Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Giselle From aespa

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Giselle From aespa

aespa's Main Rapper, Giselle, has gained popularity with her extensive background during her debut as a K-Pop Idol. She was first known as someone who has a knowledge in singing as she was part of her school's choir team, which made netizens question why she became a rapper. She also went viral for quoting Paris Hilton's What's Hot in her yearbook photo, which she probably manifested as they met Paris Hilton recently during their US promotions.


     Giselle (4th Next To Paris Hilton) In A White Fuzzy Dress Paired With Black Ankle-Length Boots And Knee-Length See-Through Socks.

Everything about her is iconic. May it be her pre-Kpop Idol life, her excellent rap skills, and of course, her choice in fashion. As she said before, "Call me an emo girl," totally concludes her style. She likes black in general, but aside from that, she also knows how to style herself in a soft-girl aesthetics.

Aside from that, one of her best outfits trended on social media platforms as it exentuates her asset, he long legged legs even more. It was a short but with pant sleeves. SO ICONIC, isn't it.


       Giselle In A Customized Coordination Outfit Of A Long-Sleeved Top And Straight-Cut Pants With Wave Art On The Side


Today, we'll dive even more profound on how Giselle styles her self on the two aesthetic she jumbles around with.



Sleeved tops are a personal favorite of Giselle to wear anytime. She usually likes to wear them when she's doing light activities for the day, maybe meetings or studio recordings at their company, or when she's already done for the day- casually chilling at her safe place.

White Fuzzy-Sleeved Top

Here's an example of her- still wearing the make-up she had for a promotional performance during the Savage era- wearing a white fuzzy-sleeved top. I mean, who would not like being comfortable after a long time of working.


Gray-Sleeved Top

Another picture of her wearing a gray-sleeved top while chilling at their dorm.


Navy Blue Sleeved Top

This iconic picture of Giselle doing the famous gyaru pose while wearing a navy blue sleeved top. A similar top could be sourced here.



Giselle has her ways of finding sleeveless tops that suit her the best. She has worn different sleeveless tops, but she keeps them in the muted colors section, such as white, black, or cream color for a clean and minimalist look.

Laced Black Sleeveless Top

Here, Giselle was using a laced black sleeveless top with a knitted cardigan over it. Layering is a good option if you are conservative but still want to wear sleeveless tops, especially when it's hot.


White Textured Sleeveless Top

Another picture of her wearing a white textured sleeveless top during their promotion with Mediheal Korea. It was a simple piece; hence, they were going for a clean and refreshing look like the products they are promoting.


Gray Sleeveless Top

This famous selcas of her went viral after being shared on SMTOWN bubble. She was wearing a gray sleeveless top perfect as loungewear.


White Sleeveless Top

Another picture of her wearing a white sleeveless top while chilling at their dorm.



Shirts are one of Giselle's favorite items to wear whether she's traveling or just at home. She has them in different colors and sizes and surely knows how to slay with those different sizes.

Black Mini-Tees

This picture of hers wearing black mini-tees is probably for dance practicing. 


Sunny Yellow Oversized Shirt

Her in a sunny yellow oversized shirt after that day's activity.


White Plain Shirt

Giselle uses a white shirt as an underlayer over her fuzzy black jacket during the winter to provide additional heat.


White Oversized Graphic T-Shirt

And recently, she can be spotted wearing her white oversized graphic t-shirt while strolling around Hollywood.



Skirts are Giselle's favorite bottoms to wear. She has them in different colors and styles, such as in plaids, solid colors, or statement ones, but her favorite style to wear is the A-line ones. It fits her perfectly as long and straight legs make her height stand out even more.

Box-Pleated Plaid Skirt With Belt Details

Just like in this photo, she is wearing a box-pleated plaid skirt with belt details paired with a cropped brown cardigan. This outfit is perfect, especially during chill days or when you are going to library dates.


A-Line Black Skirt

Another picture of her wearing an A-line black skirt paired with a patterned cardigan with hood details. Also a perfect outfit for going out.


A-Line Statement Black Skirt

And everyone's favorite photo of her while they were at Coachella 2022. It was a black and white outfit, and she used an A-line statement Black Skirt that said, "All I want is you." She then partnered it with a black and white knitted cropped top. Looks so stunning as it balances the features she has.



Other bottoms she likes to wear are Denim Pants. Denim pants are essential in one's closet as they can be partnered with anything- a shirt, blouses, jackets, and even tubes. However, she likes wearing straight-cut denim pants- if you want to elongate your leg structure, straight-cut pants might be the best for you. 

