Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ha-Young From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Ha-Young From Apink

Apink's maknae blossoms into her own easy to follow and relatable fashion sense 

By: Julianne Babaran

Hayoung is a multi-faceted member of Apink who grew up right before our eyes. Having a smoother journey to becoming a K-idol than most, fresh after high school she got in Cube Entertainment to be trainee. Only training for one and a half years, she debuted with Apink in 2011 as the youngest member with a position as the vocalist and main rapper. 

Seemingly youthful, fans love her for her soft and strikingly beautiful features. Though she doesn't seem to overdo her style as she is mostly seen in casual wear. Rocking pieces the everyday women can wear and relate to, her looks are the added accessory. 

Tops: Solid Colored Blouses 

Yellow Ribbed Top

A perfect outfit is the balance of comfortable and fashionable. A collared element adds a preppy feel but the pastel color in contrast to denim is a sign of casual and daytime fashion.  

Black Off Shoulder Tiered Top

Off shoulder tops with a tiered detail adds shape, having it in darker colors makes it look dressed up. Such a top looks especially good with darker washed jeans for a similar tone. 

White BTD with lace detail

BTD for lunch is like bread with butter. Any added design or detail elevates the canvas. Hayoung styled it in chic with minimal jewelry and sleek hair. 

Dresses: Simple Silhouette 

Tweed Tube Dress

Tweed dresses are pleasant on the eyes especially when layered with and inner or outer piece of clothing. Going for a formal look means you need to color coordinate, a light pink color heels adds a touch of color to the pastel outfit. 

Black Halter dress with jewel detail

Fans adore Hayoung figure, no wonder she gravitates towards snug fitted dresses. Black is the best color option for photo and evening events, Hyaoung halter dress with jewel detail brings light and flare to the overall dress. 

Gray Linen Dress

The matching dress and coat is criminally underrated. For a simple and muted pair, it's best to go for a bolder shoe. Hayoung's choice of black boots with ruched detail brings back color and balances out the tones. 

Jackets: Classic Styles

White V-neck Sweater 

Wide neck V-neck sweaters are best for layering! You can add a textured detail to contrast the knit fabric. Matching it with silk and lace gives the classic chic and sultry vibe even for colder climates. 

Solid Colored Hoodies

Basic and self-explanatory. Everyone needs a good hoodie to rely on, when the event is relaxed, its best to dress as such. Hayoung's style is dressing the occasion and this is Exhibit A. 

Wool Blazer

Jackets with the blazer or collar effect are most necessary for going to fancier places. Wool jackets are a classic and any color shade works but the classic brown never goes out of style. 

Bottoms: Basic Staples

Black Mini Skirt

Popular for her slim figure, most of Hayoung's skirts a A-lined or penciled. Such a skirt can be used for formal and informal outfits especially when its in darker colors. 

White Skinny Jeans

Knit fabric with pearl earrings and white jeans are a match made in heaven and is great for lunch and day time leisure activities. It's common for K-fashion idols. It's easy on the eye and they can be dressed up or down. 

Slim Fit Jeans

Hayoung prefers slim fit rather than wide leg, the snug fit goes well with her figure and her overall style. A slim fit pair is a lot easier to pair with other tops and shoes compared to wide leg pants. 



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