gives a more chic yet minimalist vibe, and the denim ones almost match well with any color of tops.


Plaid Pants

But, if you're looking for pants that were embellish minimally, plaid pants or trouser are the great choice. They come in different color and thus, adds a touch of style to any look. For instance, Gaeul was wearing a purple and white plaid pants, which gives her a more feminine touch. Meanwhile, she paired it with a pastel yellow top which is a great combination to the shade of her pants, thus achieving a more stylish casual style which is good for work, business meeting, or a weekend wonder.


Denim Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are underrated but flatters any body types. It has high-rise style and tapered leg that helps create or accentuate curves, and thus creating a hourglass-like shape. Whether you're over 40 or not, you can still surely rock this jeans like Gaeul. Here, she matched her mom jeans with a gray vest, layered with an oversized white bolero, achieving a polished yet casual look.



Button Down Coats for Hosting, Meetings and Ceremonies

Whether you're going to a business meeting, hosting an event, or attending a ceremony, coats are perfect staples for layering your formal attire. They help elevate your look by adding a touch of style and class, while in the same manner it keeps you warm especially during cooler months. Here, Gaeul wears a black button down coat, which help unveil her expensive aura.


Plaid Button Down Coat for Corporate Events

However, if you're going to a corporate event, may it be a business meeting, seminar, fundraising events, etc., plaid type of coats give a more classic and bold look. They are also a very great alternative for tuxedos. As seen in the photo below, Gaeul had worn a gray plaid button down coat, creating a classic formal look.


Leather Black Jacket Embellished with Lace Collar

But, if you're opting for a feminine side, choosing coats with minimal design is great and using them for layering a dress is ideal. In this photo, Gaeul wears a white sleeveless dress layered with a black leather jacket with lace collar, creating a classy feminine look. Also, the  crystal buttons gives a more luxurious look. This kind of look is ideal for formal parties, while wearing a coat layered on your dress also adds a touch of style whatever formal event you would be attending.



White Coordinates

Color matching clothes create a harmonious tone that looks good when performing on stage. It helps the dancer to easily express themselves through dance, or express the concept of their song. If you noticed IVE's dance attires, primarily Gaeul, most of her dance outfit are always matching, creating a polished look. For instance, in the picture below, Gaeul wears a white sleeveless crop top, embellished with a bow to show off a feminine side, and two blue lines on collar which she paired with a white short that has the same blue line design. Thus, creating a sailman inspired outfit.


Hot Pink Coordinates

Meanwhile, in this video, Gaeul went all-feminine by wearing a white inner crop top layered with a hot pink cropped blazer, which she paired with a hot pink trumpet miniskirt and a white high-cut boots. The color matching of her outfit created a perfect balance in her overall chic look.


Sparkling Black Coordinates

But, if opting for a more sophisticated dance attire, choosing embellished clothes adds more sparks and style. For instance, the photo below shows Gaeul wearing a sleeveless crop top embellished with different sparkling crystals which surely glows when strike by a light. Also, she wears a ruffled gloves, making it more sassy. Meanwhile, she chose a stylish black shorts designed with gray chiffon fabric with black small prints. Above all, cropped garments, and short bottoms are preferable clothes when dancing as it help highlight every dance moves.



A-Line Mini Dress

Gaeul is not a fan of dresses. You'll see her mostly wearing cozy oversized jackets. But, during her performance and shoots, she can surely slay dresses. As seen in this video, she was wearing a hot red A-line mini dress, creating a chic look while unveiling her sexy aura.


Pleated A-Line Mini Dress

Meanwhile, in the photo below, she wears a different variation of A-line dress, primarily the pleated one which helps emphasize her alluring charm. The shade of red in dresses adds more attention to anyone who wears it, as the shade itself is deep and thus, makes you instantly stands out.


Sheath Mini Dress

Since Gaeul prefers simple styles, she had worn a black sheath dress with strawberry prints on her relaxed days. Also, sheath dress are very comfortable as it allows you to move freely, and thus you can wear them when opting for a casual and cozy look.