Blue-Washed Denim Straight-Cut Pants

Like this one, Giselle can be seen wearing blue-washed denim straight-cut pants. To add even more height, she uses heeled white sandals that also compliment the white puffer jacket she's wearing. 

Light-Washed Denim Straight Pants

Although this is an outside schedule, Giselle shared that she actually made this outfit herself. She layered a see-through graphic top and tube with light-washed denim straight pants. Just like the first example, she also partnered them with heeled sandals for additional height.


Wide-Legged Pants With A Bleached Design

Going for a more casual look, she used wide-legged pants with a bleached design and partnered them with a puffed white crop top and sneakers for a more youthful feeling.


Brown Denim Pants

For a more dark aura feeling, Giselle used brown denim pants and her choice of top, a hooded jacket, for a more comfy look. This kind of look is perfect for those who want to have a comfy style but still with fashion. 



A dress might not be everyone's cup of tea, just like Giselle as she seldom uses them when she doesn't have any schedules to do. However, recently, Giselle can be seen wearing a half-dress for their Life's Too Short music video. To describe it, it was a layered white graphic tee with a leather jacket sleeveless and shorts, but they did incorporate a blue dress on the side for a more trendy and pop look. 



Fuzzy jackets are one of Giselle's favorites to wear. It's like a combination of comfort and style being put into one. She likes wearing them everywhere and even in formal events- it just concludes that it's that type of stylish piece.

Fuzzy Brown Jacket

Just like this photo, Giselle went into a neutral theme as her choice of colors stays under brown. She partnered her fuzzy brown jacket with a cream-colored vest, creating that light academia aesthetic.


Lime Green Fuzzy Jacket

She also sported her lime green fuzzy jacket once with an undershirt


Channel White Fuzzy Jacket

The channel white fuzzy jacket she wore is giving me an old-money rich vibe and luxurious feeling. It must be better if she wore them with heeled boots for a much classier look.



Hooded jackets are also one of her favorites to wear. She loves outerwear so much because, Fun Fact, she easily gets cold. Hence she has been nicknamed the walking pharmacy for bringing so many medicines in her bag- one of the reasons she often wears sleeved wears. Moving on, she looks like she actually has her whole wardrobe full of hooded jackets.

Brown Hooded Jacket With Fuzzy 

Just like this brown hooded jacket with fuzzy details on the inside perfect for the winter season.


Gray Plain Hooded Jacket

This gray plain hooded jacket is loungewear for chill days.


White Zip-Up Hooded Jackets

These white zip-up hooded jackets if you want a bit of spice.


Hot-Pink Zip-Up Jacket

This hooded hot-pink zip-up jacket she layered with another hooded outerwear #hoodoverhood



Hats have a special place in Giselle's heart. She has different colors ranging from brightest to dark, sizes and types. She wears them whenever she hashas an informal activity for that day, such as recording or going into the dance room to practice.

Statement Brown Beanie

For instance, she wore this statement brown beanie in the company, and fans were speculating this was in the recording area.


Black Bucket Hat

This black bucket hat fits her black pullover again, the recording studio.


Black Knitted Beanies With Ears

She paired these black knitted beanies with ears with a matching black sleeved top.


Bright Red Knitted Beanies

These bright red knitted beanies she wore with her black hooded jacket.


Fuzzy Hats

These fuzzy hats she likes to wore with her black knitted top.



Giselle might have just started her growing collection of rings from one brand named Chrome Hearts. In a picture she shared on SMTOWN bubble, she can be seen wearing five different types of rings from the same brand.


Bubblegum Heart Ring

The first one she has is called the Bubblegum Heart Ring. It is a silver ring with three heart details she wore on her index finger.


CH Forever Ring

The second is called the CH Forever Ring. It is a gold band ring with cross engrossed details she wears on her middle finger.



Mahalia Bubblegum Ring 

The third is the Mahalia Bubblegum Ring. It is a gold ring with wing details she wears on her ring finger. 

Floral Cross Ring

The fourth is the Floral Cross Ring. This is one of her rings with extensive details and is made with gold and diamond accents. She usually wears them on her index finger. 

Cementary Ring

The last one is called the Cementary Ring. This, by far, is her biggest ring and is made with a wide silver band, perfect for her emo personality. 



Sneakers might just be Giselle's favorite go-to footwear. Judging from the busy days they have on their calendar, sneakers could easily be grabbed and partnered with everything. She has different variations and sizes and usually wears it almost everywhere.

Air Jordan In Black And Pink

She used an Air Jordan with her sweatpants on when she hang-out with SOMI and filmed TikTok Videos.


White Airforce

She also wore a white airforce when she went into the dancing. She paired them with her trusty white sweatpants and black pull-over.





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