Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hyunjin From STRAYKIDS

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hyunjin From STRAYKIDS



Best boy Hyunjin's picturesque style is worth noticing

With Prince-like qualities, Hyunjin is the visual, main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist and the moment. He's won the hearts of so many fans with his genuine and relatable personality. Growing up in the States for a period of time allowed him to understand basic English which brings him closer to fans. Not meaning to add to his already perfect mix of idol concoction, the Stray Kids member is also well versed in art and has an inkling to photography and taking pictures of his members. 

Well known for his talents, Hyunjin makes sure to look the part. His style is fluid and adapts to the venue. Casual enough to be comfortable, but stylish enough to be camera ready at any time. His high profile also comes with luxury fashion houses sponsoring his very fit. But in this article, we'll focus more on what he wears and how he wears them. 

Tops: Oversized & Bold

White Muscle Tee

Normally seen in this combination, Hyunjin styles oversized tees with an artistic detail with long wide leg denim with acid wash detail and Jordans. The overall outfit is basic and simple as he adds on headphones, caps and his bag. 

All Black Oversized Tee

Back at home also means the lack of flashy outfits, for casual wear, his go-tos are mostly black and white fits with text or art detail. Even so he adds a pop of color with the denim jacket is never without his chain necklace. 

Green Knit Vest Top

Prepping for the Italian Fashion house famous for their paisley patterns, Hyunjin wore a knit vest top with casual wide leg jeans with acid wash detail. The simplicity of the look was balance with addition of jewelry .

Fendi Crewneck Sweater

Knit Sweaters>Hoodies. Enough said, styling the statement sweater from Fendi, the equivalent to out everyday style is to just emulate the fabric or material and not the style. His choice of acid wash jeans contrast the classy look of the sweater and balances it out with a plain cap. 

Jackets: Soft & Grunge

Long Beige Cardigan

While strolling about in Paris, Hyunjin took the artistic route by dressing down. With a white tee, he paired distressed denim skinny jeans, platform Converse, and a beige knit cardigan. Paris, a place assuming everyone to be dressed up, Hyunjin dressed down. 

Blazer Jacket

Still rocking the wide denim with Jordans and white tee, he wore a stunning striped black and white blazer with a bucket hat. Notice the black and white theme from literally head to toe, without being too obvious. The statement shoes and blazer added a flare to an otherwise everyday outfit. 

Tracksuit Celine Jacket

Tracksuit jackets are a status symbol, especially if its comes from Celine. Hyunjin loves black and white, the tracksuit features stripe detail by the arms. The overall look is expensive and effortless as the singer is seen in slides. 

White Oversized Sweater with Flower Detail

In a 180 twist, the singer wears a an oversized knit sweater with a beautiful blue flower patch detail, he matched it denim jeans. Almost all types of jeans for any occasion. The minimal but artistic piece was a fresh sight against the beach backdrop drawing attention. 

Bottoms: Casual & Classics

Straight Leg Dry Fit Pants

A break from denim and into cotton slacks, Hyunjin wears an oversized tee with slacks with two tone detail and sneakers. Gotta wear something comfortable to take those pictures in, he opted for sneakers. 

Straight Leg Jeans

Not just any straight leg jeans but ones with a patch or acid wash detail in different colors. The same detail can be found in his more blue washed jeans but this detail adds flow and dimension even when he wears oversized tees. 

Skinny Leather Pants

Looking like a modern day prince with the mostly black ensemble, he wore a wide shoulder multi patterned bomber jacket with white tee and leather skinny pants. Styling like Hyunjin means not shying away from more intense and bold styles. 

Black Slacks

Outing for the day in art galleries, Hyunjin gives focus on the art by keeping it casual. He wore an all black outfit with a denim jacket, blue Jordans with a satchel and bucket hat. Black slacks at least in cotton are neither casual nor too formal. 

Accessories: Practical & Stylish

LA Cap

A go-to accessory for a lot of idols, Hyunjin also loves to wear caps. Mostly sporting those in neutral colors, he uses it as an added accessory to his go to outfit of big tee and wide leg denim. 

Silver Chain Accessories

His must have accessories are rings and necklace. Mostly wearing silver, the color is easier and matches his skin tone better. Chains or ones with minimal detail are his go-tos especially since he wears them with almost everything.  

Sweat Band

This is almost a self-proclaimed accessory of the group thanks to 'God's Menu' and 'Back Door'. Normally seen on performance outfits, sweat bands are were utility first before fashionable. It's also a cheeky way of hiding the roots of hair. 

Wool Beret

Remember this era? A lot of fans love this look on idols and its just fitting. Wool berets are incredibly picturesque and they're a great accessory for color cohesion. 

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