White Bear Printed Oversized Jacket

Jackets whether knitted or oversized are Gaeul's favorite staples when she's out of stage, practicing or just simply relaxing at home. Most of her photos on Instagram's fan account or twitter update shows how much she love these staples. As mentioned previously, she prefers simple clothes and thus, jackets are her favorite simple yet cozy go-to clothes. For instance, the photo below shows Gaeul wearing a white oversized jacket with a minimalist bear print, and she paired it with a loose denim pants, creating a relaxed and refined look.

If you're interested in this minimalist white oversized jacket, you may get yourself the exact style in this section.


Acid Wash Blue Oversized Jacket

Here, she wears the same type of jacket, but in different color. Any woman who wears an oversized jacket surely help unveil her soft side just like Gaeul in this photos. Needless to say, wearing this type of staples works best when achieving for a soft-girl look.


Black Oversized Jacket

Oversized jackets can also act as loungewear or sleepwear especially during winter, as they keep you warm and cozy. The photo below shows Gaeul wearing a plain oversized jacket and the background of her photo indicates that she's in bed, and thus, it is safe to state that she also use oversized jacket as her sleepwear.


Doll Collar Knitted Jacket

But, when Gaeul opts to look chic while being cozy, she choose those jackets with style like this doll collar knitted jacket. The jacket helped unveil her doll-like and adorable charm, and not mention that knitted ones are softer. Thus, gave her a more comforting feels.

You may get yourself one of this Gaeul inspired doll collar knitted jacket to spice up your winter look.

Photo credits: Banshee via Pinterest


Cream Baseball Cap

Curved brim caps are the most popular caps with brim, and these are also known as baseball cap. Surely, they are a staple accessory and are everyone's favorite go-to headwear. In the photo below, Gaeul paired her oversized shirt with a cap, giving her a minimalist casual look.


This type of caps also looks best when achieving a street style aesthetic without trying too hard by pairing them with shirt, oversized jacket and a jeans just like what Gaeul wears in the picture below. Do not forget the sneakers to complete your easy but aesthetic streetwear.


Crown Shaped Baseball Cap

However, if you are on a more stylish side, wearing embellished curved brim caps could surely help you. For instance, Gaeul wears a plain black curved brim cap, but it has a crown-like extra layer on upper portion, giving the look a touch of uniqueness and extra style. Design may vary on your preferences, but surely there are variety of embellished baseball caps from which you can choose from.



Black Leather High Heel Shoes

Aside from sneakers, Gaeul has different types of black shoes which she wears while performing or strolling. For instance, in this video she wears a black leather high heel shoes with strap which she paired with a white high-socks and matched with a skirt and a layered top, creating a classic yet cute style.


Black Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are great substitute for sneakers especially during winter season as they combine style and comfort in one. They go well with jeans or skirts, paired with tees, coats, or jackets. They also look best in dresses. Gaeul, in particular styled hers with a jeans and a white tee layered with a puffy jacket, creating a cozy winter look.


High-cut Boots

When Gaeul is on stage, high-cut boots are her go-to footwear, as it helps elongate and flatters her leg. More so, high-cut booties adds a touch of sassiness, and thus making her look more chic.



Round Clear Glasses

Gaeul is really not into glasses just like Liz, and you'll only find her wearing glasses filter or only two photos showing how she rocks glasses just like the photo below. She wears an oversized round eyeglasses that flatters her face, while at the same time creates an illusion of lifting up her brows, and thus makes her look more youthful.


Half Frame Glasses Without Lenses

It is really ironic to call it a glasses when it has no lenses or glass at all. However, Gaeul surely set the trend for this, as she slays this half frame eyewear which added a touch of coolness and style to her look, and thus creating an iconic style with great fashion statement.


It is not hard to dress like Gaeul, isn't it? Her fashion sense may be simple, but as the quote goes by, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". However, if once in a while you wished to look more glamorous, read Yujin's article to look expensive, or Wonyoung's, Rei's and Leeseo's to learn how to slay in different styles, and Liz's fashion guide to look like a doll.

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